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Thekla Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

Bristol has some bars with a quaint setting. People love these bars immensely due to the view that they provide to them. There are some bars in Bristol that make you feel that you are on vacation. It is advantageous for a city to have bars like this in it. Some of us may not be able to go on a vacation, but these awe-inspiring Bristol bars bring the vacation to us. There is no better treat than visiting such bars. Thekla is one of the bars that give you vacation feels and an ethereal view. This bar is actually a cargo ship that has been turned into a bar. This makes it awesome in so many ways. 

You do not have to go on vacation anymore if you lack time or resources. The vacation has brought itself to you. During the daytime, the view of this cargo ship is enhanced by the hot air balloons in the sky. You do not have to go to Turkey for a wonderful sight like this, because it is available for you at Thekla in Bristol. During the nighttime, the view becomes even better. The sparkling water and the starlit sky provide the most romantic spot for you to be with your significant other. You can enjoy this view only by yourself if you are a keen admirer of nature. In any case, the view provided at Thekla refreshes your soul and reenergizes you with new vigor to take on life. 

It is a brilliant spot for party animals to have the time of their life. Thekla has a musical party going on almost every time. The funky lights and your favorite music make you so delighted that you cannot keep yourself from dancing. You can dance here as much as you want. The cocktails of this bar are refreshing and delectable. You can never have enough of these cocktails. You can also have alcohol and beer if that is what it takes to quench your thirst. If you want to up your game, then you can have a glass of wine, and the beautiful setting will make it better. We hope that you will visit this bar soon.


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