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Ticonderoga Club is a colonial-inspired bar serving seafood, sandwiches, and craft cocktails at the Clog Street Market. Whatever your wishes, the Ticonderoga Club is here for you. You can eat and drink your gorgeous cocktail in a cozy New England room decorated with glittering Christmas lights all year round. However, you can also order TicoToGo to recreate your living room experience. If you want to eat there, you need to make a reservation. What is Ticonderoga? Questions from all new members and honored guests. Ticonderoga: Assembly, assembly, planning, planning location. Noisy drinking and gratitude meals, celebrations, revelations, places of revolution. A home for friends and whimsical strangers.


Ticonderoga: A club where all ambitious souls and honest hearts are welcomed. This bar was founded in 2015. The staff is all very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You can see them taking care of all sorts of details in advance, and food tells the people behind them that they are also suitable. This bar has an excellent restaurant, pub atmosphere, and a vibrant menu. The service is top-notch, and the aura is calm. A New England-style bar whose fame extends far beyond the small corners of the Clog Street Market. The TiconderogaClub is home to quirky and kitsch decorations and some heavy drinking. 

This venue is a quiet little restaurant nestled quietly in the Clog Street Market, serving delicious seasonal cuisine. So, the Ticonderoga Club is a place where you can enjoy great food, great wine bottles, and excellent service. After your first visit, you are already looking forward to your next visit! Therefore, The Ticonderoga Club is one of the best clubs Atlanta has to offer. If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check this venue for its chill vibes.

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