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Tight End Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Denver‘s only gay sports bar is a safe space for all. With tv sets and a good sound system, you can gather here to enjoy a good game while choosing your drink from the list. Open all days of the week; they even extend their hours on game days for you all. Would you like vodka, beer, gin, wine, whiskey, rum, tequila, or even something non-alcoholic? The long list in the menu has almost everything covered. It also has a variety of pizza flavors for your company while watching a game. They have bold flavors like Morning wood and Beefcake to snack on. Want a salad on the side? They got it! The owner wanted a more straightforward experience designed for this space. He has created an area where you can relax fuss-free, unlike other gay bars, and chat up to others. They also partner with local gay sports clubs and even offer discounts if you wear your jersey. The place also has drag shows and music sometimes on the weekends. The dance floor is open for those who feel like they are up for it while the football-esqe disco ball reflects onto the space. 


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