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Timberwood Grill Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Timberwood Grill is an amazing sports bar in Gatlinburg! Updated American comfort food and drinks in a rustic, lodge-inspired space with both seating & TVs. They’ve great menu with offerings sure to please everyone in your party. Everything tastes great and is very fulfilling. Timberwood Grill is your average tourist restaurant. 

Timberwood grill brings you the genuine taste of the mountains. Inspired by the legendary hospitality of the people who have called the mountains their home for generations, this lodge-themed dining experience is one you’ll rest assured you’ll enjoy. Delight in their hearty food and delicious drink creations that are truly as unique as the legendary mountain men and women of yore. 

Timberwood Grill features quick, friendly, knowledgeable servers; delicious food; nice fun atmosphere; lots of TVs to catch up with your favorite game; tasty & strong drinks that are reasonably priced; great bartenders; good music; and nice and spacious ambiance. The fries are really fresh and taste good. 

Timberwood Grill never disappoints. Absolutely fabulous.

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