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Time out bar in Chicago is one of the best bars you can go to. The cocktails at these bars are some of the best in Chicago and they are known to extinguish your thirst like nothing else, hence make sure to run to this bar after a tiring day at work or during the summers. This bar uses local spirits and hence you can be sure that you are supporting local businesses when drinking at this bar. The flavors of cocktails at this casino can be very funky, experimental and delicious. Some of the best combos in cocktails can be found at Time Out Market Bar. Some of their items are made in house which further attracts customers as it builds the brand image and trust. This bar showcases some of the best wines, hand selected by the director of the bar, so you can enjoy the best of the best while you are here. Moreover, this bar also uses brews from local producers, which have been in business for quite some time now; hence, you can expect to enjoy top-notch beers.

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