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Unique craft beers are poured in a funky space with vibrant art, growler fills & branded apparel. This pub provides a friendly setting for informal socializing in addition to the outstanding circulating variety of craft beers Tinman is known for. I’ve ridden my bike here several times, giving it the “neighborhood bar” vibe. A significant benefit is that the toilets are pretty clean, which I greatly enjoy for the comfort and convenience of both men and women. Even though we just had one drink, it was a pleasant touch to be provided water as we were leaving. I’ve been a long-time customer of Tim man’s; great choice of beers yesterday. A great small spot for a drink. Their beer collection is rather extensive, with over 30 beers available, some of which are only available here. 

Despite its tiny size, it is hardly overcrowded. Depending on how busy the bartenders are, they will happily assist you in selecting a beer and offer you samples. Loses points for having terrible seats and not updating their social media often, and you may miss out on their deals. They currently do an excellent job of keeping social media up to date. All the Tin Man locations are great venues for allowing you to experience a wide variety of fantastic craft beers. But if we had to choose, I’d pick the George Dieter location. Not only does it boast a fantastic interior, but it also has the most amazing little patio that has become our go-to spot. The atmosphere is fantastic after a hard day of work. 

To relax and chill. No one is pushy and feels like you own the place. Excelente lugar,inclusive con hijos. If you are searching for an excellent take on a craft beer-based establishment, stop by this tiny bar with a lot of heart. We promptly got greeted and helped with our drinks, and I downed a pineapple cider whose name I can’t recall, and my fiancé got the blueberry one. On Thursdays, they have fantastic specials, fill one growler and get one for a penny! ( limits apply, of course) One of the best places in El Paso, if you’re looking for a good time and some delicious drinks, is the place to go. They have something for everyone, and it’s just a vibe when entering the place. Trust me when I say you won’t find anything better than here for drinks with your friends.

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