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Tonight Josephine Cardiff is a female friendly cocktail bar in the heart of Cardiff. Expect incredible drinks in this instagrammable hotspot with stunning decor and thumping songs! Most days, there is a happy hour with 2-for-1 beverages. After-work drinks, private hiring, birthdays, product launches, and ladies’ nights out are all possible. Joséphine understood precisely what she wanted, created her own rules, and didn’t care what anybody else thought. She began as a nobody, but with sass, hustle, and a little luck, she rose to become the Empress of France. Following her life, her mantra became ‘c’est la vie,’ and she didn’t hold back. We are Josephine’s gang, the Bande De Filles. I’m here to have a wonderful time. Cocktails for life.

They’re a sassy AF gang of late-night cocktail establishments where the cocktails are potent, the vibes are impeccable, and the f***boys are few. Let Josephine arrange your grandiose birthday festivities or the loosest hen on the planet. She is the Queen of being the center of attention and does not shy away from an occasion to be extra crazy. Tonight Josephine, located in the center of the city, is the sassy cocktail bar you won’t be able to miss. This is a fantastic venue for girls’ nights out, hen parties, and much more, with vibrant, gorgeous design and wickedly crazy drinks. Josephine is the poster girl for misbehaving women, famous for her late-night parties, amazing after-work happy hours, and unrivaled alcoholic breakfasts, and she’s about to whip up a storm in her new hangout. 

Expect exquisite interiors, prominent signage, and more Instagram photo opportunities than you can toss a drink at. Tonight, Josephine Cardiff will provide the perfect venue for birthdays, hen parties, and all in between, as a party emporium suitable for the most significant celebration. It’s time to get out the party shoes and dig out your glad rags because Josephine is now in town and ready to party till the early morning hours. ‘We are the Bande De Filles, Cocktails Forever,’ says the band. OUTSTANDING!!! We returned the next night since it was so wonderful. The door personnel are quite kind. We booked a reservation for my best friend’s hen party, and when we arrived, we were escorted directly to our table with no waiting or bother. There are so many different drinks and shots to try. The music is on fire!! We will surely return when we are next in Cardiff. 

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