Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Antwerp

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Antwerp’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Antwerp offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Antwerp

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Antwerp

  • Ampere
  • Amnesia Night Club
  • Café d’Anvers

1. Ampere Antwerp

One of the most excellent clubs in town; if you are into house and techno, this is the place for you. The club is situated beneath the central station, and even though it is only here for two years, it is already an institution in Belgian nightlife. They have a state-of-the-art sound system and an eco-friendly dance floor. If you are in town for a great party, we strongly recommend Ampere. Antwerp has many more cool clubs and places, but Ampere is special. Time stands still there.

2. Amnesia Night Club Antwerp

Amnesia NightClub is located in the heart of Antwerp near the Central Station. The place is to be for those who love erotic entertainment in all sorts of genres of music, good company, and fun; it is the best option for an excellent night out with friends or a Bachelor Party.

3. Café d’Anvers Antwerp

Café d’Anvers is one of the few monuments kept in the nightlife of Antwerp, which will never have to be protected because it preserves itself. It is still on top of the game, with performances and DJ sets from the best DJs and producers in the world. A must when visiting Belgium and Antwerp! The Nightclub is in a 16th-century old church in Antwerp’s red-light district. It opened in 1989 with DJs such as Sven Väth, MaceoPlex, and Nina.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Antwerp

  • Antwerp Brewery Company
  • Pakhuis
  • The Hip Chatleroi

4. Antwerp Brewery Company Antwerp

The Antwerp Brewery Company is an independent local brewery in Antwerp. The brewery is entirely independent of the founders’ hands and was partly created through crowdfunding. The brewery is known for the historic Antwerp Seefbier and the Bootje’s Bier – a beer brewed as a homage to the Red Star Line. Since its inception, the brewery has won the title of “World’s Best” seven times at the World Beer Cup, Global Craft Beer Awards, Brussels Beer Challenge, and World Beer Awards, among others.

5. Pakhuis Antwerp

Pakhuis is a considerable brewpub that stretches over two floors of an old warehouse. The hollow interior has bare brick walls and a parquet floor. The Spartan central bar has tiled sides with no barstools. The ground floor houses the stainless-steel brewing vessels, which rest against one wall. They have not made it hard to guess the building’s former function: it retains all the intimacy of a warehouse. It is like drinking on a railway station concourse. Everything at Pakhuis is trendy and modern, but there may be other choices of drinking locations when in town.

6. The Hip Chatleroi Antwerp

This café /bar has a real vintage vibe, decorated with second-hand furniture, adding to the cozy ambiance. If you are looking for an atmospheric bar to enjoy some delicious beer in, this is the best place for you, and it is no wonder that it attracts many locals and foreigners. It is also centrally located near the Museum of Fine Arts, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find it.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Antwerp

  • Park Spoor Noord
  • Vlaeykensgang
  • Art Galleries
  • River Scheldt

7. Park Spoor Noord

At the first rays of sunshine, the massive Park Spoor Noord on the city’s north side will be swarming with groups of friends and families. 2008 the city council converted this abandoned railway site into Antwerp’s largest park. On the north side of this enormous public outdoor area is a former warehouse, which now houses regular markets and events with pop-up bars and food stalls. In front is a terrace and a shallow water playground for kids, and behind it are public barbecue areas. The rest of the park has lawn areas, ideal for casual games of soccer or frisbee, or you can jog or bike on the footpaths.

8. Vlaeykensgang

Antwerp has been around since the 4th century, but it bloomed in the Middle Ages, when the population expanded rapidly, and many of the city’s current historical buildings were constructed. As you step into the Vlaeykensgang, you can imagine yourself transported back to that era. This medieval alley that links the Pelgrimstraat, Oude Koornmarkt, and Hoogstraat was home to Antwerp’s poorest citizens, but nowadays, it houses antique shops, art galleries, and a restaurant. Because it is so close to the Cathedral of Our Lady, the benches in the Vlaeykensgang have become a beloved spot for listening to the cathedral’s frequent carillon concerts. The best way to enter is through the gate at the Oude Koornmarkt 16.

9. Art Galleries

Our favorites include De Zwarte Panter, a former chapel with a little courtyard. Aside from consistently showing great artists, it is worth the visit because of its beautiful location. Around 1968, this was the oldest art gallery in Antwerp and the second oldest in Belgium. Gallery Sofie van de Velde also always has excellent contemporary artists on show. If you visit their Nieuw Zuid branch, you can walk over to Plus One Gallery next door for art that is a bit more unconventional. If you’re into contemporary art photography, you should visit Stieglitz 19 and Keteleer (formerly At The Gallery) to see works by upcoming artists that still need to be household names. While you’re there, Leonhard’s Gallery, a few doors down, usually has good shows.

10. River Scheldt

Antwerp is on the river Scheldt, which makes for some excellent views while relaxing by the waterside when the weather is nice. Most people prefer to catch the rays and cool down with the river breeze at the old docks near Steen Castle or the artificial beach, Saint Anneke. But the best spot is on the other side of the Scheldt, at Noordkasteel. Swimming in the river is strictly forbidden because of a dangerous undertow and poor water quality, but at Noordkasteel, there is a small lake that doesn’t have dangerous currents. Officially swimming at Noordkasteel is not allowed, but no one will stop you if you do. Most likely, if the weather is half decent, many people will already be in the water.

Dating Girls In Antwerp

Steeped in medieval cultures, Antwerp boasts racially diverse women—Caucasians, Black, and Asians. Their constitution strongly advocates for women’s rights, ensuring equal treatment in education, religion, voting, and more.

Among the Antwerp ladies, we have the liberals. They’re free-spirited and open to different guys. Approach them with confidence, not condescension. Respect their belief in equal rights; disrespect may lead to rejection. They’re racially diverse and open to men of all backgrounds.

Next, we have the conservatives, mainly found on the outskirts. They must give in to advances quicker, and first-date hookups are unlikely. You’ll need to learn the local dialect or even French or German to get involved with them. Understanding their culture and interests is crucial. They’re dignified and have specific expectations, so be careful not to make the wrong moves or say the wrong things.

And then there are the fun lovers raised in the Western lifestyle. They’re easier to hook up with, open to one-night stands or long-term relationships. They’re progressive in their views and seek fun. You can find them in bars, looking for the same thing guys seek. So, head to the designated spots for love, and you’ll find plenty of them.

Looks of girls of Antwerp

In the city, women’s fashion sense enhances their beauty and elegance. With diverse skin tones and body figures, finding a perfect match is easy. Their amazing hair complements their facial features, making Antwerp ladies eye-catching for men. Their racial diversity gives them a unique charm that draws you in. You can look closer at the local ladies at spots like the beach, appreciating their beauty up close. Their liberal style is alluring, although not all may catch your eye. But once you lock your eyes, they can drive you crazy!

Attitude of girls in Antwerp

Different budgets attract different types of ladies, but love is in the air in the city. Antwerp women believe in love and seek gentlemen. Finding such women is relatively easy here, as they’re generally nice and friendly.

However, the female culture also includes being open to currency-based love. Prostitution is legal in the city, and some women are willing to engage in love for money. Elite call girl services provide an option to find love in exchange for money. You can easily find deluxe females through services and groups offering the required arrangements.

Hooking Up In Antwerp

Antwerp is a charming city with fabulous people and culture; the ladies here are no exception. With a high population and bustling atmosphere, the chances of getting laid are pretty good. These ladies carry themselves with confidence and are open to mingling and socializing.

The city’s fantastic coastline attracts bikini-clad ladies; you’ll find beautiful women everywhere. Meeting women is not difficult, especially in places like the Grand Market (Markt), where they’re liberal and culturally diverse. They have varied tastes and will quickly turn down someone who doesn’t match their wants.

For those looking to hook up, nightclubs and vibrant nightlife are the places to be. But if you’re interested in a hookup turned relationship, exploring historical spots like the Meir is a better option.

Approaching women at historical spots requires finesse, as they have exquisite tastes in affairs of the heart. Crossing the river is a turn-off, but don’t worry—there are plenty of great dating and hangout spots in the city.

Antwerp is full of women, from tourists to Belgium descendants, and they’re open to age differences, even some cougar love. So, get out there and have a great time!

Dating Women in Antwerp

Looking at general statistics, Antwerp women tend to get married early, as it is the general custom of Belgian women. This counts as a reason why they wait to jump into relationships soon. Though they are as deliberate about entering a relationship as anyone else, they would only get into a relationship with the one they deem worthy and accept that they can spend a lifetime with.

To this end, they are trained from an early age on how to handle a home, thus, making it rare to find an Antwerp woman who cannot be considered ‘wife material’. Antwerp women always envision a soothing, serene setting concerning relationships and marriages. They always look for ways to make their relationships or marriages unforgettable. These women are well-mannered as they do not want to be the reason why their relationship or marriage failed. Having an Antwerp woman as a partner is like having a treasure; they should be treated with care.

When you treat an Antwerp woman with care, you will receive that care back in multiple folds. As much as they are trained early on to handle a home, they also do not neglect their education. A typical Antwerp woman has the vision to be financially independent and not be dependent on any man. They wish to be able to foot bills if and when the need arises. These women are the definition of strong. Fashion-wise, Antwerp women can be graded as average. They believe they have more they can channel their mind and energy into rather than focusing on fashion. They dress to look good but do not go over the top about it.

Belgian Girls (age 18 – 29) in Antwerp

Generally, society sees women in this age range as people preparing for marriage. The Antwerp women aged 18 – 29 do not fall far from this, but there is something more to them. These women have so much energy and are focused on making the best of whatever they venture into. This is the age where these women like to get involved in so many things so that they can be established. They do not wish to be a burden to their husbands when married. Hence, they strive hard. There is not immense pressure on them to get married, so they are career driven. They openly date and are very adventurous. Younger individuals are more open to new experiences, especially in bed. They prioritize casual dating over something serious. Their age makes them ideal for exploring without commitment.

These women are gorgeous, with a striking sexual aura to them. Unlike what society thinks of young women in this age range, their minds are not solely focused on fun, although they know how to have fun occasionally. These women are exciting beings to understudy, as you learn something new daily from them. At this age, they are already open and accepting of marriage but go with the course of nature.

Belgian Women (age 30 – 45) in Antwerp

As a tourist in Antwerp, you would surely be stunned by how delectable and appealing these women are. It is almost as if the Antwerp women never age, as they cause heads to turn back no matter their age. This age classification of women in Antwerp is usually married as early age marriage is encouraged in Belgian culture.

For those who are not married at this age, they are aiming for serious relationships; hence, they do not have time to play games. The single Antwerp women in this age range are usually serious-minded with a naughty side to them, and it takes great expertise to unlock this mischief in them. They are not easily swayed by wealth or money, as many are already established at this age. Impressing them at this point does not require anything extravagant but extreme thoughtfulness.

Getting these women to agree to casual sex is going to prove more complicated than you think, as they are at the point where they crave to have a family, not do one-night stands or casual relationships. Even if they agree, sex with them is not that epic as they are monotonous. You can use only simple date ideas on an Antwerp woman of this age range, including inviting her for walks or hanging out in a bookstore. While on this, engage her in intellectual conversations that would get her to open up more about herself to you. These women love surprises as they appreciate the efforts put in by the guy. On dates, they often offer to split the bills. It is left to you as a guy to play your cards well and swoop her away.

Belgian Ladies (age 45+) in Antwerp

Women aged 45+ are the rarest type of single ladies you can find in Antwerp. For a woman in this age range not to be married in Antwerp, it is a personal decision she made as she most likely wants to enjoy the best out of her life without any restrictions like having a husband or having a child. Also, these women most likely do not lack anything, making it hard to pinpoint the best approach to try to woo such a lady.

However, remember that there are diverse ways to crack a hard nut, and your determination is all that matters. These women are usually bossy and challenging, which explains why they are not married, as they do not want to be answerable to any man. A particular fantastic plot twist comes to play with these women. They can quickly get you into their beds. Their sexual appeal is irresistible despite their age. They set the pace and save time on unworthy partners. These women are highly seductive and confident in flaunting their fit and attractive bodies, leaving men longing for them. Amongst the various women in Antwerp, women aged 45+ are the biggest tease. There is never any dull moment with them, as they wish to do what they did not do in their early days now.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.) in Antwerp

You will find many women from foreign countries in Antwerp who work in the fashion industry and many university students. You will also find many fellow tourists there for a short and fun time, so hooking up with them and getting laid will be easy. The best way to come across these girls is to join online dating websites or apps and hit all the famous tourist spots. You can also hang around the universities or the nightclubs and pubs around them. They are generally less rigid and more fun, and since they are in a foreign land, they are very experimental.

Sex Culture In Antwerp

The sex culture in Antwerp and Belgium can be considered normal. They do not see sex as a sin or make a big deal out of it. For the Antwerp culture, generally, sex is not a big deal.

Since the ladies are prepared early for marriage, they get complete sexual education, even as little kids. There are some cultures where it is frowned upon to mention the word sex, but in Antwerp, they want their women to be fully prepared and aware of what they are getting into. Imagine a woman unthinkingly going into marriage without knowing what sex entails. Scenarios like this are what the people of Antwerp want to avoid hence the early sex education and to avoid teenage pregnancies because they know girls and boys get sexually active pretty early in their lives, so it is to avoid that.

In Antwerp, they are open-minded, and there are no jesting or side talks when they see people of the opposite gender together. This is encouraged as they believe in courtship before marriage. They believe that there has to be a bond before marriage, so they love it when they see people of the opposite gender mingling together.

Females are never shy to talk about sex with the opposite gender. They see it as an interesting topic with the opposite gender and gladly indulge in it. These females love such conversations; before they consider you, they must be sure you are both sexually compatible. 

Dating Guide For Men in Antwerp

Dating in Antwerp

Do you think you have seen enough beautiful women in life? Brace yourself and go to Antwerp! The women of Antwerp are gorgeous and would surely give you a run for your money. They possess a certain grace and elegance that would leave you tripping in no time and considering dating in Antwerp. It is not going to be an easy one, but it will surely be worth it. Dating local girls from Antwerp will be a friendly and pleasant experience.

Dating Culture in Antwerp

The dating culture in Antwerp can be described as complexly beautiful. This is because starting a relationship with a typical Antwerp woman would be challenging. Still, once you succeed, she would give her all into that relationship to ensure it works out and that people become envious of it.

Describing the dating culture as complex does not mean that women set complicated standards for men, as this is far from the case. An Antwerp woman has no time for games and would tell you if she is into you. It is common for an Antwerp woman to refute your advances initially, as she might feel that you are there to waste her time. However, it is left to you to be consistent if you want to date her.

One thing that Antwerp women value is effort. They love a man who puts in effort for them; it shows that the man values and treats them right. They are highly cautious and would not want to start a relationship that might turn out differently from what they envisioned, as this would break them.

While trying to toast an Antwerp woman, she would typically appear closed off. This is because she is trying to study you. With time, as she understands you better, her shells begin to fall off slowly.

Once an Antwerp woman deems you worthy, she becomes a chatterbox and is highly loyal to you. She believes that there is nothing to hide from her partner. Thus, she would pour out her heart to you. They are not scared or shy of public displays of affection as it shows off their man and their love for that man. Once these beautiful women get into a relationship, they are super proud of their partner and would want to show him off.

Daytime Advice

You’ll quickly find women everywhere in a city steeped in culture and history like Antwerp. With its historical landmarks and being a diamond hub, women are abundant and looking to mingle. Check out places like The Meir or The Grand Markt, and you’ll spot someone interesting. And guess what? The city hosts one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland, just 10 miles away in Boom. Ladies make up a large part of the 200,000 attendees, so your chances of meeting someone cool are high!

The ladies stroll around the city, enjoying the magnificent arts and checking out diamonds, as Antwerp is a grand stage for those gems. During the day, the city is bustling with working women, making day dates challenging. But don’t worry; there are places to meet local girls or tourists, like the Antwerp Zoo, Butchers Hall (Vleeshuis), and The Grand Market, just a few miles from The Meir. Plenty of opportunities to connect!


Confidence is critical when approaching ladies in the city. Avoid being pushy, as it can be offensive. They’re open-minded and might start a conversation if they find you attractive. Don’t worry; getting to know them is easy, and they don’t judge solely based on looks. Be calm and start by asking for directions to common sites and monuments. A simple, “Excuse me, where can I find the Cathedral of our Lady?” can do the trick. If she responds positively, you can ask her to escort you—these ladies are kind and friendly. But if she declines, don’t take it personally; they’re highly liberal and understanding.

To up your chances, improve your local language skills. Knowing the basics is okay, but exercising your Dutch or French can make a difference. Dutch is more common, and Dutch ladies dig guys who speak it fluently. For French ladies, take them to diamond shops and chocolate tastings all over the city.

The clubs are also a great place to meet ladies. Don’t hesitate to offer to buy a woman a drink. A simple “Hey, can I offer you a drink?” can be a good conversation starter. Remember that only some ladies in the club are looking to hook up. Some are there for fun and enjoyment, especially the locals who love Duvel beer. So, be respectful and have a great time!

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances in Antwerp

In Antwerp, ladies are open-minded, but they do have their preferences. Different women have various tastes when it comes to their male partners. Muscular men have better luck. Locals prefer guys who embrace their masculinity and are confident. Abs and biceps are a hit with them. Facial features also matter, so grooming is essential. A good cologne is a must since they appreciate a strong scent. And yes, being financially well-off can also up your chances with the ladies.

Risks while Gaming in Antwerp

When looking for a partner in Antwerp, consider their possessiveness and how they relate to you. Knowing they tend to fall in love deeply and hold on tightly is essential. So, if you’re looking for a short fling, be honest with them about your intentions, and don’t play with their feelings.

STDs and HIV

HIV rates in Antwerp are pretty low, with only 0.63% of adults having AIDS. Still, it’s always wise to use protection before getting into any sexual encounters. Better safe than sorry!

Final Words: Stay Safe

Most of Antwerp is safe, but it’s best to avoid specific neighborhoods like De Coninckplein, Borgerhout, Seefhoek, and the Schipperskwartier in the evening. However, these areas have a lively atmosphere during the day and are worth exploring!

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