Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Baku

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Baku’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Baku offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Baku

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Baku

  • Enerji Club
  • Buddha Bar
  • OTTO Club

1. Enerji Club

Enerji is a relatively new addition to the club scene in Baku, as it started working in 2015. Located near the National Flag Square in Baku, this place is a decent club and operates as a restaurant and lounge. We can divide the club into two floors; the first, or the ground level, is themed Red Fired. The upper floor-themed Black Diamond is used as a restaurant and a supper club. 

The tourists feel comfortable here, all thanks to the English-speaking and friendly staff of the club. Its popularity is mainly due to the high-quality DJ music played on a super energetic sound system. Another advantage of the club is its vast space; everyone can dance easily here, and there is no rush scene in peak hours.

2. Buddha Bar

This super energetic club is inside a famous JW Marriot Absheron Hotel. Budha Bar is used for multi-purpose, a bar and a restaurant, and it is an impressive nightclub during night hours. The inside atmosphere of the club is lovely, and the use of amber-colored lights makes it even more glamorous. Its décor is reinforced by the art pieces and glowing chandeliers imported from Asia. Most importantly, the music played here is entirely electric and of different types, including hip-hop, jazz, classical, and much more. 

There is no shortage of delicious foods on the menu, with top cuisine from Asia and Europe being part of it. During sushi mania days, people can get abundant Japanese sushi dishes with tasty wine. The bar is located at 99 Neftchilar Avenue, Baku, and is considered very popular among the locals.

3. OTTO Club

OTTO Club was probably the first nightclub opened in Baku, still working similarly, and local people liked it the most. Live music and concerts are the real reason for its popularity. The club’s atmosphere is very charming, and the interior design of the club is equally attractive. The dance floor area is vast, and you’ll want to dance with your friends. 

You can enjoy live music till the morning and every day you can dance to DJ music. Not only do these live concerts make it the right choice, but the drinks here are of a unique standard. You can avail super tasty snacks at a minimal price here. OTTO Club is located near the Tərlan Əliyarbəyov küç area of the city.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Baku

  • William Shakespeare’s Pub
  • BeerBasha Restaurant
  • Pivnaya Apteka

4. William Shakespeare’s Pub

This English-style bar is unique in Baku and probably the only bar where you can find the native English dish, the curry. It is a hotspot for dinner and a decent beer afterward. Located at Əbdülkərim Əlizadə, Səbail Bakı, the bar is the main attraction for expats working in the oil industry. It is located right in the middle of two main parts of the city, between Boulevard and Fountain Square. 

Therefore, it is very accessible from all parts of the city. It not only serves curry, but it is also the right place to enjoy Mexican foods, and different cuisine, of beers from all over the world. The best thing for tourists is the English-speaking staff that is equally friendly. This place is the first choice for delicious foods, tasty cocktails, and to make new friends in the city.

5. BeerBasha Restaurant

This bar is well known for the quality drinks served here, but the natural attraction of this place is the high ends sports. If you want to have some fun with live spots, tasty cocktails, and delicious foods simultaneously, there is no better place other than BeerBasha Restaurant in the whole of Baku. The bar is located at 8A Parlament Prospekt, Yasamal Baki, with all its glory. Another attraction of the bar is its beautifully designed interior that makes you want more. 

The bar is divided into three portions and offers a great variety of beers, not only locally crafted but international ones as well. Coming towards the food, you will be satisfied because they are serving an equally attractive food menu.

6. Pivnaya Apteka

Pivnaya Apteka, or the Beer Pharmacy, is a beautifully decorated bar serving well-mixed drinks at very reasonable prices. They serve beer, cocktails, and a unique range of beertails you won’t find anywhere in the city. Situated at 147 Neftçilər Prospekt, Nəsimi Bakı, Pivanya Apteka is well known for some homemade dishes, especially the burgers. Coming towards the foods, the bar serves a solid menu of local and international foods. 

If you are fond of tasty cocktails besides some delicious foods, come here to fulfill your hunger for both. The bar stays open until 2 am from Monday to Thursday until 3 am on weekends, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Baku

  • Icheri Sheher
  • Museum Of Miniature Books
  • Taza Bazaar
  • Bilgah Beach

7. Icheri Sheher

Icheri Sheher, also known as “Old Town,” is the central part of Baku. It’s the ancient birthplace of Baku and boasts a long history. In 2000, UNESCO recognized its significance by adding it to the World Heritage List. Fortress walls surround the town and are a historical ensemble of numerous unique monuments such as the Shirvanshah’s Palace complex, the Maiden Tower, mosques, minarets, and the ruins of caravanserais (old inns where travelers could rest) and bathhouses.

Walking around in Baku’s Acropolis feels like walking back in time. There’s a cozy atmosphere, especially at night when the locals prepare food, play backgammon, or sit around and drink tea in the streets.

8. Museum Of Miniature Books

This museum in Icheri Sheher is the only one in the world dedicated to miniature versions of books. This library is the private collection of Zarifa Salahova. It contains thousands of tiny books worldwide and is written in numerous languages, including Azeri, Russian, English, and German.

9. Taza Bazaar

One of the things we love to do while we travel is to visit local bazaars. They give a glimpse into the daily life of the local people; they are a sensory experience and usually very photogenic.

The Taza Bazaar is one of the largest markets in Baku and was opened more than 70 years ago. It’s one of the oldest bazaars in Azerbaijan. It is located in the center of the city on Samed Vurgun Street.

If you want fantastic pictures of the bazaar, try getting there early in the morning when the light is perfect. If you’re staying in a hostel and feel like cooking, you can buy fresh vegetables, herbs, oriental spices, and Caspian sea fish there.

10. Bilgah Beach

If you want to swim and work on your tan, Bilgah Beach is the perfect place. While many of Baku’s beaches are spoiled because of oil pollution, Bilgah Beach is a clean sandy beach and a great spot to enjoy the sea.

It’s just 35 kilometers northeast of Baku. Admission is free, and we’re sure you’ll sunbathe for hours. You can get there by taking Bus 185 from Koroghly Metro. The bus stops at Bilgah Sanatorium.

Dating Girls In Baku

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, houses renowned educational institutions in the country. Some notable ones are Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, and Azerbaijan Technical University. These prestigious universities are the best options for many local people, including the women who choose to complete their higher education degrees. The woman you date shall surprisingly be a doctor, technician, or even an engineer. So don’t be surprised later. English proficiency needs improvement in Baku. A significant portion of the population knows little or nothing about English. Many who do know English can only understand it but can’t speak it fluently.

When we physically stereotype women, we can define them as absolute beauties with the looks of women from Middle Eastern countries, as they have light-colored skin with the perfect amount of tan. The deep brown eyes of these women are seductive and have their charm. They have dark-colored hair that is straight and silky. Despite the large number of fast food chains in the city, the women generally follow a healthy diet, and most are in perfect shape. They have amazing bodies that aren’t obese by any chance. They have a skinny figure but well-proportioned assets. The women and their beautiful bodies shall remind you of the Romanian beauties. Women are fascinated by some of the brands of the Western world, mainly the Americas; they go to great lengths to obtain the latest clothing from designer brands, while daily, they put in a conscious effort to dress up and look presentable at all times.

The women in the city of Baku have a conservative outlook; this can, to a great extent, be attributed to the religious nature of the previous generations. Most of the population follows Islam, and although the grip of religion and priests has reduced over the years, some conservativeness remains to be seen in these women. The younger generation had developed a strategic outlook; in the past, most women never had sex before marriage. This has changed today; the younger generation is busy experimenting with their sexuality and hooking up casually. But they ensure that most of this is done in utmost privacy, away from prying eyes and gossip mongers. These women usually prefer going away from the city boundaries to farmhouses and resorts for their sexual exploits.

Looks of girls

The women of Baku are undoubtedly stunning. They have typical features of Middle Eastern women, and if you love Mia Khalifa, you should find Baku paradise. 

Attitude of girls

The girls in Baku may not come across as the most friendly people, but this is because of their shyness; give them a chance to feel at ease and open up; post that, you shall be introduced to the genuine attitude of these women. The above rating represents the attitude of the women in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Girls (age 18 – 29)

The local girls between the ages of 18 and 29 are perhaps the most lucrative for any tourist visiting the city of Baku. These young girls are always a temptation; they have sexy developing bodies and innocence, which can tempt the Devil Himself. The law states that the age of consent for sexual activities with these local girls is 16. While this isn’t uncommon in many European and American nations, as a tourist, we advise you to stick your exploits to girls who are above the age of 18; this shall ensure that you do not have any run-ins with the law or with the local people who are highly protective of their women.

These young girls may not have permission to be in any relationship with men, but they defy the rules. Just like youth are expected to be, they are genuinely rebellious, and while they may not be vociferous through this, they certainly are known to be extremely wise in tip-toeing around. These young girls have the most dynamic personality; they have a more global approach and are extremely friendly. They also open up to unknown men; while this might not happen on the streets, at parties, or through gatherings at a mutual friend’s place, you could see this happening. 

Azeri Women (age 30 – 45)

The local women between the ages of 30 and 45 may not be the hottest property for tourists visiting the city of Baku. Instead, they are considered more stable options or even backups for some men. The city’s conservative culture ensures that most women in this age group are engaged or married. This leaves a small percentage of women free to the game; these women are under immense pressure being heaped on by society and family to get married and settle down in life. Hence, many women in this age bracket are not up for sex and casual relationships; instead, they are primarily looking for a serious relationship that can materialize into marriage shortly. Thus, if you are a tourist in town and won’t mind having a future with these local women, you can date women aged 30 to 45.

The local women of this age group are certainly not the friendliest; they are known to be slightly reserved. They prefer interacting with only men known to them or a few exceptions, such as trustworthy mutual friends. Beyond this, you can only get them to open up if you have won their trust. These women have also been raised in a slightly orthodox and conservative environment; they aren’t too liberal and are likely very religious. This is a setback as they may refrain from many activities, citing personal reasons. Attending parties with alcohol, having a simple pepperoni pizza, or even indulging in pre-marital sex are some such activities. They tend to value their traditions and culture more, often accepting baseless rules and regulations by religious heads.

Despite most of this, everything is still possible for women in this age bracket; they also have several advantages as partners, including having greater freedom, possibly working professionals, and living independently. Hence, they can travel at odd hours without being accountable to too many people, have stable income sources, and spend at their discretion. They also can be out all night with you in your hotel room, and no one would notice.

Similarly, these women are known to have the hottest bodies; they are no longer the developing age; they are now in the age where they have a ladylike body, right from having perfectly shaped firm round breasts to curvaceous hips; they are indeed in their prime form. The added advantage of age and experience comes into play as most of these women are experienced in relationships if not sexually experienced yet. They tend to have more excellent emotional stability. Hence, we recommend you make the most of this and get them 30+ babes.

Azerbaijani Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies above 45 are known to be highly conservative. These women are undoubtedly the worst choice for tourists and single men in the country. Even in Baku, the country’s capital, you cannot find liberal women in this age bracket. Almost all of the women are highly religious and orthodox. They will never act in any way that goes against religion or the teachings of older people. They follow social norms and hypocritical rules without raising any logical questions.

Most of these women are married with a few children, perhaps even grandchildren. They have worked hard all their life to build social relationships and shall never even risk getting friendly with a young tourist of the opposite gender as it could lead to unwarranted gossip. Gossip that shall not only harm them but tarnish the reputation of the entire family. It shall undo all the sacrifices they made over the last few decades.

Thus, hitting on these women shall bear no fruit; they shall undoubtedly ignore all your advances, and aggressive pursuit can land you in trouble. You can always try your luck with divorced women or even a widow. The downside of even landing a woman of this age bracket is that she might no longer have a good sexual appetite, neither shall she have a taut body, and the youthful radiance shall all be lost. She shall be looking for emotional stability more than physical love.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

A large number of tourists frequent the city of Baku on an annual basis. It is home to some of the renowned tourist attractions in the region and is a popular shopping destination as well. Hence, as a tourist, you shall see fellow tourists around quite often. You can begin by hitting on the foreign girls at the airport. This could work in your favor as they too might be alone in town, looking for some company to explore the city. This could also lead to something more, so what’s the harm in trying?

Similarly, being Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku is home to various political institutions and embassies of various countries. Hence, you shall also see a large number of expats and diplomats in the city; you can surely meet these women in familiar places such as shopping malls or coffee shops and initiate a conversation; both of you, not being natives of the land, shall find common ground to bond over.

Lastly, Baku is the largest in the country and undoubtedly the most crucial; as a direct result, you shall see many institutes and universities there. Many young girls from neighboring countries come to enroll themselves in universities, and as a tourist, you shall have a good chance of flirting with them; they shall instantly take to you, and the two of you shall have multiple things to relate to from an outsider’s perspective.

Sex Culture In Baku

The local women of Baku are timid; they consider sex taboo and seldom shall hook up with a random man. However, as a tourist, you shall catch their fancy and try to capitalize on that. The local sex culture is highly regressive; while men have the freedom to sleep with women as long as she is of legal age, the women shall be judged by society for doing the same. The patriarchal hold over society doesn’t allow women to talk about sex freely. Most women have to make such conversations even with each other subtly.

In contrast, they refrain from discussing sex and physical pleasures with members of the opposite gender. Society wants you to forget about a woman’s sexual needs and desires conveniently and to forget about giving them an orgasm as well. Sex is considered an act to satisfy a man and a means to bring new life into this world. In many ways, some men even consider their wives/wives as baby-makers who are supposed to keep giving them children year after year.

Sex education in schools and universities is absent. Young adults are not informed about sex, and women are forbidden to discuss it. They are expected to remain unaware until their wedding night. This lack of knowledge leads to misinformation and risky behavior.

The arrival of the internet has changed much of this, and now young adults are willing to experiment in bed, right from trying out different positions to even exploring their sexuality. Means of safe sex and necessary protections are increasingly making people aware, but a long journey is yet to be undertaken to have a liberal sex culture in Baku.

Baku Dating Guide For Men


Dating local girls in the city of Baku is a good experience for most of the tourists who are visiting the city. These local women are known to be quite friendly and hospitable. They are highly interested in dating foreign men and often look forward to such opportunities. However, these women must be socially and culturally free to date foreigners. The local people often vehemently oppose their sisters and daughters dating tourists; they are eager to preserve the culture and traditions of the land, which they believe shall be diluted and soon inconsequential if tourists date local women and bring in Western ideologies.

However, if you wish to work against all odds and date a local girl in the city of Baku, you must play the slow game; you have to be patient and take one step at a time. This shall only be possible if you stay in town long. If you wish to stay longer than three weeks as a tourist, you can forget about any dating escapades in Baku.

The dating game in the city of Baku is all about patience and perseverance. The local women have a shy personality, and while approaching them, you need to be as subtle as possible. To have the perfect strategy to approach these girls, we recommend you understand the local dating culture, and this can be easier if you read through the sections further in this article.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in the city of Baku is known to be quite conservative. With more than 90% of the population being Muslim, women are not given much freedom. They are expected to follow draconian social norms and religious guidelines. Much of their day-to-day activities involve interference from family members, especially male figures. Society, on the whole, is patriarchal in the city of Baku, and this has entirely killed the dating culture. The men are highly protective of the women in the city; they do not allow them to make critical decisions in their life, let us forget dating; in some cases, the women are not even allowed to choose a suitable groom.

With time, things are changing; women are slowly being liberated and moving towards a more open and accessible dating culture; the younger generation is leading this change in Baku. Those women from another country living in Baku might have a more liberal approach to dating and sex. However, the local women date only when earnest about any guy; otherwise, they will not be in a relationship.

Going out on a date with these women will require you to do everything, from asking her out to planning for the date, adjusting the time, and even paying the bill; everything will be your effort. 

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

The kind of men that have the best chances with women in Baku are the men who can speak Azerbaijani, this is a significant criterion as the women cannot converse well in English, and they prefer sticking to their native language; if you can talk even basic Azerbaijani, you shall get lucky without too much effort further. The kind of men who have their place has good chances as the women would love to visit the accommodation where you reside; considering low conversion rates, it is better to book yourself into a nice hotel and impress your woman. 

Risks while Gaming

There are just a handful of risks while gaming in Baku. Most of the women are surrounded by male friends who may be pursuing the woman you just began hitting on; soon, you shall observe snide comments and taunts, which could also be a recipe for disaster, as it may lead to fistfights. These close male friends try to eliminate further competition by any possible means. Remember that Baku is a city with highly conservative people who don’t accept any public display of affection unless the couple is married.

Final Words: Stay Safe

Baku is generally safe, but using common sense is still essential, like in any big city. Homeless people in Baku are not a threat and are safe to be around. However, the main issue lies with driving. Many drivers in Baku don’t follow the rules and tend to speed.

Western clothes are acceptable for the city, but pants for men and long dresses for women are recommended if you go to more remote regions

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