Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Belfast

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Belfast’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Belfast offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Belfast

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Belfast

  • Alibi
  • Ollie’s
  • The Coach

1. Alibi

Though a newer entry to Belfast’s club scene, ALIBI is still prevalent. Its ground floor is open during the day, offering spirits, cocktails, and food, and the upstairs club opens at night. As well as the two indoor floors, there is a three-tiered smoking terrace that’s especially pleasant on warm nights. ALIBI hosts various club nights throughout the week ranging from generous drinks promos on Mondays to live fire-breathing performances on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Ollie’s

Ollie’s is a more upscale option attached to (and beneath) Belfast‘s Merchant Hotel. Located in catacombs that were previously used as bank vaults, space is subdivided into various different spaces, making the club feel intimate even though it has a capacity of 500. Door staff is more selective here than in other clubs, so take the opportunity to dress up a little.

3. The Coach

As Northern Ireland’s oldest nightclub, The Coach’s reputation precedes itself. With an incredible atmosphere between the circus, celebrity, and burlesque performers, there is no reason to miss a night at this electrifying location. Try getting down on a Saturday for the club’s weekly ‘Please Don’t Tell’ night with guest DJs and live performances.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Belfast

  • Bootleggers
  • Muriel’s Cafe Bar
  • The Perch Rooftop Bar

4. Bootleggers

Bootlegger is a Prohibition-themed bar with an attitude. The cocktail menu is a lengthy two pages of specialized gin and whiskey cocktails, and the bar carries an extensive range of American craft beers, reasonably limited in other bars throughout the city. The bench seating in a funky Caribbean interior, sharing cocktails, and a fantastic range of pub food (a full menu is served upstairs) make this bar one of the best spots for groups. The bar is located a few steps from Belfast’s central shopping district, Victoria Square, so grab a seat before the retail shops close because this bar gets crowded at night.

5. Muriel’s Cafe Bar

Around the corner from Bootleggers is Muriel’s Cafe Bar, which also knows how to serve a stellar cocktail. Among their drinks menu is the Flaming Zombie, as much a show as a drinks order. Instead of string lights, Muriel’s has challenged its inner hipster and decorated the ceiling with underwear, lingerie, and red lighting, giving the bar a quirky atmosphere without feeling gimmicky. The accompanying bar snack menu includes a sharing anti-pasta-and-cheese platter for the most sophisticated of groups, and the bar is respected for its friendly staff, traditional-yet-modern aesthetic, and great location.

6. The Perch Rooftop Bar

Enjoy an afternoon drink at Belfast’s best rooftop bar, The Perch. The cocktails range from the very classy – like the popular Bellini – to the bizarre – like the Margarita, served with a toppled larger bottle inside the glass. Most dishes are created with crowds in mind, so they are better shared, but customers can order personal pizzas in a takeaway box, too. Alcoholic drinks come in flower pots, paper cups, champagne glasses, and everything in between, and the outrageous choices will not disappoint. While it’s a great way to spend a hot afternoon, jazz bands grace the stage at night, and The Perch is a trendy nighttime venue.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Belfast

  • Golden Thread Gallery
  • CS Lewis Square
  • Botanic Gardens
  • MAC Art Gallery in Foyer

7. Golden Thread Gallery

There’s this fantastic place in Northern Ireland called Golden Thread Gallery. It’s the top spot for contemporary visual arts stuff. It’s super friendly and open to everyone! You can visit for free and even get a free gallery tour. 

8. CS Lewis Square

You can rediscover The Chronicles of Narnia with a walk via CS Lewis Square, a public space commemorating the Belfast-born author, CS Lewis. CS Lewis Square is open 24/7 and is fully illuminated.

9. Botanic Gardens

If you’re at the Ulster Museum, take advantage of the fantastic Botanic Gardens next to it! It’s an excellent public park loved by the locals and has even won a Green Flag award for being one of the UK’s best open spaces. You can take a leisurely walk, enjoy horticulture, or chill on the well-kept lawns. And remember the iconic Palm House, a big part of Belfast’s Victorian history.

10. MAC Art Gallery in Foyer

Go into the MAC and discover work by local artists inside the art gallery in the foyer. Displays include a sculptural piece by Irish artist Mark Garry consisting of 400 metal wires that create a spectrum of color. The installation reflects the futility of violence and the hopes and aspirations of young people.

Girls In Belfast

You definitely heard many stereotypes about girls in Ireland, and some of them are true. For example, they are primarily redheads, but that is not always true. Irish girls mostly have slim figures and ashen skin.

These girls are approachable, cheerful, and talkative. They’re also very straightforward; they’ll let you know if they’re not interested. If a girl has a boyfriend, don’t expect to hook up.

Be careful not to insult their traditional culture in any way. They will probably be interested in your culture, so you can always mention which might go well. You also need to know that girls mostly like the attention of men and compliments a man gives them, so you can always try to win a girl over with a few compliments. However, it isn’t a good idea to make too much effort on one girl because they sometimes let men stick around only because they enjoy men’s attention.

Looks of girls

If you like redheads, pale and slim women, Belfast is a place for you. Girls are primarily tall, so they mostly have long limbs. Their eyes are mostly green, but they are sometimes blurrier. Irish girls are very pretty; some people consider Irish women the most beautiful in the world. If you are searching for a redhead girl with a pretty face, you will definitely find a couple of those in Belfast. However, if you prefer some other type of girls, you will also likely find them in Belfast. For example, there are also many brunettes or blondes, so you can find the kind you like the most.

Attitude of girls

The attitude of these girls is also doubtful to disappoint you. They are friendly and cheerful and open to conversations. Willing to help and interested in tourist stories. Foreigners have a great chance to hook up with them. Bright and good-looking people also have a good shot. Being a foreigner around these girls is a huge plus.

Hooking Up In Belfast

The chances of hooking up are pretty good in Belfast. There are lots of great places to meet girls. They are approachable and friendly. Don’t expect them to make the first move, especially if you’re not good-looking. Men usually take the initiative.

Better chances of hooking up at places full of girls, like night clubs or pubs. Belfast’s pubs are trendy, and Ireland’s known for the best pubs. Pubs are also very relaxing and almost always packed, so you can always find many girls that would like to hook up with you there.

Girls in Belfast are likely to fall for intelligent, good-looking, confident guys, and having an excellent sense of humor is always a plus. You shouldn’t be shy, because girls in Belfast don’t mind men approaching them, they like that kind of attention very much.

Women In Belfast

Like any developed country or city, Belfast has a sex ratio favorably inclined towards women compared to men. For every 92 males in Belfast, you have 100 women. Therefore, it will not be too difficult for a man to find the right woman, as it often happens in some countries where the sex ratio is skewed against the womenfolk. A sex ratio in favor of women proves that women are respected, cared for, and independent. They contribute quite significantly to the city’s overall economic development and, of course, Northern Ireland.

Overall, the women are friendly, outgoing, and keen to reciprocate good behavior correctly. So, as a man, if you know the common attributes of good behavior, you should be able to get hooked on the woman of your choice as far as Belfast City is concerned. The women are also keen on learning more about foreign men and would be OK getting close to them, provided you know how to respect them.

They are well-educated and cosmopolitan but value their culture and traditions. Most are well-built, with an average height of 5 feet 4 inches, taller than the global average for women. Younger women take care of their bodies through gym activities and workouts. Let’s break them into age groups to know more about Belfast girls and women.

Northern Irish Girls (age 18 – 29)

It is a universal truth that women aged 18 to 29 are pretty active when it comes to sex. They are also aware of fashion, general knowledge, and other such things that interest men and women worldwide. They take care of their looks and body. Girls aged 18 to 25 are self-conscious and work hard to improve their looks. Women aged 18 to 29 in Belfast have stunning figures with an average height of 5 feet 5 inches, turning heads.

Further, they have beautiful-looking breasts perfectly sized in line with their overall body build and height. Breasts look enhanced with tight, complex, and erect nipples. Nipples might show through tops; many in this age group go braless without hesitation. This makes them even more sensuous and attractive.

They are known for their exciting and outgoing characteristics, and it is common to see many of them hanging around in malls, supermarkets, cinema halls, outside college campuses and universities, and places of tourist interest. They love club and pub culture. You’ll find them in pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Mostly in groups, but some are solo. Adventurous and eager to catch men’s attention. 

Northern Irish Women (age 30 – 45)

Life teaches us many things through experience. Relationships between men and women are no different. Belfast women aged 18 to 29 are adventurous and aggressive, seeking variety and sharing experiences with friends. They love displaying their beauty and bodies and are not inhibitive about it. However, they make quite a number of mistakes by up with the wrong men thinking they are in love.

Belfast women aged 30 to 45 are different. Many have completed education and work in various fields, including self-employment. A few years of being alone would have taught them a few life lessons. Consider those aged 30 to 45 in Belfast for fulfilling relationships with mature women. They are mature and understanding. Most of them are indeed fashion and looks-conscious, and they can even be in a position to give the younger women below 30 a run for their money as far as looks and appearances are concerned. 

They are gorgeous, fabulous, and their bodies would have matured and taken the best shapes. Many are married or have children but still take good care of their looks and bodies. Belfast women aged 30 to 45 have fully developed breasts and curvy bodies. They’re excellent in bed, but the emotional connection is crucial. They look for maturity, humor, and intelligence in relationships, not one-night stands. Once you win their trust, they’ll become attached to you. They would be willing to do everything that might make you happy and satisfied from a sexual and emotional perspective.

Northern Irish Ladies (age 45+)

Maturity with graceful aging is fantastic as far as lives are concerned. If you come across Belfast ladies in the age group of 45 plus, you may start believing that graceful aging with maturity has its share of advantages. Therefore, if you are a man all for a mature and long-lasting relationship, it makes sense to get closer to these middle-aged ladies from Belfast.

It would be wrong to consider them out of fashion or out of sync with modern times and modern fashion. While they may belong to the middle-aged group in terms of age, they are very young in their minds and thoughts. Many are highly particular about keeping their bodies in good physical condition. They would be willing to do what it takes to keep their bodies slim. Their physical attributes continue to be impressive and stunning in many cases.

They must have experienced sex in more ways than one, so they have the right expertise on the subject matter. You can win them over with a good heart, mature handling of relationships, and a desire to satisfy them sexually. Most of them are well-to-do and are quite independent financially. Therefore they may not exactly look for monetary benefits out of such relationships but would rather like to be treated with respect.

They may also be willing to make them a part of their daily lives and would not mind living together if you know how to reciprocate their feelings. They, for sure, will have the same romantic and beautiful breasts and other attributes that will make it tough to differentiate them from women aged 18 to 30. You must know how to approach them, and being a street-smart Romeo with modern-day outfits is all fine, but beyond that, you also need to have something special regarding intellect, knowledge, and independence.

Overall, it would be wrong to consider them as women who might be nearing the stage of menopause. They have much to offer, and their sexual performance in bed may leave even the healthiest and most active men exhausted. 

Foreign Girls (tourists, ex-pats, students, etc.)

Belfast is known for being the most welcoming city to foreigners. Thousands from the EU, Russia, and Eastern Europe came years ago. Many foreign women are from South-East Asia, South Asia, South America, USA, and Canada. Many of these women are in Belfast for various reasons. While many young girls come here for further studies, there are scores of beautiful women searching for better careers, business opportunities, etc. Yes, most of them are tourists who are here to see this beautiful city and North Ireland in some depth.

You can expect these foreign women to be within their comfort zone. In short, they hang out with people from their countries at bars, nightclubs, hotels, malls, and other spots. Quite a few are on their own and may live separately in hotels, rented apartments, or paying guests. Yes, they also suffer from boredom and loneliness, and they may have quite a bit to offer as far as sex and intimacy are concerned. Though a few of them might seem very discreet in their movements and how they mix with men, deep inside, they desire sex.

Winning them over takes some effort, and they prefer their community. But the right attitude and mindset can still win them, even if you’re from a different country or culture. Visit bars and restaurants during weekends, and you’ll find many beautiful and hot women. They love partying, dancing and would not mind having a fling at passionate and hot sex with the right man. They have superb bodies and take care of them. They maintain a discreet profile in a foreign country. It’s up to men to win them over with care and respect. Brash approaches and other rough methods will only work for a while. You should handle them with care, be nice, and respect their desire for individuality and secrecy.

Sex Culture In Belfast

Belfast may be a conservative religious city for many, but these are now becoming things of the past. As the world changes and becomes a fast-paced entity, the attitude of women toward sex is changing quite a bit in the city of Belfast also. The younger generation (18 to 30) is open-minded about sex. They’re action-oriented, not just talk. According to some studies, almost 70% of women under 25 must have had sex quite a few times. They love to enjoy sex and would like to satisfy their hormonal requirements.

The attitude towards sex for women over twenty-five is also comparatively more open. This is again because of various reasons. Many women of Belfast do not like to get married early and would like to concentrate on their careers and financial conditions. The task of bringing up a child out of relationships is considered tough for many of them. Hence, they would rather go in for live-in relationships than get involved in various marriage problems. They have sexual needs to satisfy. They like to experiment and have multiple partners.

Therefore as a man, you have much better chances of hooking up and laying a woman from Belfast irrespective of the age group to which they belong. But if you are looking for meaningful and long-term relationships, you need to do much more than satisfy their sexual hunger. It would help if you cared for their emotional and perhaps monetary needs. These types of women are primarily from the higher age group and are discreet and choosy about relationships. Their sexual needs are also not the same as the younger groups of women.

But on the whole, there is no doubt that compared to many cities in the European Union, Belfast has a very open and favorable disposition towards sex. The sex culture in this city is transparent and straightforward. They don’t beat around the bush. 

Belfast Dating Guide For Men


Belfast is the largest and capital city of Northern Ireland, located on the river Lagan. It’s known for being liberal and open-minded. The city has beautiful, fun-loving girls. If you’re from another part of the world and interested in local, ex-pat, or foreign girls, you have plenty of options. Several reasons contribute to this. The country, in general, and Belfast, is full of fun-loving, hot, and sexy girls across various age groups. Therefore, as a male tourist with an open mind about sex, you will have quite a few exciting things in your hand.

How the women of a particular country or city behave is directly linked to its history and culture. The same is the case with the women in this city. Northern Ireland has had some of the most potent and vociferous movements regarding women’s emancipation, freedom, and liberation. Hence, it is evident that the women in Belfast are known for their independence, strong thoughts, and ability to choose good and bad for them. A single dogma or thought process does not precisely bind them. They do not believe in being subjugated or ruled over by men.

These are some of the few things you must bear in mind when planning to get hooked on these beautiful girls. While you have excellent chances of getting close to the girls of Belfast physically and emotionally, it would be wrong to take them for granted. They believe in self-respect and would always like to be treated on an even keel with their menfolk. They’re financially independent so wealth won’t win them over. Please treat them with respect for a good chance with them. Respect them, and they’ll treat you well too.

Dating Culture

Dating concepts are decisive in Northern Ireland and Belfast, and men and women have been at it for decades or centuries. As life becomes fast, rapid, and commercialized, it is impacting the dating culture of this city too. Women and girls want to make the most of their time. Online dating is popular, but traditional dating still has followers. As a man from another part of the world, you have various ways to hook up with them.

But some traditional traits of Irish women also apply to the women of Belfast. It would be wrong to expect them to jump into bed at the first instance, and it does take some bit of understanding and popularizing before you can think of getting physically involved with these beautiful women. Many still believe in going to the club or pub a few times, getting drunk, and perhaps engaging in a passionate kiss. This may be repeated around five or six times before getting into a physical relationship comes into play. The name of the game is patience, which is a common trait among all women in the world. The women of Belfast are also no exceptions to the rule.

They would like to take one thing at a time, and it may not always be possible to come across those fast and aggressive women who are ready to take things to bed even after the first or second meeting. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, and the younger women in this city are willing to try the fast-track method. This is understandable because their hormones are pretty active. At times, it becomes pretty unbearable for them to resist the temptation of having sex with a man with the right attributes and characteristics.

There are scores of women in the age group of 30 to 50 who would like to go a bit slow regarding their dating cultures and practices. They are keener on understanding the overall personality of the man they are planning to date, and only when they feel safe would they be willing to take the next step. However, it would be wrong to consider them conservative or uninterested in dating and sex. They do have sexual needs and requirements, but because of age and also because they belong to a different generation, they would like to take things a bit slow and then move forward.

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

Irish girls mostly prefer tanned guys. However, their standards could be higher, mainly because Irish men are unattractive. Also, they will mostly prefer well-dressed men, while some prefer a hipster look. You can also dress casually and still be successful. Guys that are well-built are also very successful in Belfast, but you don’t have to be ripped so you can hook up with a girl. Some girls prefer skinny and edgy men. 

The better looking you are, the higher your chances are, but if you are talkative and not very good-looking, you can also find some girl to hook up with without any problems. Also, many of them enjoy funny men who can make them laugh. If you have money, don’t be afraid to show. However, you are more likely to impress students than mature women.

Risks while Gaming

There are few risks while gaming in Belfast. Overall, Belfast is a very safe city, and there is not much crime. People are also amiable and will like to help, and men will rarely be aggressive but don’t try to hit on a girl when her boyfriend is around because they sometimes might fight. However, you are overall safe.

You might find it a bit risky to hit on girls that are not natives because men from other countries are sometimes more aggressive. It would help to be more careful during the night because of the scammers. Scammers sometimes try to take advantage of tourists, but that is also something that rarely happens. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Try not to talk with anyone who is shady looking, and don’t go alone somewhere with a few people.

Also, you should be very careful about unprotected sex! Even though STDs are not usual in Belfast, there is still a possibility that you will get one. Also, some girls might want to take advantage of you and try to get pregnant.

Final Words: Stay Safe

Belfast is a reasonably safe place. Any crimes are rarely done in Belfast. However, you should still be careful. For example, you shouldn’t leave anything valuable if there are some people around, and don’t go near anyone who looks suspicious. Some places are known to be less safe than others, but you, as a tourist, are not likely to go to those places.

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