Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Boise

Boise dating advice includes tips on approaching Idaho girls and hooking up with Boise women. Travel, meet, enjoy, and have fun with hot single girls; you might meet your soulmate. Learn more about how to date Idahoan women, where to hook up, and how to get laid in Boise, Idaho, USA.

How To Get Laid in Boise

Below are the best spots in Boise to meet girls and women to get laid.

But first,

You will definitely want to sign up to the most active hook-up sites in Boise for the best results.

What is the Best Dating Site?

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Best for meeting hot singles ready for action. is a dating app for those who are looking for the one and only and not just a hookup. Users can choose between a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan, then start reviewing potential matches that may be compatible with them. The best part about this app is its algorithm, which has been designed to respond to both geographical preferences as well as personal preferences such as religion and sexuality.

It is one of the oldest and most popular dating sites out there with over 40 million people visiting every month. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to browse members by their interests, age, and location. The site also offers apps for those who want to take their search on the go.


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Adultfriendfinder is a dating site for adults who are looking to have casual hookups with other people. The site offers a wide variety of features, including live webcams, chat rooms, forums, articles, county listings, personal ads, photo galleries, and more. Adultfriendfinder was created in 1995. It has grown steadily since then and hosts over 7 million members online. The site has an average of 100k visitors every day – the majority are male.

The site is not all about just hooking up. Yes, you can find that here if that is your particular flavor or fetish. But for most members, the site is more geared toward friends with benefits.


Best for couples looking to expand their horizons.

When it comes to dating apps, they are all about the same. 99flavors is no different. If you are looking for something more traditional, this app is not for you. But if you want to have a little fun with your love life, this app has some great features that will make it worth the download. It’s tailored especially for swingers, couples looking for extras, or singles looking for couples to play with. is a dating site founded in 2012 that’s designed to be fun, easy, and inclusive. It features a variety of different singles, couples and swingers from all over the world.


  • Humpin’ Hannah’s Boise
  • StrangeLove Boise
  • The Buffalo Club Boise

1. Humpin’ Hannah’s Boise

Humpin’ Hannah’s is a Bar, Dance Club, Party Hosting Venue, and Nightclub in Boise, Idaho. So, it has a full-fledged bar at the scene that takes care of patrons’ alcoholic needs. They provide beer, cocktails, and special drinks. The music played at this venue falls under these musical influences: Pop Music, Rock Music, and Country Music. The main attractions of Humpin’ Hannah’s are Live Music, Dancing, Cocktails, Pizza, and Premium Entertainment.

2. StrangeLove Boise

Strangelove is a Dance Club and Nightclub situation in Boise, Idaho. This nightclub prohibits entry to anyone who wears Sweatshirts or any Jerseys. Strangelove has four full-fledged bars providing patrons with alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and special drinks. The music played at this nightclub falls under these musical influences: Electronic Dance, Trance, and House Music.

3. The Buffalo Club Boise

The Buffalo Club is a Dance Club, Pub, and Nightclub located on Fairview Avenue in Boise, Idaho. The dress code at this nightclub is casual, so patrons are free to wear anything they desire. You can dress comfortably, or you can dress to impress as well. A full-fledged bar is available at the venue that takes care of patrons and all their alcoholic needs. The bar provides patrons with beer, alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and special drinks.

Bars for Nighttime

  • Whiskey Bar & Silly Birch
  • Diablo & Sons Saloon
  • Olympic Venue

4. Whiskey Bar & Silly Birch

It is a relaxed venue with the best whiskey available for people of all ages and tastes. The combination of comfortable chairs, stand-up whiskey barrel tables, wooden walls, and soothing music is just a comfort to the soul. It is a fun place to be with friends. The patrons enjoy the Boise weather when the large garage door is opened for them during the warmer seasons. The Silly Birch is just beside this bar and is a fun sports bar where you will watch live matches. It has got a lively ambiance too.

5. Diablo & Sons Saloon

It is one of the biggest and finest taco saloons with a warm atmosphere where people can find their comfortable spot and taste a wide selection of amazing drinks. Beers, innovative cocktails, and tacos are always on their list for visitors. A wide range of finger foods is available to choose from. In addition, you can order burgers, appetizers, and a well-crafted selection of tacos that will be suitable with the preferred choice of your drinks.

6. Olympic Venue

This is one of the newest bars in Boise, which maintains its reputation and serves the best drinks and food in the location. This place is famous for the live music from various local and popular bands. It has an amazing dance floor, and the seating arrangement is excellently made. The regular concerts make this place more attractive for tourists. 

Public Spaces for Daytime

  • Boise River Greenbelt
  • Freak Alley Gallery
  • Idaho Botanical Garden
  • Basque Museum & Cultural Center

7. Boise River Greenbelt

Pedal along the Boise River on the famous tree-lined path. Biking or walking down the highly-accessible Boise River Greenbelt is one of the best ways to see the city. This 25-mile trail connects parks, some of the best restaurants in Boise, and museums downtown. It also links over 850 miles of trail systems, creating a green sanctuary in the city’s heart.

Rent bikes, walk, or try out an electric scooter on the paved trail. The Boise River creates a serene natural environment with flowing water, wildlife, and gorgeous flowers and trees. The Greenbelt is a memorable experience for people of all ages and abilities. 

Along the Greenbelt, you can also check out Boise whitewater park. Here, waveshapers create the perfect conditions for surfers and kayakers to hone their skills.

8. Freak Alley Gallery

Freak Alley Gallery is a testament to the collective creative brain power of hundreds of local artists and 20 years of new paintings. This unique alleyway in downtown Boise is the northwest’s largest outdoor gallery.

It is free to visit, open all year round, and the murals are constantly changing, so even if you’ve been before, you might see something new on your next visit. It’s the perfect place to take cool photos to document your time in Boise. 

9. Idaho Botanical Garden

Explore the natural beauty of The Idaho Botanical Garden in full bloom. This thriving, 50-acre botanical garden boasts stunning scenery and intricately-designed gardens. It is the perfect place to stroll or to read on a quiet bench for a few hours. There’s nothing quite like the fragrant scent of blooming flowers on a spring afternoon. 

10. Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Boise is home to the Basque Museum & Cultural Center, the only Basque Museum in the United States. Explore the rich history of the vibrant (and often forgotten) Basque culture through art, images, and exhibits. 

You can even take a tour through the Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House and Fronton Building. These attractions give you an even more intimate look into the lives of historic Basque people in Idaho.

Girls In Boise

Idaho, also known as the Gem State, is home to a diverse range of beautiful girls, including stunning individuals of different ethnic backgrounds. In Boise, the capital city, you’ll encounter a wealth of natural beauty during your visit. If you’re single and ready to mingle in Boise, you’ll find a charming and sweet community of single ladies with unique and intriguing qualities. One of the notable characteristics of Boise girls is their adventurous spirit. 

They’re always up for exciting experiences, whether it’s exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the state together or engaging in thrilling activities like zip lining or base jumping. Additionally, Boise girls have a romantic side. They find joy in spending warm nights gazing at the stars and continuing the romance with leisurely walks under the sun. Moreover, Boise girls are easygoing and prioritize keeping stress and frustrations at bay. They understand the importance of slowing down and savoring the moment. Once they develop a deep connection with someone, they tend to be loyal and devoted. Another interesting aspect of Boise girls is their upbringing. 

They are taught to respect others and love their dear ones unconditionally. It’s not uncommon to meet a Boise girl whose father is an avid hunter. So, if a girl from Boise reveals that her dad is a skilled hunter, don’t be surprised. Just make sure you treat her heart with care because, like her father, she may possess excellent aim and precision. Stay safe out there!

Hooking Up In Boise

Hooking up in Boise is not so easy. This city has its fair share of conservative girls and women. But don’t worry; you will also find sexually liberated girls and women here too. 

Women In Boise

Dating a woman from Boise is interesting because the local women in this Gem State do have attributes that help to spice things up in a relationship. There are tons of good reasons why you should date a local woman in Boise because, just like the girls in the state, the local women in Boise, no doubt, make some of the best lovers around. 

One thing you’ll definitely appreciate about Idahoan women is that they’re never afraid to try new and exciting things. Idahoan women are passionate lovers, and you should not look any further than Boise if passion is important to you in your partner. There’s plenty of passion heading your way if you’re dating a local Idahoan woman because the women in this state are always willing to show off their passion for the things they love, and they can be very passionate about it, for they do have plenty of love to give.

Date a local woman in Boise, and she will give you free ski lessons. A lot of people who visit this state need to realize that there are awesome ski resorts like Sun Valley in the state, and Idaho is actually a mountainous state. And, with lots of skiers around, your Idahoan sweetie doesn’t necessarily have to be a world champion before she can give you some helpful tips that will help you get comfortable on the slopes. The local women in Boise know how to KISS; Keep It Simple, Sexy. With less rushing around and less drama, you’ll definitely have a fun time dating an Idahoan woman because the women in this state live a simple life, and they’re cool with slowing down in a good way.

If you’re dating a woman from Boise, you’ll always have someone to play outdoors with. With over four million acres of designated wilderness in Boise to explore, expect your Idahoan sweetheart to be comfortable being on the move, whether by hunting, farming, or hiking, and what you should understand is that Idahoans and nature go hand-in-hand and you can’t afford to be a lazy couch potato if you’re dating an Idahoan lady. Boise women are fun-loving, and they do know how to get the most fun out of life. For the women in this state, there’s always an opportunity to do something awesome, and you can bask in the expectations of “daily enjoyment” and generally have a good time if you’re dating a local Idahoan.

It’s hard to be negative when you’re dating an Idahoan, and this is one of what makes Idahoans the type you can bring home to your mother. With their homegrown manners shining through in all situations, expect to be well treated if you’re dating a woman from Boise, and the fact that the women in this state are always expressive with their actions to show how they care is a plus. Idahoan women are family-oriented, they love treating people with respect, they’ve got great manners, and they’re raised right.

Date a local woman in Boise, and you can count on living a long, happy life together. You can stay confident that your Idahoan lover will be around for quite some time. With the low pollution, eating all of that fresh food, and the high activity levels, it’s not surprising that Idahoans have a great life expectancy.

If you’re looking for a partner that will always make you feel safe and secure, date a local Idahoan woman, and that’s how she’ll make you feel, as you can expect her shooting skill to come in very handy. Idahoan women are the kind that can weather any hardship. The local women in this state have the guts to stick around and fix a problem that surfaces in a relationship, and their capacity to handle any challenge that gets thrown their way can be related to their toughness, survival skills, gun ownership, and high level of physical activity. 

Date a woman from Idaho, and you’ll never be stressed, and neither will you go hungry. Most of the local women you’ll meet and date in Idaho are Whites, and the other few local women you’ll possibly come across in this state are Asians, Native Hawaiians, and African Americans.

Idahoan Girls (age 18 – 29)

Dating girls in Idaho within this age range can be an incredible experience you won’t miss out on. These vibrant and engaging individuals are a delight to be around, bringing a perfect blend of sweetness and excitement to your romantic journey. You’ll be showered with love and immersed in a relationship that exudes romance and affection. The best part? These girls are genuine and committed, standing by your side through thick and thin. However, it’s important to note that they value passion and liveliness in a relationship. If things start to feel stagnant or lose their spark, they may be inclined to reevaluate the situation. Despite this, the overall experience of dating these girls in Idaho is a chance for unforgettable moments and a genuine connection that will leave a lasting impression.

Idahoan Women (age 30 – 45)

Idahoan women are some of the most awesome women you’ll ever date because they have good qualities and know how to make their lovers feel homely, safe, secure, and sound. You’ll probably have no problem dating these women because they’ll weather any storm with you, they’re fiercely loyal, and you’ll never go hungry.

Idahoan Ladies (age 45+)

Idahoan older ladies are some of the best lovers you can find around in the United States. Not just because they are experienced but because of the kind of care, love, and good treatment they show to their romantic partners. Dating cougars and older ladies in Idaho can be exciting and thrilling because they love having a great time, are free people with personable personalities, and are stress-free people to be in a relationship with.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Are you hoping to date foreign girls in Boise? The foreign girls in Boise are okay, too, because even though they have their peculiarities and individualistic qualities, most are easy to approach, for they’re often down for a good time and up for something new and exciting. You’ll find an array of foreign girls to date in Idaho; from college girls and tourists to expats from other places, you can try your luck from the plenty of them available in different parts of the state.

Sex Culture In Boise

Just as you’ll find a number of the local women in Boise to be sexually conservative, you’ll also find a good number of women in the state who are sexually liberated.

Boise Dating Guide For Men

Although locals in this state tend to marry early, there is a perceived rush to marry, which raises the high possibility of dating divorced ladies and single young ladies with kids. Suppose you’re settling down quickly and in this state. In that case, you’re definitely in the right place because the locals in their 20s and 30s are known to be family-oriented. The fact that most of them own a house before the age of 30 and have an established career as ambitious people is a spur to get married quickly. However, Idaho is a fun place for singles, and you should have fun dating in this state.

Best Date Ideas Boise

1. Bike along the Boise River Greenbelt

Biking along the Boise River Greenbelt is a perfect date activity for couples that enjoy outdoor adventures. The 25-mile-long scenic trail runs along the Boise River and through parks and woodlands. As you cycle, you’ll also spot wildlife; there are many places to stop and take in the views.

2. Learn new things at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

The Discovery Center of Idaho isn’t just a family-friendly attraction; adults can also visit the science museum to learn new things! Exhibits cover many topics, from space and solar systems to ecosystems and the history of the dinosaurs. Fascinating temporary exhibitions may be on display during your visit as well.

3. Tackle an escape room game.

Playing an escape game is an excellent idea for all couples! At Escape the Room Boise, you can choose from various games like a spy agency escape room or a bank heist challenge. You and your date will then have an hour to solve puzzles and apply clues to help you escape.

4. Attend a Broncos game at Albertsons Stadium.

Sports-loving couples can plan a fun date at a Boise State Broncos game. The NCAA football team represents Boise State University and plays at Albertsons Stadium.

Even if you aren’t a big football fan, going to a game and enjoying the atmosphere is sure to be a good time. The university also has other collegiate teams, like basketball and softball teams.

5. Visit the Basque Museum & Cultural Center

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center is a fascinating place to go for a daytime date. This museum covers topics relating to Basque history and culture. While looking around, you’ll see many interesting artifacts, and guided tours are available to offer even more information on Basque heritage.

6. Spot wildlife at the Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center

The Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center is a great place to explore with your date. There are lots of trails that will take you through various wildlife habitats, with animal sightings guaranteed.

Creatures for sightseeing include birds, foxes, and deer. There is also an interesting area where you can see into a river bed and spot the fish that live in the water.

7. Meet raptors at The World Center for Birds of Prey.

The Peregrine Fund’s World Center For Birds of Prey is an exciting place to go on a date, especially if you both love animals and learning about wildlife. The center looks to conserve endangered raptors and is home to many birds, most of which you can meet!

Birds for sightseeing include falcons, owls, and vultures. You’ll learn about each bird and how you can help with conservation efforts.

8. View artworks at the Boise Art Museum.

One of the best date ideas in Boise, ID, for couples that like art is going to the Boise Art Museum. Opened in 1937, the gallery houses around 4,000 pieces, including Asian, Native American, and American artworks in a variety of mediums. Temporary exhibits, plus art classes and workshops, are also hosted at the museum.

9. Check out the Freak Alley Gallery

Freak Alley Gallery is a unique art attraction to visit together. This open-air gallery consists of art murals that line the walls of a downtown alley. Snapping some pictures together with the fantastic street art is a must! Best of all, this attraction is free to see.

10. Tour the Idaho State Capitol Building

Boise is Idaho’s state capital and, therefore, home to the Idaho State Capitol Building. If your other half is interested in United States politics, touring this Idaho landmark is a must.

You can take a self-guided tour, with information booklets provided, and will learn all about political history in the state. During a tour, you can also admire the building’s Neoclassical architecture.

11. Find out more about Idaho at the Idaho State Museum.

The Idaho State Museum is a great indoor attraction that will teach you and your date more about the Gem State’s history. Exhibits cover significant events and what life has been like in Idaho over various periods. You can also learn more about the ecology of the area.

12. Look around the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

An interesting landmark to explore with your partner is the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site. This landmark acted as a prison between 1872 and 1973. Today, you can tour the property, learning more about its history and events related to the prison, like prisoner escapes.

13. Enjoy the outdoors at Hulls Gulch Reserve.

While there are many great outdoor spaces a little outside of Boise, you can also discover places to hike or bike nearer downtown, like Hulls Gulch Reserve. The 292-acre reserve is situated only ten minutes from central Boise and has trails taking you through grasslands and up hills, which offer panoramic views from the top.

14. Try Axe throwing at Base Camp Pong + Axe.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon or evening date idea, hanging out at Base Camp Pong + Axe will appeal to many couples. The entertainment venue offers axe throwing and ping pong.

If you both enjoy Axe throwing, you can even join a league at the bar! Between activities, you can get food and drinks at the on-site bar and restaurant.

15. Go to the Idaho Black History Museum

If you and your date are eager to explore captivating attractions, the Idaho Black History Museum is a must-visit destination. As the oldest museum of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, it offers a rich tribute to African American culture and history. Prepare to be enthralled as you wander through its exhibits, which showcase an impressive collection of artifacts, including photographs that span over a century. It’s a fascinating opportunity to delve into the past and gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse heritage and contributions of the African American community.

16. Climb Table Rock

Located about 20 minutes from downtown, Table Rock is another excellent place to hike and enjoy the fresh air. The primary trail to follow is a loop trail that covers 3.7 miles. As you hike, elevation will increase, offering stunning views over the city, especially from Table Rock’s peak.

17. Eat delicious dishes on a food tour.

Taking your date on a food tour is a great way to explore the city and find some top eateries. Indulge Boise Food Tours offers a few food tours, like a downtown brunch and art tour, and private tours are available. On the excursion, your guide will take you to multiple restaurants where you can sample dishes and drinks.

18. Skate at Treasure Valley Skate

Skating at Treasure Valley Skate is a quirky date idea that will make you feel like kids again! The roller rink is open in the afternoons and until late on the weekends.

As you glide around the roller rink, you can enjoy DJ music, and there are colored and strobe lights at night. If you want to avoid younger kids, going in the evening is recommended when there are adult open skates.

19. Have a picnic at Julia Davis Park.

Exploring pretty Julia Davis is one of the most romantic things to do in Boise, Idaho. To make your date even more romantic, why not take a picnic to the park to enjoy together by the lake? After your meal, you can stroll along scenic paths and visit the beautiful rose garden.

20. Stay at The Grove Hotel

If you’re a couple visiting Boise, you’ll be delighted to discover the fantastic accommodation choices available. For those seeking a romantic getaway, booking a room at The Grove Hotel is a top-notch option. This hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms with the added luxury of a spa and hot tubs. Imagine indulging in relaxation while enjoying breathtaking city views. As evening approaches, you can unwind by savoring drinks and a delectable meal at the hotel’s bar and restaurant. It’s the perfect setting to create lasting memories together.

21. Walk through Kathryn Albertson Park

Kathryn Albertson Park is a beautiful place to go for a romantic walk together, no matter the season. At the 41-acre park, you’ll find paths past ponds, rivers, and woodland areas.

There are also areas to sit and talk while taking in the views, and you may see animals, like deer or raccoons. Plan your date at the park just before sunset to watch the sunrise above the scenic surroundings.

Final Words: Stay Safe

There’s a low risk here with lower-than-average crime rates across the board and a wide variety of things to do.

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Keep exploring!