Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Brussels

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Brussels’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Brussels offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Brussels

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Brussels

  • L’Archiduc
  • Red Line
  • Mirano Continental

1. L’Archiduc

The most relaxed bar in all of Belgium, this classic near the Bourse has to be seen to be believed. Ring a bell on the street, and you enter a steel bubble swing door like entering a Bank. This spins you into an art deco room with high ceilings, a half-moon balcony, pillars to the roof, a piano in the middle, and a tiny corner bar.

Your fellow drinkers are architects, intellectuals, and artistic beauties, and the bar staff knows their music and martinis. Anything from trip-hop to country plays until late; you only get your bill when you leave. Famous for jazz sessions, too; the owner might tell you about the times’ Miles Davis used to come in and jam.

2. Red Line

It is located in the middle of an ancient forest! But still, just a short distance from the city center, this is a large barn-like building to the south of the city. The music is modern hip-hop and pop remixes, and there is also a vast space dedicated to dancing and lounging.

3. Mirano Continental

It is situated at Madou metro. On a typical Friday or Saturday night, this trendy club plays an excellent selection of pop, house, and dance music, but at least once a month, themed parties are also hosted there. Some amenities that make this club a stage, revolving dance floor, balcony, salon bar, and a nice dressing room for the ladies, which ranked this venue differently.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Brussels

  • The Flat
  • PP Café
  • Moeder Lambic, Fontainas

4. The Flat

It is indeed one of the unique concept bars that have taken the imagination of Brussels people and foreigners working here. The Flat is a recreation of a traditional apartment with a living room, bathroom, etc., and some of the popular drinks are sold at ‘market price’, meaning depending on demand, the price of the drink will go up or down during the evening.

5. PP Café

Tables to cater to groups and loud music! The PP Café is situated at 28 rue Jules van Praetstraat. It does not have comfortable couches, but it is still a trendy Belgian-style bar with live concerts and live DJs every few nights. They have an extensive range of beers and cocktails. Happy hour is between 7 and 9 pm every day, so what are you waiting for?

6. Moeder Lambic, Fontainas

The ultimate Brussels craft beer bar looks out over the tranquil Place Fontainas, a few minutes from the crowds surrounding the MannekenPis Statue. Moeder’s laid-back atmosphere resembles a friendly neighborhood boozer, but the clientele is here for the unparalleled selection of artisan ales. Apart from more than 100 different bottles on the beer list, there are nearly 50 taps to choose from, with every local Brussels brewer represented. The bar staff is accommodating in explaining the subtle differences between Belgium’s Gueuze and Lambic: the same beers, with the flat, cloudy Lambic aged in barrels before bottling, while a second fermentation adds bubbles, transforming it into the more sourGueuze.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Brussels

  • Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
  • Brussel Museums
  • City Gardens and Parks
  • Atomium

7. Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

You’ll instantly fall in love with the architecture of this shopping arcade, especially the beautifully vaulted glass ceilings. It’s fascinating that this is Europe’s first covered shopping gallery, built-in 1847. It even predates famous 19th-century arcades like The Passage in St Petersburg and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan.

Inside are 54 luxury shops divided into two main sections: Galerie du Roi (King’s Gallery) and Galerie de la Reine (Queen’s Gallery). There’s also a petite side gallery called Galerie des Princes (Gallery of the Princes). Because of their mouth-watering displays, you will enjoy walking through this place and looking at a well-known Belgian chocolatier brand’s store!

8. Brussel Museums

Brussels has so many museums with FREE admission; it’s fantastic! If you’re into military history spanning ten centuries, check out the Royal Museums of the Armed Forces and Military History. For a fun and interactive European Parliament experience, hit up the Parlamentarium!

You won’t believe it, but other big-name museums like the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), and the Museum of Natural Sciences (great for kids!) are also free, but only on the first Wednesday of each month. So, plan your visit right, and you can soak in all that cultural goodness without spending a dime!

9. City Gardens and Parks

Despite being a bustling city, Brussels is filled with large green spaces:

  1. Mont des Arts: Once a crowded district, it’s now an elevated park with a breathtaking city view. You can see Grand Place and City Hall from here. Nearby, you’ll find the Musical Instruments Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.
  2. Parc de Bruxelles: The largest urban public park in the city center, covering 13.1 hectares, surrounded by the Royal Palace and Belgian Parliament.
  3. Place du Petit Sablon: A charming garden with 48 bronze statues depicting medieval professions. It’s dedicated to Counts Egmont and Hornes, who were executed during the Spanish invasion for their resistance.
  4. Parc du Cinquantenaire: Created by King Leopold II to celebrate Belgium’s 50th independence anniversary in 1880. It’s about 30 hectares, featuring spacious gardens, an arched centerpiece, and three museums (Cinquantenaire Museum, Autoworld – a vintage car museum, and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History).
  5. Serres Royales De Laeken (Royal Greenhouses): Not just unique plants, these greenhouses boast fantastic architecture. They’re open to the public for three weeks every spring, so don’t miss out!
  6. Bois de la Cambre: Part of the huge Forêt de Soignes (Sonian Forest). This park is the perfect escape if you crave serious time away from the city. Enjoy!

10. Atomium

So, back in 1958, the Atomium was built for the Brussels World’s Fair (Expo) and was meant to last just six months. It became so popular that they decided to keep it! Since then, it’s become a significant part of the Brussels skyline, representing future ideas and universality.

What’s the deal with this incredible structure? It symbolizes the nine atoms of an iron crystal unit cell. It fits the theme of the Expo, which was all about science and the development of the atom at that time.

This thing is massive, standing 102 meters tall! You can go inside and explore five out of the nine spheres. The top one offers a fantastic panoramic view of the city. However, keep in mind there’s an entrance fee for that. But no worries, just seeing it from the outside is already mind-blowing!

If you’ve got time to spare, hang out around the Heysel Exhibition Park area. Have a chill picnic and enjoy the view of this weird yet fascinating construction. 

Girls In Brussels

Let’s talk about Belgian girls and dating in Brussels. At first, they might seem reserved and closed off when meeting new people. Building a relationship with them can take some time. In the beginning, personal matters might not be on the table for discussion, but once they approve of the potential partnership, they become more open and comfortable.

Once a Belgian girl is cool with you, she won’t waste time with dating formalities. They’re all about being honest and genuine. No taboos here when it comes to approaching a girl for dating or a sexual relationship. It’s straight to the point! Once you’re in a relationship, they’ll be there with you, joining family parties and functions.

Girlfriends and boyfriends can freely call each other without restrictions to plan dates and hang out. So, girls in Brussels are pretty romantic and friendly.

Girls in Brussels may not be too touchy or overly passionate, but they have their strengths. They’re solid and hardworking, which makes them excellent partners. Their calm and balanced nature means no mood swings to worry about. They’re dependable and make fabulous companions.

Good manners and impressive presentation are the keys to winning their hearts. You can’t just expect to get laid in an hour; you must win them over with genuine effort.

Good manners are a must when you’re out dining, but hey, every girl in Brussels has an inner foodie! They love good food, cooking skills, and refined table manners. So, show off your cooking skills and be on your best behavior.

Looks of girls

There is nothing like stereotypical women in Brussels for nothing like ethnic Brussels people out there. Flemish-speaking women are different from French-speaking. Women in Brussels look average with dark hair, pale skin, and quite tall. The rating above is given after having considered various factors.

Attitude of girls

Girls in Brussels are reserved, conservative and appear indifferent and distant initially. If you are smart enough to date, you can certainly woo them. Pick girls from the clubs about dancing, physical attraction, and getting her turned on. Horny chicks are always waiting out there to get hooked with handsome beaus. The above rating demonstrates what the girls of Brussels are like.

Hooking Up In Brussels

Before jumping into the Brussels dating game, learn that Brussels men and women can do wonders and make your love life interesting and exciting. In recent years, Belgian dating has moved to the digital world since online dating apps and websites have gained more popularity. In the City Center, one can find the best spots for nightlife in and around the Grand Place. 

Here one can find slutty women ready to get laid with you. If you want to get laid, look around Grand Place, spend time partying, and have fun. For many guys, the day game is an underutilized resource where you may never pass on the opportunity to say a ‘hello’. The fastest way to move around with girls is by signing up with the best online dating site. Rent a room in the Ixelles area, City Center, or the Etterbeek district to meet beautiful single girls in Brussels. Girls may come to the hotel room or apartment of guys and are open to it.

There are better dating destinations than Brussels for single guys. The place is expensive and tedious; girls are conservative and stick to their mannerisms. Dating in Belgium may need to be better received, but hooking around with girls here is daunting. Bars, clubs, and nightclubs are familiar places to pick up girls in Brussels. 

Women In Brussels

It is without a doubt that there are beautiful women in Brussels who have the capability of drawing men in and taking their breath away. However, these women do not bask in their beauty or get overly cocky, knowing they are beautiful.

These women are always on the grind to strive and ensure they are well-established. Well, over half of the women in this country are employed and can boast of their finances. This adds to why these women have solid emotional walls around them.

They believe that they need to be focused and see men as factors of distractions. All they want when it comes to men is a man who would understand their tight schedule and still love them for who they are. These women are fragile people; hence, to ensure they do not fall prey to some men’s games, they tend to push even the good men away.

They have a prim and proper attitude and hate when things are disorganized. These women get turned off by men who appear incredibly casual. They value effort in dressing up. Once you pique their interest, you’ll find outstanding and impressive people. Proud to have them as partners. Education-wise, these women are also up there as they take academics very seriously.

People feel these women might be prudes regarding sex because of their uptight nature, but do not be deceived. There is always another side to any woman once she is comfortable with you.

Belgian Girls (age 18 – 29)

Women from the youngest age group in Brussels are no different from others regarding their personalities. These women grow up looking up to the older ladies, following in their footsteps.

Being younger, they are more energetic and tend to engage in many activities that would foster their growth progress. These women are also open to the prospect of marriage at this age, as it is common to marry early in Brussels.

The culture or the ideology behind getting married early is to start a family early and later have ample time to enjoy it with your family. However, this only works out well for some. This is the age when women are in school, or fresh graduates are seeking jobs and other opportunities. At this point, they would entertain your offer if you also offer something that would foster their growth.

These ladies know how to have fun, and there are some who you would meet who do not mind casual dating with the inclusion of sex. For the women in the age range, you have to take things easy with them so it does not seem like you are rushing them toward something she disagrees with. If you secure a date with her, play it easy, ensure you make her smile, and try securing another date.

Belgian Women (age 30 – 45)

These women are much older, thus, reducing their tolerance for games. At this age, people already start wondering why such women are still single since early marriage is a common culture in Belgium.

Despite being single, these women stay highly focused as they cannot afford to lose in other spheres of life. They are very cautious at this age about going out with men because there is a high possibility that some men must have played games with their hearts in their younger ages, which explains why they are still single.

If you plan to approach women from this age bracket, be sure you are ready to settle down. They are much older now, so it is easier for them to spot lies coming from a guy. Do not lie to them even if you are not ready to fully settle down. Come clean about what you want, and let fate decide whether you will get what you want.

Getting into casual relationships with women from this age group will be challenging as their minds are fixed on starting up their families. However, some have a different mindset and want to play the game with you. If not for anything else, at least to fulfill their urges.

Belgian Ladies (age 45+)

It would be rare to meet single women of this age range in Brussels. If you do meet a single woman of this age range, it would be either because she decided to remain single or because she had been married earlier and got divorced. The latter is usually the case.

Now, these are those women who have experienced life, and they know exactly what they want from their men. They are usually the hard ones that you would meet. Women from Brussels become more and more defensive as they grow older.

In securing a date with a woman from this age group, you must ensure that you are focused on your goal and not get distracted. Walk up to her and engage her in an intellectual conversation you are sure she would not turn down or want to walk away from.

Although coming off as authoritative, these women love and value their men even if the men are younger. Surprisingly, they are also freaks in bed. Their sexual performance will undoubtedly surpass any imagination of them in your mind.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Shifting a little focus away from the local women of Brussels, let us analyze the foreign women you are bound to meet in Brussels. Or, did you think only male tourists are attracted to this city?

Brussels serves as a home away from home for all tourists, male and female. Apart from its tourist attractions, some foreign girls choose Brussels’ educational system to further their studies. Hence, you would see a considerable number of students in the city.

Foreign girls are different, which is good news for male tourists looking to connect. They’re open-minded and more accessible to date and hook up with. Finding common ground as fellow foreigners help build connections. This is a perfect conversation opener when trying to establish a connection.

There would be a noticeable difference in the ladies’ personalities, so it would be easy to differentiate them from the local women of Brussels. However, some people would need help to differentiate the foreign ladies.

Online dating platforms come in handy here. Many female foreigners tend to sign up for online dating platforms to meet people, especially as they do not know their way around yet. Utilize these platforms to meet the available foreign ladies.

Sex Culture In Brussels

Growing up in Brussels and Belgium, women get teachings on abstaining from sex before marriage. A particular notion of more value is attached to the wedding when you marry as a virgin. However, there is no rule concerning it in the city or the country of Belgium as a whole.

Because the parents say, it does not mean the children adhere to it as they grow up. It’s a personal choice in Brussels. Some view sex as for procreation, others for relieving urges. Perception comes to play in this case.

Having conversations about sex in this city is not a taboo; neither is having sex itself. There are the occasional one or two persons who might give a distasteful look when this topic comes up, but there are no rules about it, and no one cares.

With the independent nature displayed in the city, they believe that you are capable of your decision-making once you are up to the legal adult age. In Brussels, some have sex before marriage, while others don’t. No slut-shaming here. Sex education is standard in Belgium to prepare kids for the future.

Once you talk with a lady and there is an obvious connection, you should not be shy about bringing up sex, as it is not taboo.

Brussels Dating Guide For Men

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, a city blessed with green and lush vegetation; the forestry of this city is one of its major selling points. Besides its forestry, Brussels also has historic places that make this city a tourist attraction to many. Moving forward, let us drift away from its tourist sites and focus on the women of Brussels and the experience of dating them. As a tourist, this will catch your attention. 

Dating local girls in Brussels is an exciting challenge. It isn’t easy to score a date with them, but it’s worth the adventure. In terms of their personalities, these women can be described as a bit cold, making it hard to make them emotional about you. They are not as open to strangers as some women in other cities might be.

It might take you countless dates before you can soften their hearts, but first, you must strategize how you would get them to agree to date you.

Dating Culture

Still on dating, the women of Brussels are pretty uptight, and it would be hard bringing down their walls. It would be good to remember this as a tourist and remember that scoring a date with these women is not impossible. 

It cannot be said that there is a specific dating culture in Brussels, as dating does not come with a manual. Dating in this city goes on according to the standards set by the individuals involved. What might work for couple A might not work for couple B. Hence, there is no set standard for dating.

It is a normal thing to date in this country. After all, how would marriage occur if dating does not take place? In Brussels, like in most cities of Belgium, early marriage is expected, so dating is not seen as taboo.

Approaching ladies in places like shopping malls and cafes is common, but you must make it count. These women might appear snobby as they are intolerant of wasting time. Your first 30 seconds highly count when approaching them, so you have to be on your A-game.

The women of Brussels highly resonate with men who have a confident aura and dress well. They can access your whole from the way you appear. Casual dating can happen in this city; it is all left to the acceptance and willingness of your desired lady. There are also no set rules on public display of affection.

Daytime Advice

The daytime game is quite impressive in Brussels. Women kick start their day by visiting gyms and parks. They head towards their workplace while homemakers go out for grocery shopping. These women are not busy and may start a conversation with you. But, as women are conservative, you cannot pick any random woman for a date. It will need a bit of effort to win her confidence. Do appropriately approach a lady to impress her. Before hitting on any woman, be prepared. This section will give helpful tips on dating a woman during the daytime. Make Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer part of the dating trip. Explore the city on a bike with her. The city is relatively compact, and there are exciting places to visit. Enjoy beer, chocolates, and waffles and hop through the markets and shopping outlets.

How to approach the girls?

For those who are expatriates in Brussels, they can form long-lasting friendships, but it will take time. A trailing spouse or introvert will take a lot of work to chase. Males need to get classy; the fastest way to hook around. Brush up your Dutch and French so you can converse with her. If you need more confidence in your language skills, take a class. While doing an activity you love, you are sure to find friends. Brussels offers many networking opportunities, and you may participate in any networking event. This may be anything from music to food to technology.

Host a meal and invite the girls. Girls are pretty conservative and appreciate mannerisms. So, it is essential to dress well and in a dignified way. Approach her efficiently and impressively by growing as a man and understanding relationship skills. Stick to what you say, and don’t change the dates. Don’t be creepy, and build confidence. To warm up your approach, make eye contact. Compliment her for her getting up and smile when she notices first. Sound casual initially, for she may walk away if you blurt out too focused a compliment. Say about your likes and dislikes and the favorite restaurant you are heading towards. 

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

Guys who are well-mannered and well-dressed have the best chances to woo girls in Brussels. Guys who drive luxury cars and are wealthy, living a lavish lifestyle, have more chances of winning the girls, incredibly materialistic girls. Men who can speak French or Flemish have an advantage.

Risks while Gaming

Before hooking up with any girl, ensure she is not a prostitute. A guy may mess with law enforcement if caught with a prostitute. Secondly, have all the documents like visas, passports, or essentials safe if you bring a stranger to your hotel room. Avoid flirting with girls who have a boyfriend nearby.

Final Words: Stay Safe

Brussels has gained a reputation for being less safe than Western European standards. Still, it’s less dangerous than some US or Latin American cities. However, it feels more dangerous than major European cities like Amsterdam or London.

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