Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Ghent

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Ghent’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Ghent offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Ghent

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Ghent

  • Hot Club de Gand
  • Abacho Silent Disco
  • Culture Club

1. Hot Club de Gand

Hot Club Gent is a jazz club/bar with four live jazz concerts and jam sessions weekly. Hot Club Gent is a cozy, warm ‘talking cafe’ with a (heated) inner courtyard if there are no concerts. Hot Club Gent also has a beautiful selection of beers, many other quality alcoholic drinks, and an extensive non-alcoholic drinks selection.

2. Abacho Silent Disco

It opens on Fridays and Saturdays; this silent disco is in an underground building in the center of Ghent. The wireless headphones offer three different DJ sets with a mix of pop/rock/electro/techno/ and a LOT of Dutch songs. Thanks to the colorful lights, you can see who is listening to the same music as you.

3. Culture Club

Each of Culture Club’s floors has its sound system, light show, and bar. Every weekend there are DJ sets, with the club also available for private parties. It offers a vast space/ballroom for the patrons to get their feet tapping till dawn. Overall, it’s an excellent place to enjoy the nightlife of Ghent.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Ghent

  • Jigger’s
  • HotsyTotsy
  • De Robot

4. Jigger’s

The award-winning establishment is much easier to spot, and there are now more seats for visitors to give themselves to the mercy of skilled bartenders who will gladly mix a creative drink based on your liking. The changing menu revolves around the seasons, and apart from the spirits, many of the ingredients come straight from local farms. A new backyard terrace is a charming place for summer evening chats; however, reserving your spot is a wise move during the winter.

5. HotsyTotsy

HotsyTotsy has jazz in its veins, and it shows. The charming 20s interior of the corner café alone proves to have an illustrious past: booths covered in lush fabrics, dimmed lights hanging low, and lots of dark wood. It is no wonder Flemish author Hugo Claus chose to introduce the world to his magnum opus, The Sorrow of Belgium, in this particularly atmospheric nook of Ghent. Today the artist café is still a go-to for long talks, poetry readings, live jazz, blues, and even swing parties on Sundays. Lazy evenings are well-spent playing pool or scrabbling with friends.

6. De Robot

Close as it is to KASK School of Arts, a lot of students and hipsters tend to flock to De Robot for a burger served with chips – the double cheese is a staple – an excellent Belgian beer or a roomer (an aperitif and cocktail- a suitable spirit made of elderflower). These taste-bud treasures are consumed to a background of old rock n roll and blues. Owner Karen van San has filled her contented establishment with retro school furniture and robots. In the evenings, it hopes for a spot on its unique heated bench – a bit of modern technology suitable for such a famous robot.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Ghent

  • Graslei
  • Secret Garden
  • Citadel Park Waterfall
  • Vrijdagmarkt & Toreken

7. Graslei

One of the most charming things about Ghent is how laid back it always is. Head down to the river and join many locals catching up with friends and enjoying their day or evening. Bonus points if you take some Belgian beer along with you!

You could sit by the water at the De Krook library (mentioned above), but the most popular spot is Graslei, right in the center of Ghent. The street is lined with bars and restaurants, so you could dine outside or find a nice spot on the cobbles and soak up the bustling atmosphere.

8. Secret Garden

The best thing about St Peter’s Abbey is that it is also one of the best-hidden gems in Ghent. Behind the abbey is a beautiful hidden garden and vineyard. Popular with the city’s students to have a small picnic or read for the afternoon, the secret garden transports you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you have good weather during your trip to Ghent, this spot is perfect for taking a breath and soaking up the sun. If you are less fortunate with the weather, you can quickly stop at the quaint little garden to see it.

The main grassy area of the garden is to the left when you walk in. A small area of abbey ruins, and a privately owned vineyard is to the right. Be careful around the ruins and don’t walk or sit on them.

9. Citadel Park Waterfall

If you travel to Ghent by train, Citadel Park will be the perfect first stop, as it’s on the way from the train station to the city center. I recommend exploring the whole park and its wonderful green spaces, including the SMAK Contemporary Art Museum (not free, but only €2 if you’re under 26!).

The unique spot in Citadel Park is the beautiful waterfall rock formation northeast of the park. You’ll see a small, peaceful pond with a large rock formation on one side and a waterfall flowing over it. You can pass through the rock formation and under the waterfall. In Spring, cherry blossoms flower next to the waterfall, and overall it’s a beautiful, picturesque scene.

10. Vrijdagmarkt & Toreken

Many unique things to do in Ghent, and any city for that matter, are discovered by accident; this is another fantastic example. While wandering the streets before Ghent correctly woke up, I found myself in Vrijdagmarkt, a substantial square home to a market on Fridays and Saturdays, beautiful façades, and a bustling atmosphere all week long! It’s worth coming here during market times, if possible, to experience Ghent city life and join in a piece of history at a market that has been around since the late 12th century.

The fascinating square was traditionally the site of many celebrations and executions. Most notably, many Flemish Counts were sworn into duty here during the middle ages. A giant statue is in the center of Vrijdagmarkt of Jacob Van Artevelde. He is considered a hero to the people of Ghent for saving the city’s wool and textile trade during the Hundred Years’ War, and his statue shows him pointing towards England, with whom he continued to trade, despite French resistance, to save the industry.

Girls In Ghent

Are you coming to the city to meet the girls? Ghent ladies: forward-thinking, career-focused, enjoy life. Many young women in this city are open to trying new experiences, including casual relationships with men. Some are curious about foreign men and may want to explore intimate relationships with them. So, finding a hot and adventurous girl in Ghent shouldn’t be too challenging.

Please get to know them first. Break the initial barrier. Discover their warmth, politeness, and openness. They’ll get along with you freely, with no inhibitions or ego. Just break the ice, and things will go smoothly. However, you should invest more effort with older women above thirty-five. They could be reserved and need more time to form new friendships or relationships. But that doesn’t mean they have a problematic attitude compared to other women.

Looks of girls

While respecting and valuing women beyond their physical appearances is essential, it’s natural for people to appreciate attractive qualities. In Ghent, you’ll find that the average girl or woman is generally good-looking and has appealing physical attributes. Many of them have stunning figures, with a reasonably good height and other attractive features.

Ghent’s women are often praised for their nicely shaped and firm breasts, which add to their allure. They are conscious of their figures and tend to have narrow hips lines that branch into a shapely lower abdomen and base area. Unsurprisingly, many men find them irresistible and would go out of their way to win their affection and connect with them.

Furthermore, the women in Ghent boast excellent facial features, including sharp noses and full, luscious, and pink lips that seem perfect for kissing. Remember, though it’s okay to appreciate beauty, it’s crucial to treat women with respect and focus on building genuine connections beyond physical appearance.

Attitude of girls

Looks are not the only thing that matters to women; attitude plays a significant role too. Understanding women’s attitudes in Belgium, particularly Ghent, is crucial. Some may initially see local women as snobbish or aloof, but it’s not entirely true. They may be reserved and cautious before taking the first step.

The key is to approach them correctly and show genuine interest. As a guy, if you can do that, you’ll have a good chance of winning them over. So, don’t let first impressions mislead you, and be patient and respectful in your approach.

Hooking Up In Ghent

Just checking out the beautiful and hot girls in Ghent isn’t enough. Being here requires stepping up your game to win their hearts and minds for a connection. But honestly, it’s easier said than done. Approaching them requires finesse and understanding their mindset, similar to girls elsewhere.

To make it work, know how to break the ice and move things forward smoothly. Also, know where to find these girls. Hanging out in the right places is critical to meeting the suitable types of girls and increasing your chances of connecting. So, be strategic, know your approach, and go for it! Good luck!

Always wear a smile when you’re around the ladies. It’s a game-changer, even with those who might seem reserved. And hey, hold up on getting too intimate or jumping into sex talk immediately. Slow down and focus on starting a genuine conversation. Find out what she’s into, her likes and preferences. You can also chat about the city and excellent tourist spots and ask for directions to keep the convo going.

Remember, building a connection takes time and patience. Once she feels comfortable with you, you can gradually dive into deeper topics and see where things go. Just take it easy, be genuine, and stay committed. It’s all about making that real connection!

They’re good if you wonder about your chances of picking up girls in Ghent. There are some clear reasons for it too. The ladies in Ghent are educated, independent, and know what they want. They’re not afraid to go after it, which means they’re cool with flirting and being friendly with local guys from all over the EU and the world.

Plus, they’re open to experimenting in the bedroom. Some might even be up for a little forbidden fun, even if they’re married, engaged, or in a live-in relationship. Ghent is the place to be if you’re up for some adventure! But remember, always be respectful and treat them right. Consent and communication are essential! 

Women In Ghent

The women who hail from Ghent are known to be extremely beautiful and sexually appealing. These women tick all the right boxes, and they shall surely attract tourists to the city just like bees attract flowers. The city of Ghent is the third-largest city in the entire country of Belgium. Thus, one can expect it to be home to a sizable population of some natural Belgian beauties. The local Belgian women are described in detail in this article section. Let’s discuss their physical appearance and personality to know them better. First, focus on the looks and physical features of the Belgian beauties in Ghent.

It is well known that most Belgian women have mixed ancestry with hints of French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Austrian ancestry. However, the modern-day Belgian woman has characteristics specific to the country of Belgium itself, so be assured that you will have a chance with a true blue Belgian babe.

The women in Ghent have model-like traits. They possess gorgeous features, from long blonde hair to captivating light eyes. Their beautiful skin tones and sharp facial features, such as a long nose, pink lips, sharp jawline, high cheekbones, and a heart-melting smile, are well-known.

The local women you shall come across in the city of Ghent are known to have pretty faces, but what catches the attention of men is the scorching hot figure they are blessed with. Most of the local Belgian women in Ghent are known to be of average height, but they have a sultry figure which is enchanting. These women have a narrow frame with slender arms and legs. These beauties are known to have medium-sized firm breasts that are an absolute delight to fondle while having sex. They also have a flat belly along with a tiny waist. These women have a tight tushy which shall speak about how seriously these Belgian beauties take squats.

Most Belgian women of the city of Ghent have lived a comfortable life, have quite a high standard of living, and are known to use some of the best skin care products and cosmetics to groom. However, they avoid overusing any of these and maintain a chic look. The younger generation of girls is bold with styling, while the women above 35 are much more subtle. The same applies to clothing as the younger generation of women prefer fashion while the rest give much more importance to function over fashion. Nonetheless, most women have good taste in fashion and are known to be always well-dressed. Most women dress up not to impress any man but to feel good about and present the best version of themselves.

Belgian Girls (age 18 – 29)

The local women between the ages of 18 and 29 are known to be immensely attractive and sexually desirable. These young girls are friendly and approachable. They’ve grown up in an inclusive environment, free from racism or detachment. Approach them directly and start flirting without hesitation.

Most girls in this age bracket are known to be chilled out in their approach toward sex and relationships; they are comfortable with all kinds of relationships. Both romantic ones and purely physical ones as well. These girls prefer the latter option for convenience and time for pursuing dreams and goals. They are students and young professionals working hard to fund their needs. They even take up part-time jobs while they are studying. Hence, you can be sure they aren’t too financially independent. While their living status is subjective, some might be living in dorms while some are with their parents; in most scenarios, any intimate encounter with these girls shall require you to find suitable accommodation.

However, the most significant advantage of these young girls is that most of them are known to reek of raw sex appeal. They might start dating at a young age and having sexual encounters too. Still, they are always curious to explore further and indulge in sexual activities they have never experienced. With all the hormonal and physical changes, you can rely on their ever-active sex drive too. So be assured, when you get laid with these young hotties, they shall have the best stamina and flexibility, with a body that can tempt the Gods. They have tender breasts and peach-like tight buttocks with a devilish innocence that will make you want to spread their legs and show them the world’s pleasures.

Belgian Women (age 30 – 45)

The local women between 30 and 45 are undoubtedly the best catch in Ghent. Staying true to their Belgian genes, these women develop fully physically by this age and are at their peak. Seldom shall you be able to find any flaws or be able to criticize their appearance. These women are no longer a work in progress like the younger girls; they are the ultimate desire of most Belgian men.

Approaching women in this age bracket is a significant challenge in Ghent. These women are not as chilled out as the younger girls willing to initiate a conversation and make the acquaintance of unknown men. But suppose you wish to break the ice. In that case, we recommend you be charming and polite and appeal to them either on a physical level or an intellectual one by discussing a burning issue that you both commonly agreed upon.

In this age bracket, most women are working professionals with significant experience. They have achieved a lot and strategized for further growth in the coming years. Considering the exemplary gender equality in Ghent, they are bound to do well, having achieved complete social autonomy and financial freedom.

These local women do not believe in depending on men for any purpose whatsoever, their sense of individuality is quite strong, but if they come across someone they like at this age, they might consider getting married. They are open to various relationships, including occasional hookups and one-night stands. Considering their lifestyle, they may sometimes offer to pay for the entire check and invite you for drinks at their house at night.

These women, regardless of age, are at their physical peak with perfect breasts, well-maintained figures, good stamina, and flexibility, thanks to their healthy lifestyle. Having sex with them is rewarding as they are experienced, confident, and eager to showcase their acquired skills. Their sex drive is yet quite good, and they know what they want in return from you to orgasm in the best possible way.

Belgian Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies above 45 are known to be the least preferred by tourists and local men. Most are not as physically attractive and vibrant as before, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. If you’re into cougars, this is your best chance for a meaningful relationship or a wild hookup.

Often, most women of this age bracket are known to be happily married with few children. They are busy juggling between work and personal life. They are the backbone of the families handling most interpersonal relationships. If they are happily married, they shall be friendly with tourists and befriend them but won’t go beyond that. However, if any woman is unhappily married, she might even consider cheating on her husband if the prospect tempts her.

Seldom shall there be any judgment passed on her, and while people are free to have their assumptions, she could even be divorced or widowed and get a free hand to indulge with a young tourist in town. Finding such women is the most significant task, but you can take things further when you get close to a cougar in Ghent.

They aren’t hesitant to undergo cosmetic procedures to avoid age-related issues. Many are financially independent and live alone. They can even pamper you silly if they like you.

These women will do their best to groom up and make themselves appealing to younger tourists if they are genuinely interested in taking things further. They might not be very flexible, nor might they have the stamina of a younger woman but be assured that they have the hunger to get their brains blown out by a younger man in bed. Some even consider it a pride to be with a younger man, flaunting him like a trophy.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Ghent is one of the largest cities in Belgium, and considering its rich history. The city is famous amongst tourists and travelers, especially those obsessed with the architectural sights across the city. Ghent’s cultural events draw tourists from around the world. You can start flirting with foreign girls at the airport as a tourist. If things go well, explore the city together in the coming days.

Ghent’s appeal to global tourists also attracts industries and corporations. These have a massive workforce in the city and a sizable number of expats who work with them. These expats are always known to be friendly and willing to bond with the tourists better than the locals. If you’re from a similar region, try your luck with beautiful expats in Ghent.

Ghent, a major destination in Belgium, hosts some of the finest education institutes. Thereby attracting many young female students from different parts of Europe. You can certainly meet some of these girls and strike a chord with them. They are known to take a liking to foreign men. They are always up for hookups and casual sexual encounters, considering they have much more social freedom and little accountability to anyone around.

Sex Culture In Ghent

The sex culture in Ghent is extremely casual, and there is no stigma surrounding it. Most of the girls have been given comprehensive sex education in school. They are well aware of the practices of safe sex and concepts such as consent. Thus, most start young as the age of consent is also 16.

The people of Ghent also regard sex as a form of expressing love and affection; it is a means to reproduce and carry forward the legacy and the family name. They shall never dissuade the younger generation from having sex as long as necessary precautions are taken and no law is violated.

In Ghent, most girls see sex as a crucial part of life and have experienced it in relationships. As a tourist, you’ll meet well-educated girls with plenty of experience. Smartphones and internet access have given them wild ideas to explore in bed.

Ghent Dating Guide For Men

How To Approach The Girls?

Girls and women are pretty much the same everywhere, and that goes for Ghent, too, with just some minor attitude and behavior differences. The ladies here are generally well-educated, polished, and sophisticated, especially the more mature ones above thirty-five.

As a guy, you have to step up your style game. Look fresh, clean, and presentable when you hit the streets to meet and make friends with the girls in Ghent. But don’t worry; you don’t have to go all formal with suits and ties. Just keep it decent, tidy, and wrinkle-free.

Approach the girls with a genuine and warm smile. It works wonders. And hey, it’s essential to distinguish sex workers from regular girls. But honestly, it’s not that hard since they usually present themselves differently.

So, be confident, be yourself, and connect well with the ladies in Ghent!

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

If you want to win the hearts of the local ladies, being well-behaved, decent, and rocking a killer sense of style is a must. Oh, and remember to nail those communication skills! Ladies prefer a guy who can talk and connect with them.

Looks matter, but it’s not everything. Being in shape and looking sharp helps but isn’t the sole factor. On online dating apps, you must be on top of your game. Regularly and efficiently! Get out there, swipe right, and shoot your shot! That’s how you increase your chances! So, go for it and win those hearts!

Risks while Gaming

Avoid her brothers, ex-husbands, and ex-boyfriends when trying to woo a girl. Those guys could be significant cock blockers and might start some serious drama. 

Play it smart, and keep things drama-free. It’s all about being smooth and avoiding unnecessary trouble. So, focus on impressing the girl and not getting tangled up in any mess with those other guys. 

STDs and HIV

Guys are at a higher risk for HIV and STDs, but everyone should play it safe. Always use protection, especially with new partners in the city. Don’t take chances with your health, no matter the situation’s temptation. So, wrap it up and enjoy yourself responsibly. Safety first, always!

Final Words: Stay Safe

Ghent is safe for tourists, with no significant risks. You can relax and be safe here; no need to stress. Use common sense and stay cautious. Keep your wits about you, and everything will be fine. Enjoy your time in

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