Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in London

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through London’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

London offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in London

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3 Nightclubs To Meet Girls In London

  • Fabric Nightclub
  • Heaven
  • Cargo

1. Fabric Nightclub

The legendary club is located in Clerkenwell, London. Fabric is famous for great electro, house music, drum and bass, and breakbeats. The club has a worldwide reputation as it always provides a new type of entertainment in terms of music and dance. The club was temporarily closed in 2016 but reopened in 2017 with new enthusiasm. The ticket prices for Friday and Saturday nights are higher for entry into this club than on other days. The range of ticket prices is 7 – 25 pounds. 

2. Heaven

Heaven is the second-best club in London where you can enjoy a lot with friends and drag queens. Heaven is famous for Live bands and DJ music and is London’s most prominent gay club. You can book a ticket at a reasonable price. Students and service staff can get free entry on Mondays. Monday night is known as Popcorn in this club. The club is located near the famous Charing Cross. You would enjoy a lot in the Heaven club. 

3. Cargo

Cargo is a treat for nightlife seekers. This club is located in the famous district of London named Shoreditch. You will enjoy the dance, drink, and music at the center of East London. The famous hip-hop, rock, jazz, and electronic pop music will make you dance all night. The one who enters this club does not get out quite quickly. The bar menu of this club will make you a fan for sure. 

Cool Bars To Meet Girls In London

  • Nightjar
  • Beast of Brixton
  • Aviary

4. Nightjar

Nightjar is the cocktail bar in the Shoreditch district, the number one bar in London. This bar has space for events, and you can enjoy drinks after work there. You can enter the Nightjar bar if you are above 21. This is the bar where you will always do something different every visit. The address of this bar is Nightjar, 129 City Road, Shoreditch EC1V 1JB.

5. Beast of Brixton

The Beast of Brixton is a famous bar in London. It is an affordable bar where you can enjoy the drinks at the minimum of your budget. The bar is suitable for date nights and fine dining. You can arrange smaller parties for your friends in the Beast of Brixton bar. The address of this fantastic bar is Beast of Brixton, 89B Acre Lane SW2 5TN. You will definitely come again to this bar as it has a considerable attraction, making the customers stick to it.

6. Aviary

Aviary is the rooftop drinking location in the City of London. It is a restaurant bar and a cocktail bar as well. You can enjoy a lot at this high-standard place. It is a happily affordable bar-restaurant in London. The architecture and rooftop experience make it among the top bars of London.

Daytime Spots To Meet Girls In London

  • Barbican Conservatory
  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • British Museum
  • Sky Garden

7. Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican is one of London’s best cultural venues – set in a series of striking Brutalist buildings near Smithfield. For the most part, you need to pay to make the most of the excellent programs of theaters, films, and concerts. However, the Barbican has a little secret – a fantastic, free thing to do in London. Check the opening schedule (it used to only open on Sundays, but now it opens every day – booking required) and get yourself down there pronto.

8. Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Market is one of London’s more unusual markets. Every Sunday, Columbia Road bursts into bloom with a long-established flower market that is rather delightful. Buying something in the market is certainly not free, but you’re more than welcome to turn up and have a meander. Preferably while imagining your life, if you lived around the corner and could buy armfuls of blooms to decorate your giant but stylish pad. OK, that last bit is a personal fantasy, but we’ll bet you find yourself doing it when you visit. 

9. British Museum

London is a pretty cool city in many ways, but one of the things that sets it apart is the number of museums you can visit for free. Many of the city’s most prominent museums also double up as some of the biggest free attractions in London (that’s why we’ve got a whole section on free museums below). Need help deciding which one to pick? Go to the British Museum. It’s unrivaled regarding the sheer scope of curios, artworks, and artifacts on display. Just wear comfortable shoes when you go, because that’s a mistake you most certainly want to avoid making.

10. Sky Garden

Go to Sky Garden – the gorgeous three-floored atrium at the top of the Walkie-Talkie building. It’s pretty inside, but it also commands some kick-ass views of central London. However – a word from the wise. There is a right way and a wrong way to Sky Garden. The right way will find you breezing up in the lift, walking around a near-empty garden, and soaking in some of the best views in London in peace.

The wrong way will find you queuing for hours, only to be admitted to a stampede of people all trying to live their best life and taking the same boring-ass shots of them and the skyline as if they had some hand in its creation.

Girls In London

Girls in London are split into a few categories, and it takes work to provide a broad stereotype. With that being said, native English girls have a reputation for being easy, but that comes with a cost. They are only sometimes the best looking; the diet of alcohol and fast food shows big time. Girls from the working class to the lower middle can be loud and needy. It gets annoying after a while. Some girls are poised and graceful from the upper-middle or upper class. They tend to be prettier, too.

The best, which cannot be stated enough, is the international options you have available throughout the city. Many parents send their kids to study in London from all over the world. International students predominantly attend the best universities in the city. These girls are generally quite pretty. Of course, there are a few not-so-attractive ones in the bunch, but you can find a few exotic beauties.

Looks of girls

In London, you must remember that the native girls are hardly ever the first prize. Instead, you should firmly set your sights on international visitors and students. For one, they are far better looking, especially if you can get a rare mix. There are also a few Latin-American girls; they are the best. Some girls come from further East in Europe. The blonde hair and blue eyes are gorgeous, so look out for them. Historically, British girls are rarely ever that pretty. For every drop-dead gorgeous girl, you will likely find fifty other fat girls in the exact location – not good odds.

Fortunately, London has all sorts of girls on offer. Light-skinned Arab and Indian girls are also great to look at. Some have blue or green eyes. Thus, the mission is clear: go foreign if you can.

Hooking Up In London

Hooking up in London is a matter of your ability to use social media to your advantage. Thus, having online dating platforms is a must. Thus, the following tactics will be divided by time.

  • Short-term tactics (a few days) – Hop online and check out some dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or maybe even one of those cool apps for casual hookups like C-Date. Swipe, match, and see where the fun takes you! With this strategy, you will want to meet with girls and have sex after one or two dates. This is most effective with native British girls and students. Also, you can try hitting the clubs. After a few drinks and a dance, find girls keen to make out. Ask them to accompany you home afterward. At the very least, get her phone number and take her out for a date.
  • Medium-term (2-3 weeks) – This is somewhat difficult to judge, but you must balance finding female connections and getting laid. Hookup apps such as C-Date are best avoided if you have this much time – you will get fewer crazies. Try to befriend a few university students and get into social circles that way. You can probably get up to 4 girls in this period.
  • Long-term (a month or more) – You have time, so play chess instead of rolling the dice. Alright, first things first – time to jump into the dating game! Check out some excellent dating platforms like Tinder,, or Bumble.  

Now, instead of hooking up with these girls, unless there is a hot one – try and make a group of friends. You can state this on your profile. Say something like, “From Country X, so I am looking for someone to show me around London.” You should find a few girls, mainly if you are from some exotic region (see “What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances”). Take a girl out for coffee and try to get invited to meet her friend circle at the next meetup. Make sure that the girl is in the friend zone. Six girls may want to hook up with you if you play your cards correctly. If you get into university friendship groups, you may find yourself with even more!

Aside from this, you can still hook up with a few girls from your online dating escapades if they are hot. Instagram is also a great way to meet girls; you can start this process before you even begin your trip. This requires patience and messaging, but this is called the long-term strategy, after all.

Note: the main difference between the medium- and long-term strategies is the number of friends you will maintain. A good wingman could also fulfill the medium-term strategy; however, you need a few female wing-woman for the best results over some time. The introduction to other girls works like a charm.

Another option is the cold approach, i.e., starting a conversation with a random stranger. While this may sound easy enough, you must be willing to face quite a few ‘no’s before you find an interested girl. The reason may not be that you’re unattractive. Sometimes, it’s just the busyness of life that means girls need more time to start a conversation with you. The rejection may be disheartening to some, but you must persist with this method for some time to achieve results. The biggest con is that it can be time-consuming.

Women In London

In London, you’ll notice that women vary mainly based on their age group, and I’ll explain it here. Life in the city is incredibly fast-paced, and everyone seems to be constantly busy to keep up with the competition.

However, the younger generations, around their early twenties, are more carefree and open to meeting new people. They enjoy mingling and are eager to try new experiences, especially since many are away from home for the first time while attending university.

There’s a noticeable shift as people reach their late twenties and early thirties. Women in this stage often start feeling the desire to settle down. Before this period, most women approached relationships with a shorter-term perspective.

English Girls (age 18 – 29)

Girls from this age bracket are the target of most men visiting London, but to speak on the matter properly, they must be divided into two groups. First, we have university students (18-23). Second, we find young professionals aged 24 – 29.

The former is by far the easiest to chat up. Some girls are second-generation foreigners so you can find exciting mixes, such as Asian-Latin, Afro-European, or Arab-Brit. You can find some extremely hot girls, but that does come with some added effort to woo them.

London has far more men than women, which means that as soon as a girl crosses a certain ‘threshold of hotness’, you will likely have a tonne of competition. Be sure to act swiftly if opportunities arise. Confidence and being able to start conversations are your ultimate weapons out there. Trust me, most of these girls are on the same wavelength as you – they want to have a good time too! So go out there and rock it!

Young professionals (the 24-29 age group) start getting into the city’s culture more. London also has a contagious classism, where people tend to bracket themselves based on education, earning, and upbringing. This is when the competition begins, and some women can be rude. 

Wealth speaks volumes when it comes to these women. Many prettier girls seek wealthier guys to settle down with, even if they aren’t necessarily well-qualified. However, many of these women are single and let some steam off come the weekend. Make sure you seem calm when you approach them.

English Women (age 30 – 45)

This can be a tricky age group to reach out to. During the initial phases of the thirties, most girls are looking to find love, a lifelong partner to build something special with. This is a tricky business and probably not something that can be forced.

London has much to offer the bachelor, so you best be sure she is worth the sacrifice!

It comes with some serious moral and societal baggage. So, if you dip into that, do it at your own risk. 

The divorce rate is surprisingly high in London, as the fast pace of life and career demands often leave marriages in ashes. Thus, a few women are breaking out of their shells, hoping to rediscover the primal passion of a short-term fling. These can be fun. They aren’t emotionally messy, and the women almost always know what they do in the bedroom.

There is a lot of fun with women from this age bracket. It also makes hookups and holiday flings much easier, as the older women looking for fun are looking for nothing more than sex and a little company. Alright, the marriage zone (around 30 to 35) can get tricky and complicated. It’s all about matters of the heart, you feel me? With careful thinking and smooth moves, you can achieve that excellent marriage with the woman of your dreams! 

English Ladies (age 45+)

If you’re into milfs and mature women, London’s the spot, no doubt! This city’s got a solid pool of ladies in that category. Most are financially independent with successful careers, and some are even well-off.

You’ll often get involved with divorced professionals, and guess what? They’re usually only looking for one thing, if you know what I mean!

And check this out – London’s online dating scene is off the hook! You got all the classics like Tinder, Bumble, and Badoo, but wait, there’s more! Specialized sites like toyboy warehouse, meetup, and beyond ages cater to those relationships.

Tiger Tiger is a great spot to hit up. It’s known for attracting cougars and hot older women. 

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There is no better place to meet foreign girls than London. They might be the perfect places to spot some exotic beauties! Get ready to explore and meet some fantastic people!

  • Buckingham Palace – by far the most visited tourist attraction.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum – one of the critical factors in this museum’s high traffic rate is the free entry. You are sure to find lots of foreigners here.
  • Tower of London – many international visitors flock to see the crown jewels.
  • Tube Stations – while they may seem like a transport hub, nearly everyone travels via the tube. Be sure to look out for hot girls and a potential conversation starter.
  • British Library – Something for students and literary lovers. Many travel to London to soak in the culture, which makes Britain’s Royal Library a hotspot for tourist hotties.

Sex Culture In London

Britain currently has one of the most casual sexual cultures. Thousands of young people are looking for nothing more than a hookup come the weekend, filling it with potential for any single man. Alright, listen up, folks! Time to dive into the wild world of the liberal sex culture and the crazy number of local and international hotties around.

But hold up, breaking the ice with these stunning beauties ain’t a walk in the park. They are arrogant and distant at times. Do you know why? Because they know there’s no shortage of guys ready to buy them a drink at any party! So, it’s game on, and you must bring your A-game! Adam Smith’s supply and demand, suitable? 

While these hot girls may seem harsh to get to, they have needs like yours. Studies show that most women have sex at least three times per week. So, instead of jumping straight in, try the long game.

Make plenty of female friends. It’s the law of the urban jungle that is London. Head to Tinder, your preferred medium for meeting chicks, and start a few friendly relationships.

This is the key to getting’ in on the action. Once you’re part of the network, the invites start rolling in – hangouts, parties, you name it! This is your chance to expand and build that epic proverbial black book. 

Find the girls you like, and start those conversations, but remember to build some tension! It’s all about getting to know them deeper, forming that emotional connection that makes them comfy and more likely to pick you over the other guys.  

London Dating Guide For Men

As already stated, there is a wide variety of people from all over the world in London. Each nationality finds a representation somewhere in the mix, each with different cultural norms and expectations.

Here’s a top tip: The local girls are the way to go – they’re often the most straightforward catch among all your options. Do you want to hook up with a British girl? Sometimes, it’s practically effortless. They are not shy about saying what they want; some might even make it super clear or chase you around the bar! 

Daytime Advice

During the day, the best solution is always not to be shy. No matter how difficult it may seem, going up to a girl and starting a conversation is your best method of hooking up when you are out during the day. Most girls under 25 are keen on new experiences, so you should consider heading to the university sections of the city as a first bet. However, there is an opportunity, so be willing to engage with a striking girl wherever possible. If you follow this recipe, you will achieve success.

Nighttime Advice

The nightlife in London is something special. However, choosing where to go in such a large city can take some work. However, you will be in for a treat if you pick the right place. Not only is it a great way to have fun, but there are girls everywhere – and they are keen. The girls are known for being too loose once they head out, which can sometimes be annoying. However, if you spot a girl that strikes your fancy, you stand a good chance of scoring.

As previously stated, London is a prominent place. Thus, within the city are a few districts that attract a specific type of crowd. For example, you must understand that certain areas are for students with limited budgets who may be looking to hook up more quickly. Let me break it down for you! Check out other areas like Mayfair, for instance. They got some fancy bars and lounges catering to London’s high-rolling, wealthy business peeps! This would be an older demographic, the drinks would be a lot more expensive, and it would be a better place to look for mature women or cougars.

STDs and HIV

Being one of the better first-world cities in the world, London is acceptable in mainstream society. However, a battle remains mainly with the immigrants who bring diseases from less medically equipped regions.

Despite the relatively low rate of HIV in London, there are a few other STDs to watch out for. For example, London has the highest Herpes infection rate in the country. Again, this is mainly concentrated amongst poorer socio-economic circles, but one should be wary nonetheless. Other diseases to watch out for include Chlamydia and Syphilis. Both of these diseases have been on the rise recently and are most popular amongst the youth of London.

Before having sex, make sure you use a condom. Prevention is ten times better than cure. Also, ensure that the girl you are hooking up with wants you to use a condom. The welfare system in the UK is quite generous, and in extreme circumstances, some girls will get pregnant on purpose to receive assistance from the government. However, these are usually the bottom of the working class, and it is pretty easy to see when a girl is trying. If she starts talkin’ about being on birth control to skip using a condom, you better be suspicious and extra careful! Safety first, always!

Final Words: Stay Safe

In an emergency, dial “999” or “112”. This number hooks you with the Police, Ambulance, and Fire/Rescue services. Tell them which one you need, and they’ll connect you to the right operator; easy peasy! 

London has one of the oldest police forces ever – The Metropolitan Police Service. So, all in all, it’s a pretty safe place to explore and have a blast! Plus, there are over 4,000 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) around, keeping the streets secure and handling minor crimes. Just do the usual stuff in any other city to keep your belongings safe, and you’re good to go! Stay street-smart, folks!

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