Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Long Beach

Long Beach dating advice includes tips on approaching Californian girls and hooking up with Long Beach women. Travel, meet, enjoy, and have fun with hot single girls; you might meet your soulmate. Learn more about how to date Californian women, where to hook up, and how to get laid in Long Beach, California, USA.

How To Get Laid in Long Beach

Below are the best spots in Long Beach to meet girls and women to get laid.

But first,

You will definitely want to sign up to the most active hook-up sites in Long Beach for the best results.

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It is one of the oldest and most popular dating sites out there with over 40 million people visiting every month. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to browse members by their interests, age, and location. The site also offers apps for those who want to take their search on the go.


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The site is not all about just hooking up. Yes, you can find that here if that is your particular flavor or fetish. But for most members, the site is more geared toward friends with benefits.


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  • Sevilla Nightclub of Long Beach
  • PCH Club Long Beach
  • Harvelle’s Long Beach

1. Sevilla Nightclub of Long Beach

Are you in Sevilla, and are you looking forward to having an amazing night out? Sevilla Nightclub in Long Beach is the place to be. Sevilla nightclub is one of the most popular and longest-running nightclubs on pipe avenue in downtown Long Beach, California. It was founded in 2006 and is renowned for providing a unique atmosphere with the best live entertainment, including turn-table DJs and live bands.

2. PCH Club Long Beach

PCH Club is a sports bar venue that is very well-run, with plenty of room. Bring on the good times at the PCH Club in Long Beach. PCH Club is a spacious hotel bar & nightclub with a pool table & dance floor set up perfectly for your needs.

3. Harvelle’s Long Beach

Be at Harvelle’s Long Beach nightclub for a fantastic night out. Harvelle’s Long Beach is the place to be on your night out at Long Beach. Harvelle’s Long Beach is a dance, nightclub, and swanky venue with hardwood floors and cabaret-style tables featuring live DJs and unique cocktails. 

Bars for Nighttime

  • Legend’s Sports Bar Long Beach
  • Café Sevilla Bar Long Beach
  • Panama Joe’s Bar Long Beach

4. Legend’s Sports Bar Long Beach

If you’re a sports person and prefer American food, then Legend’s Sports Bar is the place to go. Decorated with sports gear and shirts from various players throughout the place, this is the perfect place for a sports fan. The walls are filled with TVs for various games, and on big game days, they set up a massive screen so all the fans can gather around, have a nice meal with some drinks, and watch their team win.

5. Café Sevilla Bar Long Beach

This three-story bar has a restaurant, nightclub, and bar altogether. Cafe Sevilla brings a vibrant flair to the area with live entertainment such as salsa, flamenco dancing, and jazz music. The real place to be is the bar section. It has stone tiles across the walls, beautiful chairs, and sofas for seating. The outdoor seating has the roof covered and low-hanging lamps to give it an extra touch of beauty. 

6. Panama Joe’s Bar Long Beach

A small and casual bar in Long Beach, Panama Joe’s is known amongst the locals, especially the college crowd. The bar area is open from the front and has fresh air, so the place feels fine. There are TVs all around the place for you to sit back and relax with a drink in hand while chatting with your friends and family while some 90s playlist goes on in the background. 

Public Spaces for Daytime

  • Waterfront in Long Beach
  • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
  • El Dorado East Regional Park
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach

7. Waterfront in Long Beach

So, one of the top spots you must check out in the city’s heart is the Downtown Waterfront in Long Beach. And guess what? It’s free, which makes it even better, suitable? This place is all about that waterfront vibe, situated in the southern city overlooking Queensway Bay. Trust me; there’s so much to see and do here that you can easily spend a few days exploring. You’ve got the super cool Aquarium of the Pacific (admission fee required) and the happening Long Beach Convention Center, and remember to swing by Shoreline Aquatic Park. Plus, it’s close to Sunshine Village, so you can keep the good times rolling. Remember the fantastic lineup of restaurants, bars, and cafes along the waterfront. Talk about the perfect spot to chill, soak in the stunning skyline, people-watch, and indulge in the most delicious food and drinks in town. It’s a total win-win, my friend!

8. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

One of the most incredible free things to do in Long Beach is visit the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. It’s a beautiful 1.3-acre park on the California State University Long Beach campus. Students, locals, and tourists love this place. The garden combines Southern California horticulture with traditional Japanese landscaping inspired by the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo. You’ll find pagodas, stone lanterns, wooden bridges, a tea house, a Koi pond, and a Zen garden. Good news: there is no entrance fee, but you must reserve online for up to 6 people. They also host extraordinary events like flower shows, concerts, and workshops.

9. El Dorado East Regional Park

Hey there, fellow nature enthusiasts! El Dorado covers 105 acres of pure natural beauty. Picture this: lush green pastures, fresh air, and a chance to admire excellent plants and animals. It’s the perfect spot to escape or have a chill picnic lunch. And guess what? You’ve got around 4 miles of awesome trails to explore! You’ll wander through forests, cross streams, and pass by serene lakes.

El Dorado has an archery area for all you budding Robin Hoods. You’ll also find some fantastic playgrounds, fitness courses to get your sweat on, and even disc golf courses for a fun and laid-back game. Remember the duck ponds, skate park, and basketball and volleyball courts!

Remember to enter the El Dorado Nature Center. Inside, you’ll find educational displays showcasing the park’s different habitats and some fabulous local artwork on the walls.

10. Rosie’s Dog Beach

Whether chilling with your furry friend or flying solo, one of the most fun things to do in Long Beach is strolling along Rosie’s Dog Beach. This Beach is located on the city’s southern border. Rosie’s Dog Beach has a super long stretch of sand that’s simply beautiful. 

Here’s the lowdown: apart from metered parking, you can enjoy Rosie’s Dog Beach without spending a dime. It’s open to everyone and free. If you’re bringing your furry buddy, remember that you can only do so between 6 AM and 8 PM daily. Trust me; your pup will have a blast playing in the sand and splashing around in the calm waters.

There’s more to explore in Long Beach! I highly recommend this excellent audio tour if you’re up for an adventure. It’s all about soaking up the sun and vibrant vibes of this beautiful California city. As you embark on this self-guided tour, you’ll come across iconic sights like the majestic RMS Queen Mary and the legendary Long Beach Grand Prix. The best part is you can explore at your own pace and uncover the fascinating stories of this exciting city.

So, whether hanging out with your four-legged pal or flying solo, Long Beach has covered you with epic experiences. Get ready to have a blast without breaking the bank!

Girls In Long Beach

When it comes to the extraordinary ladies in this stunning city of Long Beach, you’ll often spot them rocking the classic combo of Uggs and yoga pants as they strut down the streets. And hey, if you take a closer look, you’ll probably catch them sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. Some of them can’t resist slipping on their Uggs even in the summer. For many of these ladies, that coffee fix is only complete with some delightful pumpkin spice goodness. It’s their go-to.

When people think about Southern Californian girls in general, they tend to imagine certain stereotypes: the surfer guys, the Valley girls, fake boobs, golden tans, and a few other things. 

But hey, if you’re planning to visit this city and want a few tips about Long Beach girls. They’re laid-back and outgoing. However, be careful to let gold diggers get their hands on your hard-earned cash only if you feel extra generous and ready to splurge.

So there you have it, a little insight into the fabulous ladies of Long Beach. They’ve got their style and vibe and are fearless in enjoying what this city offers. Just keep an eye out for the gold diggers and enjoy your time exploring all the fantastic things this place has in store for you!

Looks of girls

Long Beach girls are just as hot as the weather here, no doubt! The best part is you’ll find a wide variety of girls that cater to all preferences. This city seriously has it all—whether you’re into gorgeous black girls, stunning white chicks, sizzling Latinas, or fiery Asians. The diversity and beauty in Long Beach will blow you away!

Attitude of girls

Long Beach girls are outgoing, cheerful and fun-loving; there is never a dull time when you hang out with a girl from Long Beach.

Hooking Up In Long Beach

It’s easy to pick up and hook up with girls in Long Beach. For a city like this, you will need to be fully aware of how to approach girls confidently during the day and of course, you must be familiar with a few things that entice the girls; money, good convo and attractiveness. Many girls in Long Beach are very outgoing, and you will find them at places where fun is served exclusively.

Women In Long Beach

Long Beach is a pretty happenin’ spot! This city has its vibe, and the women here have unique qualities you should know when dating them.

Ladies in Long Beach love ’90s music. If you like the ’90s music too, you’re in luck! Sharing this interest will give you a rad time together, jamming out and enjoying the fantastic weather. Seriously, it’s always beautiful outside, so it’s hard not to have a smile on your face. Get ready for profound pet love because practically everyone here has a furry companion. Pets are a big deal in Long Beach, and they can bring you closer together or be a potential issue. This city is known as one of the best pet lovers in the country, so chances are your Long Beach lady will have a furry friend. Are you a pet lover too?

Now, let’s talk about the fantastic ladies of Long Beach. Long Beach Ladies are charming. Get ready to hop on a bike because many Long Beach ladies love biking. The city has top-notch biking infrastructure and was even ranked as the third “Best US City for Cyclists” by Business Insider. So, get those legs ready for some pedalling. Long Beach is one diverse place.

Lastly, the women in Long Beach are all about staying fit. With that sunny weather and beach vibes, they love being active outdoors. The city was ranked as the 12th “Fittest City in America” by Men’s Fitness. So, you better be in shape or ready to hit the Beach with your Long Beach babe. These local ladies are laid-back and live a relaxed lifestyle, and with their sexy beach bodies and killer tans, you’ll be stoked to fall in love with a Long Beach woman.

Californian Girls (age 18 – 29)

Let’s talk about the Long Beach girls in our age range. They’re seriously stunning and hot, no doubt about it. You see, some of them are into guys who are fit and good-looking. Have to keep those gym sessions going! Others are all about guys with a killer sense of fashion. You have to dress to impress. And then some are more focused on finding a rich guy who can spoil them with love, attention, and gifts. Yeah, they can be high-maintenance, so watch out. Californian girls love to shop. So, if you’re into them, play it cool and don’t attract the wrong type. The best part is you can meet these girls anywhere in the city. Stroll downtown, hit the Beach, bite at a restaurant, or go clubbing.

Californian Women (age 30 – 45)

Let’s talk about these amazing women. They’re seriously cute and drop-dead gorgeous. Even though they’re busy with their professional lives, they still make time to stay fit and active. You’ll spot them at the gym, taking strolls on the Beach, and even practising yoga. These ladies know how to take care of themselves.

Check out the nearby grocery store. They’re just doing their thing, picking up some groceries and keeping it real.

Californian Ladies (age 45+)

Long Beach is a city full of ladies ready to date. Do you feel me? And with that sunny seaside vibe, you’ll meet some cute and attractive women here. No matter what kind of lady you’re into, this place has got it all. Many single cougars and older ladies in Long Beach seek a good time.

What’s cool about this city is its cultural diversity. People come from various backgrounds, bringing their unique flavours to the mix. There’s always something happening. Concerts, sporting events, and festivals all year round. These events are perfect for meeting and hooking up with older ladies in Long Beach.

And check this out; the city has so much to offer, whether you’re into art, shopping, or surfing. It’s like a buzzing metropolis mixed with a chill beach town. The weather is on your side. It’s beautiful out here, which means the beautiful cougars are out and about. So get ready to approach as many as you can.

Meeting and hooking up with cougars and older ladies in Long Beach is straightforward. You’ll naturally come across many of them just walking down the street. But if you want to up your game, hit up their favourite spots, like Kava Yoga, where they stay in shape or Pike Outlets, where they go shopping. Trust me; these places are cougar central.

Here are some other spots where you can meet Long Beach cougars and have a shot at hooking up with older ladies. Get ready. It’s going to be one hell of an adventure.

  • Iguana Kelley’s
  • Tracy’s Bar and Grill
  • Wine Bar 
  • Tantalum Restaurant
  • Whole Foods
  • Club db Lounge
  • Reno Room 
  • The Long Beach Hotel Bar-Grill
  • Crow’s Cocktail
  • Iconix Fitness
  • Recreational Coffee
  • Josie Neglia Dance Academy

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Long Beach is legit one of the most stunning cities in Cali. It attracts a bunch of tourists all year round. This place is like a melting pot, with people from all over the world bringing unique vibes. So you’re going to meet all sorts of girls here, and they each have their own thing going on regarding what they’re into. They all want to have a good time. If you can keep the energy up and not kill the vibe, you’ll have a blast dating, hooking up, and getting laid with foreign girls in Long Beach.

Now, regarding the college girls in Long Beach, they’re something else. The beauty of it is most of them ain’t drowning in student loan debt like in other places. So if you’re lucky enough to be dating a college girl in Long Beach, you can chill knowing your girl won’t be stressing you with constant complaints about those damn loans. Trust me, that’s a significant relief.

Sex Culture In Long Beach

Long Beach is a haven to be yourself without judgment or haters. It’s one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the whole damn USA. NerdWallet even ranked it the fifth “Most LGBT-Friendly City.” They know how to celebrate too. They throw this massive pride event called the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, the second biggest in the country. That just shows you how accepting and tolerant this city is when it comes to different sexual orientations. The women in Long Beach are sexually liberated. 

Long Beach has almost half a million people living it up. So you have no problem finding some Cali girls to get down with. Everybody here wants to have a good time, you feel me? Your social skills and good looks can improve your chances of scoring in Long Beach. Instead of wasting time at every bar in town or roaming around El Dorado Park, there are some specific spots where you can find a sweet hookup and get laid with a Long Beach lady. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a badass from Universal Tech Institute; there’s a girl for everyone in this city. Because we get it, navigating the hookup scene in Long Beach can be tricky. So here are some spots we recommend you check out:

  • Tailgate Bar
  • The Wine Bar
  • Alex’s Bar 
  • The Exhibition Room
  • The Stave Bar

Long Beach Dating Guide For Men

Long Beach is like any other city in SoCal. Dating scene? It’s off the hook! Ain’t nobody frowning upon it here. Casual dating, flings, and one-night stands are all fair game in this place. So many singles are just looking to have a blast.

The local girls in Long Beach? They’re smoking hot. And that means the competition can get fierce. If you want to get in on the action, score some hookups, and get laid, you must bring your A-game. You better be cute and good-looking or have some cash to splash. Long Beach needs to play around with the dating game. It’s buzzing with all sorts of possibilities.


People have this misconception about girls from Southern California. They think they’re all overrated and shallow. But guess what? The local girls in Long Beach are worth more than those judgments. You have to date one to see it for yourself. These girls are not just pretty faces. They got substance.

When you’re in a relationship with a Long Beach girl, you’ll get that VIP access to the city. It is like having your own personal tour guide. Long Beach is the spot to be if you want to date some of the most fly girls in Cali. They’re cute as hell. And yeah, they might show some skin because of the hot weather, but that doesn’t mean they lack morals. Blame it on the sun.

These girls can be a bit picky when choosing a guy, but there’s one thing they’re not picky about—food! They’re always down to try new things and explore the diverse food scene in the city. So get ready to eat out a lot. These girls know how to satisfy their taste buds.

The local girls in Long Beach are humble, even though they’re surrounded by babes from nearby cities. They know they’re not the hottest in town, but they still bring the heat; you feel me?

One thing you’ll love about dating these girls is their chill and relaxed lifestyle. They’re not into stress. If you’re all about that laid-back vibe, finding a Long Beach girl is like finding a “chill” girl to kick it with. Plus, they’re patient from sitting in traffic all the time.

These girls are super fit. They’re all about that fitness game, from spinning to kickboxing. Fashion is a big thing for these girls. They got style for days. So, you better step up your fashion game to catch their eye. Just be careful, ’cause you might attract some gold diggers too. Stay smart.

Oh, and here’s a bonus—these girls dig sports. So if you’re into sports, it will be a plus in your relationship. They’ll appreciate your knowledge.

Dating a Long Beach girl is a thrill. Their fun and vibrant personality will rub off on you. So go out there and blast with these extraordinary ladies.

Daytime Advice

Long Beach is a prime spot for picking up girls during the day. If you’re into day gaming, the beaches and restaurants are where it’s at. We have some sick beaches here, packed with hot, sexy girls just waiting to be approached.

Gaming on the Beach can be challenging. You gotta bring your A-game if you wanna snag yourself a fine lady. It is all about standing out and making a killer impression.

Nighttime Advice

Let me clue you in on something epic. Long Beach nightlife is off the charts. When the sun goes down and darkness takes over, this place transforms into a whole new world of awesomeness. We’re talking killer venues with rocking classic tunes, smooth jazz vibes, fiery salsa beats, and some sick alternative grooves.

You’ve got options. Cigar lounges, jazz clubs, Latin joints, you name it. Long Beach is packed with spots that’ll serve some killer tunes for the night—picture smokin’ dance floors, chill hangouts, and bands that’ll blow your mind. Belmont Shore, East Village, and downtown are where it’s at.

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

When it comes to attracting people, skin colour isn’t the dealbreaker. But here’s the scoop: how you present yourself is critical. Rock those threads and make sure you’re always looking fresh. And remember, smelling good is a game-changer too. Oh, and if you’ve got some cash to throw around, that’s just an extra bonus in your favour. So, suit up, smell fabulous, and let your swagger do the talking. You got this!

Risks while Gaming

Long Beach is generally safe. So, unless you’re looking to stir up trouble for yourself, there’s no need to go picking fights, especially over some girl who’s already taken. Just keep it cool, mind your business, and avoid unnecessary drama and arguments. It’s all about keeping the peace.

Weed and Drugs

In California, generally, only adults aged 21 and over can legally consume cannabis. You can procure marijuana at a licensed dispensary approved for recreational sale or at accredited dispensaries for medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

The importance of keeping fit must be considered. It helps you look fit and have a great body, and the gyms are also great places to meet women in Long Beach. Some of the best gyms in Long Beach are:

  • Olympix Fitness
  • Metroflex Gym
  • Planet Fitness
  • LA Fitness
  • Belmont Athletic Club
  • Fitness 19 Long Beach

Spas are excellent places because they give you this unique treatment that helps calm your nerves and get your body functioning as it should. Some of the best places for massage in Long Beach are:

  • Rose Massage
  • Thai Massage At The B Room
  • Moonlight Fusion Spa
  • Belmont Shore Spa
  • SN Thai Massage
  • Rejuvenate Spa

STDs and HIV

Prevent it! Medical reports show that the rates of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in Long Beach are high, so it’s pertinent that you get yourself protected with a condom during your sexual exploits.

Final Words: Stay Safe

Long Beach is chill and safe, even when the sun goes down. But I have to give you a heads-up on some areas you might want to avoid after dark. Stay cautious even during the daytime in these spots.

First off, we got to the southwestern part of the city. It’s bounded by Redondo Blvd. and 4th, north of the Signal Hill border. Then it stretches northwest to the 405 Freeway, follows along the freeway to the western border of Long Beach and Wilmington, and then back down to 4th St. Not the sketchiest, but worth being a bit more careful there.

Now, let’s talk about North Long Beach. This area is on the northwest side, near the LGB airport. Picture this: it’s roughly from Del Amo and Cherry, going north to the city’s north border, then following that border to the west, and finally heading back south to Del Amo. Now, this spot is a bit more dicey. It’s close to Compton and known for some gang activity. Police and fire departments in that area are active.

So, keep these areas in mind, but don’t let it ruin your vibe. Long Beach is mostly cool, just be street-smart, and you’ll be fine.

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Keep exploring!