Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Tacoma

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Tacoma’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Tacoma offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Tacoma

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3 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Tacoma

  • Club Silverstone Tacoma
  • Jazzbones Tacoma
  • Night Owl Social Club Tacoma

1. Club Silverstone Tacoma

Club Silverstone is one of the few active and serving nightclubs in Tacoma. It is located on Saint Helens Avenue. Club Silverstone is a Gay Bar, Dance Club, Nightclub, and Karaoke place. The venue has no dress code preference or limitation. Patrons are free to wear anything they deem suitable for their night out. It’s safe to say the dress code is Casual. Club Silverstone has a full-fledged bar available at the scene to save the alcoholic desires of the patrons. The bar provides alcoholic drinks, beer, cocktails, and special drinks.

2. Jazzbones Tacoma

Jazzbones is a Restaurant, Dance Club, Nightclub, and Live Music Venue in Tacoma’s famous 6th Avenue District. A full-fledged bar is present at the venue, which takes care of patrons and all their alcoholic needs for the nightlife experience. The bar provides alcoholic drinks, beers, cocktails, and specialty drinks. The music scene at Jazzbones is top-notch when it comes to the best nightlife experience in Tacoma. Jazzbones cover various music genres that attract many patrons and ensure everyone has a great time.

3. Night Owl Social Club Tacoma

Night Owl Social Club is a Tacoma Hookah Lounge, Dance Club, Tobacco Store, and Nightclub. Patrons are free to wear any form of clubbing clothing of their choice. You can wear casual attire or choose to dress to impress. A full bar is available at the scene, so patrons are provided with alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and special drinks.

Cool Bars to Meet Girls in Tacoma

  • Doyle’s Public House
  • Parkway Tavern
  • Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe

4. Doyle’s Public House

Doyle’s Public House is a classic pub featuring imported beers, scotch & whiskey, bar food & soccer on TV. Doyle’s is the neighborhood bar you deserve. Open daily to gather with friends over tasty drinks or gather your thoughts with a dram of whisky. They have what your belly craves from Breakfast through lunch to dinner and then late-night snacks—featuring the most extensive whisky collection south of Seattle and north of Portland.

5. Parkway Tavern

Parkway Tavern is a local watering hole featuring craft beers & bar bites in wood-paneled quarters with a fireplace. The Parkway Tavern is the ultimate neighborhood tavern with its vintage neon sign and vaulted ceiling adorned with an enormous tap handle collection. The Parkway, located in Tacoma’s historic Stadium District, is a favorite watering establishment for residents and visitors, thanks to its great beer options. They feature a vast assortment (over 30 taps) of rotating craft beer. There is also cider and wine available. 

6. Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe

Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe is a down-to-earth tavern supplying drinks & casual chow till late at night, with happy hour twice daily. Another South Sound nightlife hotspot that we can’t fathom not having in our arsenal. “The Top,” perched on a hill high above the Tacoma Dome, is home to some of Tacoma’s most excellent food (regardless of price range), as well as a bar staff that is courteous and sensitive to a patron’s goal to tie one on. Its popularity is well-deserved, as seen by how crowded it is at all times of the week. 

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Tacoma

  • Point Defiance Park
  • Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park
  • Titlow Lodge and Park
  • Wright Park

7. Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park is an amazing place with winding roads and trails that pass through ancient forests. The boundaries of the area are formed by the inlets and bays of Puget Sound, giving it a unique natural setting. It’s fascinating to see how the park combines the beauty of nature with urban elements. The paths take you through untouched woodlands, offering breathtaking views and stunning wooded landscapes. There’s something fun for everyone, regardless of age. However, it’s important to note that only hikers are allowed on the trails; biking is strictly prohibited.

If you’re a cyclist, don’t worry! There are still two roads, known as the inner and outer loops, that you can ride on. Over the years, the park has added various attractions like a zoo, gardens, and even an amusement park. One particularly serene spot within the dense woodland is the Point Defiance Rose Garden. It is a peaceful oasis where you can find shelter beneath the arbors and take a moment to appreciate the blooming flowers. Head to N Pearl St in Tacoma, Washington, to experience this natural beauty and enjoy the fresh air. The best part is it’s completely free!

8. Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park, which spans 3.9 acres, was part of a larger 7-acre site in the late 1800s. Initially, it was developed for industrial purposes, but now it’s a beautiful parkland. The park features approximately 1,100 feet of coastline along the Bay.

Unfortunately, over the years, the area got contaminated by waste from various companies. Thankfully, the National Guard cleaned up the property from 1996 to 1997. After the cleanup, they handed it to the City of Tacoma for public use.

This park is a result of the community’s initiative to commemorate the 1885 deportation of Chinese residents in Tacoma and promote a peaceful and diverse community. Today, the park boasts stunning views of the beachfront, completely unobstructed.

Chinese Reconciliation Park is designed to blend elements inspired by classic Chinese gardens and the scenic beauty of a waterfront location. Notable features include the Grotto, footpaths, and the picturesque coastline—a pond spanning 6,000 square feet filled with fresh water.

9. Titlow Lodge and Park

Titlow Park is an awesome spot next to a lagoon and Puget Sound. It’s a massive 75-acre park with miles and miles of oceanfront to explore. It’s like a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! One of the highlights of the park is the historic Titlow Lodge, which used to be called Hotel Hesperides and was built way back in 1911. It’s a real gem. Oh, and remember the playground! It’s a fun area where kids can run around and cool off. 

10. Wright Park

Wright Park is like the beating heart of Tacoma. It’s a huge public space that everyone loves, packed with awesome stuff to do. You’ll find all sorts of cool amenities here, like a pond, playgrounds, and sports fields.

This place is like a greenhouse. Whether you want to take a leisurely walk, work out, or soak up nature, Wright Park is the place to be. And hey, if you’ve got kids, this park is an absolute haven for them.  If you’re ready to experience the awesomeness of Wright Park, head over to 501 South I St in Tacoma, Washington. 

Dating Girls In Tacoma

Tacoma is a city full of exciting possibilities, but dating a girl from Tacoma takes the fun to a new level. When you feel lonely or need a good time, you and your Tacoma sweetheart can head to the shore and watch the beautiful sunset together. However, if you prefer staying indoors, brace yourself because your Tacoma sweetheart will likely be an adventurous, outdoorsy type. She’ll be all about mountain climbing, biking, hiking, and any activity that involves enjoying the great outdoors. She’ll make sure you experience the best of Washington’s stunning landscapes.

Tacoma girls are known for being genuinely friendly and kind; some even attribute it to their neighbors to the north. On top of that, there’s a significant number of educated girls in Tacoma, so chances are you’ll meet someone who challenges you intellectually. Your Tacoma sweetheart will keep you on your toes, so be prepared for stimulating conversations!

Dating a girl from Tacoma means endless adventures, great beer, friendly vibes, and intellectual stimulation. So, get ready to have an amazing time exploring the outdoors and enjoying the vibrant culture of Tacoma alongside your fantastic Tacoma sweetheart.

Looks of girls

Tacoma girls are not just intellectually sound; they’re gorgeous. Tacoma thrives with gorgeous White girls, sexy African Americans, spicy Asians, splendid American Indians, and curvy Hispanics.

Attitude of girls

Tacoma girls are smart, intelligent, friendly, and outdoorsy.

Hooking Up In Tacoma

There’s a great chance of picking up girls in Tacoma. However, this depends on how versed you are in approaching girls. Nevertheless, picking up girls in Tacoma may be challenging because Tacoma girls are very smart, and if you’re trying to use vague or outdated pick-up lines on them, you might just be laughed off. Some girls even think they’re too educated to be approached but don’t fret, move on to other possibilities. 

Generally, when you spot a girl you like, please walk up to her, introduce yourself briefly, and express your intentions smartly. Preferably, picking up girls in Tacoma at night is easier because there is a lot of tension during the day, except on weekends.

Dating Women In Tacoma

When you date a woman from Tacoma, be prepared for a life filled with outdoor adventures and exploration. These local women love spending their time amidst the stunning landscapes of this state, engaging in activities like mountain climbing, biking, and hiking. With a Tacoma lady by your side, you’ll truly experience the beauty of the United States of America. But don’t worry, even though they’re outdoorsy, they also appreciate cozy Netflix marathons on rainy days. And let’s face it, Tacoma’s rainy weather is what adds to its charm. So, ordering pizza and snuggling indoors is a familiar scene for you and your Tacoma woman.

Another thing you’ll discover about local Tacoma women is their love for coffee. You might occasionally wake up to a cup of black coffee in bed. While Starbucks originated in this state, it doesn’t overshadow the fact that local women here are beer lovers. When dating a Tacoma woman, you can rest assured that you’ll never have to settle for bad beer again. They know all the best local brews and will introduce you to a new world of beer enjoyment.

So, get ready for thrilling outdoor escapades, cozy nights in, coffee dates, and discovering fantastic local brews with your amazing Tacoma woman. 

Sex Culture In Tacoma

A large number of the local girls in this state are sexually liberated.

Getting laid in Tacoma is easier than some people may take it to be. No matter how packed their schedules may be, the folks in this state are all about having a good time. If you don’t catch them out and about during the day, embracing the outdoor adventures they love, you’ll find them at the coolest nighttime spots indulging in delicious food and tasty drinks and grooving to awesome music. They know how to balance work and play and are experts in having a blast!

Dating Guide For Men in Tacoma

Night-time Advice

Below is a list of the cool singles bars and nightclubs in Tacoma where you can connect with Tacoma girls.

If you’re looking for a happening singles nightlife scene, downtown around 6th Avenue is where it’s at. 

If you’re hoping for world-class nightclubs or a massive nightlife district filled with singles bars and Tacoma ladies ready to mingle, you might be out of luck. There are a few smaller bar areas around North 26th, Proctor, and the Stadium District, but keep your expectations high. We should mention Mix, which is often considered a gay bar. 

Daytime Advice

If you’re looking for girls in your vicinity, you might spot some while strolling downtown during the day. However, downtown might not be the best spot for daytime interactions. Don’t worry, though, because Tacoma has plenty of parks throughout the city, and when the sun is shining, they can be a great place to meet single women during the day.

Another classic option is to hit up malls and shopping districts. These places are like tried and true spots for trying to strike up conversations and pick up girls. Here are a few you can check out:

  • Tacoma Mall
  • Freighthouse Square
  • Fort Lewis North Shoppette
  • Lincoln Plaza
  • Tacoma Central

Spending time around the University of Puget Sound might also be beneficial.

Tips for Dating in Tacoma

We’ve gone through all the awesome ways to meet singles in your area, so now it’s time to switch gears and dive into our Tacoma dating guide. Landing a date with a girl is a great start, but wait to get comfortable.

Any of these cocktail bars or romantic restaurants should work well:

Once you’ve had a nice dinner and some drinks, there are a couple of options to keep the good times rolling. Check out the lineup at the Blue Mouse Theatre and catch a live performance together. You can take your date to the Tacoma Comedy Club for laughs and entertainment. Both choices make for a fun evening. The Camp Bar we listed has karaoke which can be a lot of fun with the right girl.

Daytime Date Ideas in Tacoma

This part of the country is like a paradise regarding breathtaking outdoor scenery. I’m talking about views that will blow your mind! If you’re looking for a local date during the day, any of these spots will hit the mark:

  • Kandle Park
  • Point Defiance Park
  • Wapato Park
  • Titlow Park

If the weather isn’t nice or you want to include some drinks, head to Dorky’s Bar Arcade at 754 Pacific Avenue. There are also some cool museums here:

  • America’s Car Museum
  • Washington State History Museum
  • Museum of Glass

Night-time Date Ideas in Tacoma

1. Walk the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Before you head out, make sure you brush up on your Galloping Gertie knowledge. Remember to grab a coat to shield yourself from the wind because we’re about to witness some iconic bridges connecting Tacoma to Gig Harbor.

The newer, eastbound bridge has a sweet pedestrian pathway to explore. Parking directly on Jackson Avenue isn’t an option, but no worries. A shortcut through War Memorial Park, right across the street, ‘ll lead us to a parking lot we can use. 

2. Get Your Selfie On

Tacoma is like a goldmine of natural beauty and awesome murals. It’s seriously the perfect city for a selfie game that’s on point! Whether rolling solo or on a sweet date, you gotta go on a selfie (or “use”) tour here. It’s going to be Instagram-worthy AF!

3. Cruise Five Mile Drive

Because Point Defiance is way more than just the zoo and aquarium, this place is a massive 760-acre park that’s packed with awesome stuff to do. We’re talking Puget Sound shoreline, flower gardens, amazing trails, and guess what? The oh-so-fittingly named Five Mile Drive.

When the sun’s out and the weekend vibes are strong, you’ll see a steady stream of view-seekers cruising along the one-way outer loop of Five Mile Drive. Let me tell you; it’s everything you could hope for in the Pacific Northwest. As you’re making your way to any of the five viewpoints (don’t worry, there’s parking available at each one), keep in mind that you are driving around the “toes” of our “Foot Shaped City.” 

Point Defiance is the ultimate outdoor playground. It’s got something for everyone, from stunning views to tranquil nature spots. So grab your crew, hop in the car, and get ready to make some amazing memories in this awesome slice of the Pacific Northwest.

4. Visit the Grand Cinema

If you’re tired of the same old mega movie theaters, it’s time to switch it up and hit up Fawcett Avenue. They even host epic events like the annual Film Awards Party on Oscar night. 

The Grand Cinema boasts four screens and a sweet concession area. It’s a nonprofit theater that volunteers mostly run. They’re all about supporting the arts and bringing unique films to the community. So, next time you’re craving a movie night with a twist, hit up The Grand Cinema and support local talent while enjoying some awesome flicks.

5. Take In Bob’s Java Jive

Let me tell you about Bob’s Java Jive—it’s one of those places that’s hard to put into words. It’s not your typical coffee joint. This spot, located on South Tacoma Way, is housed in a massive coffee pot-shaped building built in 1927 by a local vet-turned-diner owner. Talk about a unique vibe!

You’ll still see heads of jungle animals wearing sunglasses, although the two live monkeys, Java and Jive, are no longer around.

Owner Danette Staatz summed it up perfectly in 2014 when she said, “The Jive is a funny place… It is so different that most people love it. It is like its own entity. When you walk in, this place wraps its arms around you and loves you.” It’s truly a place with its special charm.

It’s all about embracing the unpredictable vibes and enjoying the unique experiences that Bob’s Java Jive has to offer.

12 Things You Need To Know Before You Date Someone From Tacoma

With such a uniquely awesome culture, Tacomans are among the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

1. Tacomans Aren’t Afraid To Show A Little Passion

If there’s one thing that unites the entire state of Washington, it’s love for the Seattle Seahawks. As seen through their pride in navy and green, Tacomans have no problem showing some passion towards the things they care about, including you.

2. Folks In Tacoma Never Have To Try Too Hard To Look Great

Surrounded by so much nature, it’s always a challenge for Tacomans to stay active. They rarely sit still for too long, a trait that will rub off on you in no time. Not only does this lifestyle help boost the moods of people in Tacoma, but it also keeps their bodies fit, sure to look great rain or shine.

3. Tacomans Are Always Keeping It Sexy

Once declared by the Self magazine to be the most sexually satisfied city in the country, Tacomans know how to get intimate. If you’re dating a Tacoman, you’ll love it when things get a little physical.

4. A Tacoman Will Never Let You Run Out Of Beer

Because there are so many local breweries to choose from, the people of Tacoma know their way around beer. If you’re dating a Tacoman, you’ll never have to worry about the empty fridge (or worse — being filled with bad, generic beer).

5. Folks In Tacoma Can Appreciate Beauty

It’s hard to find a city that embraces art more visibly than Tacoma, with street art, galleries, and live performances everywhere in town. Your Tacoma sweetheart will keep you from getting bored since they’ll always watch for something new and interesting.

6. Tacomans Are Known For Being Adventurous

In the shadows of Mt. Rainer, Tacoma is surrounded by places perfect for exploring. That, coupled with the unique blend of cultures around town, has made every Tacoman comfortable trying new things. If you’re dating a Tacoman, they’ll always be ready to join you on your next great adventure.

7. Your Tacoma Sweetheart Will Be Ready For A Long Walk On The Beach

Nestled in Washington on the Puget Sound, Tacoma has plenty of shorelines to enjoy. Nothing is more romantic than digging your toes in the sand and listening to waves crash in the distance with your significant other nearby.

8. A Tacoman Will Always Have A Hot Pot Of Coffee Ready In The Morning

It’s no secret that the locals in Tacoma are addicted to their morning pick-me-up, with tons of local coffee shops spread all over town. If you’re dating a Tacoman, there’s a good chance the coffee pot will be filled with a piping-hot brew before your feet hit the floor in the morning. Just make sure they don’t steal the last cup.

9. With Tacomans, The Weirder The Better

Tacomans are different, so they always keep an open mind. They’re some of the most unique, friendliest people around, and they’ll never judge you for letting your freak flag fly. There is no need to hide your weird hobby from Tacoma. They’ll want to hear about it and then join you for next time.

10. Tacoma Is The Perfect Place For Summer Lovin’

People in Tacoma are always excited about the summer season. The city comes to life with many outdoorsy attractions and good weather as locals use any excuse to soak up some rays.

11. Folks In Tacoma Sure Know How To Work It

In a city built by builders, makers, and hard workers, Tacomans are no strangers to putting in the labor if they want to reap the benefits. You won’t find any spoiled brats here. If you’re dating a Tacoman, they’ll always give the relationship 110% since they have some of the best work ethics.

12. Tacomans Will Love You Long Time

Not only do Tacomans stay healthy by maintaining an active lifestyle, but they also love to eat natural food. With successful local farmer’s markets and access to plenty of fresh ingredients, Tacomans treat their bodies like temples. If you’re dating a Tacoman, this is just one more healthy habit they have that will help ensure they’re by your side for the long haul.

Final Words: Stay Safe

People who live in Tacoma consider the northeastern part of the city to be the safest. Considering only the violent crime rate, Tacoma is less secure than the Washington state average and less secure than the national average.

Tacoma’s safest neighborhoods are North End, North East, and University Place. While Tacoma is generally a safe place to live, these neighborhoods prioritize keeping their residents safe and have crime rates well below the rest of the city, state, and country averages. I know people in King County who are afraid to come to Tacoma, not in certain neighborhoods, but anywhere in Tacoma. Home to renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, Tacoma is one of Washington’s most innovative and promising communities.

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