Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Warsaw

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Warsaw’s best spots to meet girls, forge new friendships, and perhaps even kindle a spark of romance.

Warsaw offers a myriad of opportunities to encounter fascinating women with shared interests.

Let’s delve into this enchanting city’s top places to meet girls and open up a world of possibilities for your social life.

Popular Places to Meet Girls in Warsaw

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3 Nightclubs To Meet Girls In Warsaw

  • Level 27
  • Room 13
  • Club Capitol

1. Level 27

One of the finest examples of the rooftop bar trend currently winding through Warsaw, Level 27 offers splendid views of the sprawling city and a fabulous mix of relaxation, cocktails, and clubbing. This terrace serves as the epicenter of the fun during the summer, with a near-tropical feel in the air as people gather to toast the sun as it sinks behind the city. Level 27 is well-known for its creative roster of DJs and themed nights, which keep the club fresh and always an experience you will remember.

2. Room 13

Warsaw has benefited from a club explosion in the last decade, and Room 13 stands out. Located in the heart of the legendary Mazowiecka Street, the interior is a striking mix between a modern club theme and the stunning old architectural style of the building. The interior designs blend perfectly with the environment, and if your idea of heaven is two bars, a VIP room, a wide array of music and lots of high heels, consider this your nirvana.

3. Club Capitol

Discover the spectacular theatrical interior of one of the best clubs in Warsaw! Capitol was founded in 2008, and from that day on, it became one of the must-sees on the map of Warsaw. A jaw-dropper of a venue filled with post-socialist bling, this venue is immense and has seen the contents of an oligarch’s deposit box thrown into impressive interiors. All in all, it’s a complete package for a nightclub.

Cool Bars To Meet Girls In Warsaw

  • Warszawa Powiśle
  • Syreni Śpiew
  • Paparazzi

4. Warszawa Powiśle

An architectural relic repurposed for modern times, Warszawa Powiśle is a bar that occupies what was once a Soviet-era ticket office. Its modernist façade and free-flowing alcohol quickly gained its cult status in Warsaw, and it is known as a meeting place for the city’s young and hip population. The bar’s clientele can be seen attending the regular artistic and cultural events held here. The terrace immediately before the building is often utilized for outdoor concerts. All in all, it’s an excellent place to spend your night.

5. Syreni Śpiew

This award-winning venue was Poland’s first whiskey and cocktail bar with live music. Syreni Śpiew boasts an exquisitely sleek and elegant design that features mosaics throughout the building, with one floor each evening dedicated to a live band and one to a DJ. It is situated in Warsaw’s Marszałka Edwarda Rydza-Śmigłego Park, an exquisite setting with foliage views through its windows rather than cityscapes. Customers can enjoy over 100 types of whiskeys and 40 classic cocktails while listening to dance, soul, electronica, R&B, and hip-hop.

6. Paparazzi

Paparazzi is often used as a stopping-off point by Warsaw clubbers before they head off to their final destination of the evening, and as such, the bar is set up more for drinking than dancing. They also have a reasonably diverse food menu of pasta, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, burritos, bruschetta, and nachos, among other things. Cocktails are the speciality here, so many need to be put into categories. Try a Dark & Stormy from the ‘Latin Station’, an Orient Express from ‘Fruit Flavas’, or a Pornstar Martini from ‘Martini World’. All in all, it is an excellent option if you want to experience diversity.

Daytime Spots To Meet Girls In Warsaw

  • Old Town Warsaw
  • Łazienki Park
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum
  • Nowy Świat Street 

7. Old Town Warsaw

Warsaw’s Old Town is special and even got a shoutout from UNESCO. Many of it got ruined during World War II, but people rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt it, trying to keep it as original as possible. As you wander around, you’ll spot cool stone streets and colorful buildings, making you feel like you’re in a different time. Both tourists and folks from the city hang out here, soaking in its rich history. While you’re there, don’t skip the Royal Castle. It was the crib of Polish kings once upon a time, but now it’s a museum. And take a breather in the castle’s gardens and enjoy top-notch city views from its terrace. It’s a highlight of the Old Town.

8. Łazienki Park

Łazienki, which means ‘baths’, is named after its main attraction, the Palace on the Island. Initially, in the 17th century, it was a private bathhouse for Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski, a wealthy man who owned the nearby Ujazdowski Castle and a lot of land. Later, Poland’s last king, Stanisław August Poniatowski, bought it in 1772. He turned the bathhouse into his private home and created a garden around it. Karol Ludwig Agricola and Karol Schultz designed this garden. 

Today, the park has different buildings like palaces, summer houses, and cafes. Some key spots are the Chopin monument, the Palace on the Island, and a theater inspired by ancient designs. There’s also an Old Orangery. To truly enjoy Łazienki, you might want to explore it for a whole day.

9. Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum, located in the Wola district of Warsaw, is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, a significant event in the city’s history during World War II. The museum was established to pay tribute to those who fought and died for a free Poland and its capital.

The museum’s comprehensive depiction of the uprising, interactive exhibits, and architectural marvel have made it a top attraction for tourists visiting Warsaw. It provides an exceptional experience and helps visitors understand the resilience and sacrifices of the Polish soldiers during the war. 

10. Nowy Świat Street 

Nowy Świat Street is a famous street in Warsaw, Poland. It’s part of a longer route from the old part of the city to a big palace called Wilanów Palace.

The street has many old buildings that tell stories from Poland’s past. People who like history and old buildings enjoy walking here. 

But there’s more to the street than just old buildings. It’s also full of cafes and restaurants. Tourists love to sit, have a drink or meal, and watch people go by. The mix of old stories and lively places to eat and drink makes it a popular spot for anyone visiting Warsaw.

Girls In Warsaw

Warsaw, although the capital, is relatively uniform in the sense of its inhabitants. Due to WWII, most inhabitants are ethnic Polish. However, this is a good thing because Poland is quite famous for the beauty of its female citizens. Polish people belong to the Slavic race, which has many good connotations. Namely, Slavs are famous for their wild parties and the unbelievable alcohol they can drink. In light of that, it is justified to expect that your girl will be able to drink more than you! Polish girls are mostly tall gingers with blue eyes and pale skin and are renowned for their beauty. Although they can look fragile, they are independent and strong-minded. They are open and without prejudices; despite the unfounded stereotype, they are not easy! Polish girls are tender, gentle and feminine as it gets.

They are commonly attracted to foreigners, which is most likely because they are part of the EU and are much more Westernized than other Eastern European countries and cultures. Therefore, dating with foreigners is much more accepted in Poland and being casually involved with people as well.

Looks of Girls

If you have a specific type, they might not precisely fit your ideal standard of beauty. However, they’re widely regarded as exceptionally attractive in Europe and North America. 

Polish women come from the Western Slavic group and have a typical Slavic look. They naturally look good with slim bodies and pleasant faces. Most Polish women dress well.

A usual Polish girl has light hair and gray, green, or blue eyes, not brown.

But remember, Poland has diverse women. All of them, however, are good-looking.

Like other Slavic women, Polish ladies dress in the latest styles. So, in Poland, you’ll see many well-dressed women of all ages. 

Attitude of Girls

Polish women generally have a friendly and warm attitude. They are often hospitable and appreciate good manners. Many value honesty and directness, so they are straightforward in communication. Polish women carry a mix of pride and confidence. Yet, they also show a tender, caring side, especially towards their family. Just like anyone, they value being treated with respect and understanding. In return, they give back with kindness and a warm heart.

Hooking Up In Warsaw

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s easy to pick up Polish girls, especially in places where they expect it, like nightclubs. The game changes during the day. In Warsaw, if you’re hoping for a one-night stand, appearing confident can be a game-changer. A transparent approach and knowing what you want can increase your chances with the women you meet.

Maintain a positive outlook. Nobody appreciates a guy who always talks negatively and darkens the mood. Such behavior will instantly put off women, especially city girls. Being the one who radiates optimism will make you a female magnet in no time!

Women in Warsaw

Local girls in Warsaw are beautiful and captivating. Many have a slim figure, while others have curvier bodies. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Warsaw. They are passionate and open-minded, especially about intimacy. They have a glowing complexion and striking eyes that quickly draw you in.

If you’re good at dating, you’ll quickly connect with them. Many are open to romance and have an adventurous spirit. They are comfortable discussing and exploring their desires. If you’re interested in casual fun, dating apps can be a great way to meet local women. Many single Polish women use these apps, so setting up a profile can help you meet those interested in similar experiences.

Polish Girls (age 18 – 29)

It is advisable to date girls in this age range if you are interested in dating young girls. The cause of this is that young females have significant figures and seem extremely beautiful. They are also endowed with breathtaking beauty, which is not surprising given how stunning every Polish girl is. You must pay attention to the girl no matter your relationship because she might not stop being interested in you.

While driving, most girls will offer you signals, but you must pay close attention to them. After interacting with them, you will realize that these girls are open-minded and that casual hookups are their thing. Additionally, you must be adamant about your demands and refuse to compromise.

Polish women are highly stylish, and young women, especially the younger ones, often dress revealingly. They also make an effort to remain fashionable to attract men’s attention. Such views are not disapproved of by society. Most girls in this age group are students, which keeps them active. This is a further explanation for their need for sex.

Polish Women (age 30 – 45)

One of the most excellent experiences you may have is dating mature women because they are fully aware of all aspects of sex. The majority of older men are enjoyable to go on dates with. Additionally, if you want to settle down, nothing is more effective than being involved with senior males.

A sense of obligation grows with time, and things will progressively advance. Poland has plenty of mature women who are entertaining and have excellent taste in how to live. However, Polish ladies are highly modern and like to live on their own terms.

When you see these women, you’ll realize that many are single and work. If you want to have a good time, chat with them. Simply approaching them, spending time with them, or even inviting them on a regular coffee date will suffice.

The concept of starting with subdued coffee or dinner dates is always appealing to mature ladies. They gradually consider raising the stakes. You can take them to pubs and clubs if you like. However, be careful not to rush, as mature women have distinct demands from males.

Most women in this age bracket are single and prioritize building a future. Going to upscale bars and pubs is your best bet if dating mature, unmarried ladies is your thing. Every weekend, single, gorgeous women frequent these bars, and you may hook up with them whenever you want. Make sure you are discretely approaching them, and if the evening is fortunate, she may ask you to accompany her to any hotel room.

Polish Ladies (age 45+)

In Poland, you can date older women, too. You’ll see many Polish women in places like malls and pubs. Some are married but looking for fun, while others are single. If you want to meet them, use dating apps. Many are active there. 

These women, even in their forties, look great. They stay fit by hitting the gym and are naturally pretty without much makeup. They feel young inside, no matter their age. When you talk to them, you’ll see they feel their youth, even if they’re older.

Many are independent and have jobs. They’re good in relationships and can be fun partners. Polish women, especially in Warsaw, value commitment to severe relationships. They prefer living together if they see a potential future with you. However, keeping the relationship light and friendly is wise to avoid complications when visiting the city. Still, dating local women can be a fun experience for a short trip.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Warsaw, a major city in Poland, attracts countless tourists yearly. Its reputable colleges and universities also draw international students, adding to the city’s diversity. 

Because of this mix, there’s a chance to date local Polish women and foreign girls. Many foreign girls are open to short-term relationships if they want a change from the local scene. To meet them, you’d need to know the city’s hotspots. Timing your visits to bars and pubs is essential to meeting girls.

You can hook up with many people if you’re good at wooing. Foreign girls often find foreign men intriguing, associating them with good experiences and fun times. So, if you’re in Warsaw for a short stay, you can enjoy the city and find romantic connections.

However, dating foreign girls might be different. They’re often eager to enjoy their time abroad to the fullest. They might have higher expectations from their dates, but they can also offer unique and memorable experiences. They’re adventurous and open to new experiences. Foreign girls in Warsaw might be the proper companions if you’re looking for fun and exciting times.

Sex Culture In Warsaw

You may rest assured that you will be able to have enough fun with the ladies because, like dating culture, sex culture similarly sticks to modern ideas. Most local girls prefer not to engage in any long-term relationships because of how modern society is.

In addition to the local girls, there are lots of American and Asian girls in this area. Accommodations are essential to have fantastic sex, but they can occasionally be pricey. Warsaw’s female population is highly fond of one-night experiences and casual hookups.

You can even locate girls discussing sex publicly, simplifying your job. 

Every older lady, like males, loves to express their opinions. If you’d like, you can also use dating apps to improve your chances of meeting hot young women. Additionally, dating apps are the most significant choice if you are an introvert and uncomfortable going on direct dates.

Additionally, always carry a condom when going on dates to stay safe. You never know when things might lead to intimacy. Avoid beating about the bush and be as bright as possible to avoid losing the girl’s interest.

Remember that many other possibilities exist if you don’t perform at your best in bed. They are modern, thus, they don’t value time wastage. If you’re not up to par, don’t stress. They’ll guide you through and help you excel in this field.

As it was already noted, Warsaw has a sizable sex culture. Most importantly, as long as you get used to it, you won’t encounter any issues. You can almost always find one-stands, casual hookups, and sex in Warsaw. Therefore, there is nothing improper if you pick up any girl straight from a bar and take her to any hotel room.

The city has fantastic beaches and plenty of attractive single women to meet. Another well-known location to meet some of the city’s sexiest women is this area, home to thousands of swinger clubs.

Even though you have the option, avoiding such situations in long-term relationships is preferable. The girls in this area dislike being in such complexities, which is why this is the case. Overall, spending the holidays in Warsaw can be one of the nicest experiences, and you’ll always treasure the memories.

Warsaw might give you the impression that these are the best days of your life, from the exquisite cuisine to the charming women. But remember that it is easier to appreciate Warsaw after thoroughly understanding the city.

Warsaw Dating Guide For Men


Dating is a popular way to find the right match these days. If you want someone who’s beautiful, witty and has many great qualities, dating can help you find them. But remember, a successful date requires effort and understanding. You can find someone special if you think you’re ready for it.

Warsaw, the largest city in Poland, is a great place for dating. Poland, a prominent European country, boasts of women known for their beauty. When in Warsaw, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the local women. A little effort in dating, like planning a romantic date, can make you popular among them. If a woman shows interest in you and you treat her respectfully, your relationship can grow.

Always be a gentleman. Polish girls value respect and kindness. They have a distinct beauty that is known worldwide. Many people visit Warsaw for its culture and history and to experience its vibrant dating scene. The city is filled with single, beautiful women.

Warsaw offers many opportunities. Many women in Warsaw are confident and express what they want, especially in relationships. They appreciate a partner who listens and understands. So, if you’re keen on dating in Warsaw, be genuine, respect your date, and enjoy the experience.

Dating Culture

Dating in Warsaw is interesting because the girls are confident and independent. Polish girls combine beauty with self-assurance. Spending time with them is always fun. However, dating them might have its challenges. They prefer taking the lead and value authenticity in a partner. So, it’s best to be yourself and not overdo things.

Many single women in Warsaw are well-educated and prefer meaningful conversations. They like men knowledgeable about current events and can discuss serious topics. But, when it comes to relationships, many prefer short-term, casual dates. They value their freedom and often feel long-term commitments might limit them. 

Many girls in Poland choose to live on their own after they finish school. They usually come from good families and carry strong values with them. Meeting and dating local girls is a great opportunity if you’re in Warsaw for a short trip. They are open-minded, and many look for casual dates and fun experiences. Just remember to be genuine and enjoy the moment.

Top Dating Tips

Dating a Polish girl is a big deal. Polish women are punctual and expect you to be the same. Moreover, being on time builds a good solid impression. Polish women are very humble and somewhat shy. They will only ask you a few questions and may remain silent most of the date. It is your job to make her comfortable around you. Ask her questions that she is comfortable in answering. Make light jokes on yourself and maybe on her if she looks comfortable. 

It would help if you never made her uncomfortable. Please don’t ask anything or make any joke that makes her comfortable. Flirting too much can also make the girl uncomfortable. In short, you should know your limits. Getting physical with the girl on the first date is a blunder you should avoid. On the first date, the only physical contact you should have are hugs, handshakes, and occasional touches on your hands and shoulders. Anything more is not recommended on the first date.

Tips for Daytime

You might find this challenging! It’s common for people to connect at night, but things are different during the day. Women are usually chilling or chatting with friends. If you’re too direct, they might think you’re a foreigner who doesn’t understand Polish customs. But you can start a casual chat by asking for directions or other simple questions.

However, as soon as they have helped you, they will tactically continue with their conversation or whatever else they were doing. They can translate for you and help you break the ice in starting the conversation. You won’t also look like creepy, lonely guys randomly talking to girls.

Tips for Nighttime

Now we are talking about real stuff. This is your foremost opportunity for picking up Warsaw girls, as it is easier than picking them up during the day. This is so simply because it is part of Slavic culture. Slavs love alcohol. They like to party hard.

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

The best chances are with the confident male figure with a positive attitude. Although Polish girls might not be drawn to you just because of your wealth, it is a plus, especially during one-night stands. The bottom line is that you should show it tastefully if you have money. Depending on where you are going out for the night and whom you are meeting, your girl might be disappointed to see if you are staying in a cheap hotel. Guys who use online dating have a good chance, as most of the single girls in Poland use dating sites. Guys who look good have a good chance as well.

Risks while Gaming

Getting your ticket stamped before traveling on public transport would be best. You also have to follow the rules while jaywalking and crossing roads. You should see crossroads only at the dedicated pedestrian crossings. Public drinking, public drunkenness, and drinking and driving are criminal offenses and can get you behind bars. You might get approached by pretty girls who invite you to give her company in a club. It is primarily a scam to drain your wallet. Other things to keep in mind are respect and public decency. With so many pretty girls around the city, guys can get carried away. Make sure you don’t make such mistakes publicly, which can get you behind bars.

STDs and HIV

In Poland, there aren’t many cases of STDs and HIV compared to other places in Eastern Europe. But when you’re hanging out with someone and getting laid, you never know. Therefore, it is always advised to use protection. Health and safety first!

Final Words: Stay Safe

Warsaw is a safe city. There’s a good police presence, especially in the center. Some people mention the Praga area as sketchy, but it’s pretty good. When you’re in a new city, it’s always good to stay alert. Near bus and train stations, there might be homeless people or some who’ve drunk a lot. But they usually don’t bother others. Just always be cautious and mindful of situations. 

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