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Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe is a down-to-earth tavern supplying drinks & casual chow till late at night, with happy hour twice daily. Another South Sound nightlife hotspot that we can’t fathom not having in our arsenal. “The Top,” perched on a hill high above the Tacoma Dome, is home to some of Tacoma’s most excellent food (regardless of price range), as well as a bar staff that is courteous and sensitive to a patron’s goal to tie one on. Its popularity is well-deserved, as seen by how crowded it is at all times of the week. The staff has always been polite, helpful, and enjoyable throughout my stay here. And the cuisine is consistently excellent. I always have sweet potato waffle fries with everything. It’s perfect for a fatty breakfast, lunch, supper, or a drink. This five-star rating is for the service given by The Tops bar personnel. 

Tyler and Joy are great. The personal and professional devotion to offering top-tier service with incredible good vibes is a great delight to appreciate and witness. Thank you for your continued dedication to absolute professionalism over the years. This location was everything to me. The meal, the service, and the atmosphere were all excellent. Everything was wonderful. We were on a lunch break, and the meal was delicious!! I paired my meal with a Kraken IPA and was not disappointed. The Beast of Burden was something to die for. It tasted like a French dip on steroids. With each mouthful, my mouth moistened. The salad I picked to accompany it was delicious. The dressing was created in-house and was highly excellent. The toppings were all fresh. 

The greens weren’t a drab blend of iceberg and cabbage; instead, they were a fresh spring mix of red leaf and spinach. In the rear, an old-school picture booth was fully operational. I would have used it if I hadn’t looked like I hadn’t slept in two days. I would strongly suggest this bar to everyone. Get over there if you’re traveling through town like I or a resident who hasn’t experienced it yet! Great homemade food, local draft microbrews, extensive hard alcohol selection, excellent, friendly staff & a killer jukebox. All at a reasonable price! This bar was Established in 2007. It has been a tavern in the historic McKinley district since 1942. The new owners took over and made it The TOP in 2007!

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