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Topolabamba is a Bright bar/restaurant with wood, stone, and colored lamps, for Mexican street food and cocktails. This chic eating and drinking establishment serves mezcal with Mexican dishes. Topolabamba, located on St Vincent Street, serves excellent tacos, hefty burritos, and a powerhouse of delicious margaritas – what more could you want? This cool-as-hell diner dishes up a fantastic choice of authentic Mexican food from four of the country’s critical culinary regions and a fantastic beer and spirit collection. Topolobamba, located on St Vincent Street in Glasgow, is a bar and canteen that keeps the hungry and thirsty of Glasgow fed till midnight. Drop in for a margarita, tequila, or Mexican beer and a substantial variety of Mexican sweets and cuisine. They’ve imported Mexican ingredients to create an authentic menu that includes tamales loaded with barbacoa beef or Yucatan pig, grilled prawns basted in Agave tequila and chili, taquitos filled with sour cactus and marinated chicken, and a baked fish of the day served with a red chili mole. We had reserved a table for seven people and one child. A wonderful lady served us with brown hair and a nose ring (sorry, no name!) Our server was professional and kind, and she went through the menu with me to choose some moderate alternatives because I’m not a fan of spicy food—which I liked because I was apprehensive about what I could order. The cuisine was excellent, and my companions were delighted; the kid’s menu was also very reasonable.

We’ll return when we’re next in Glasgow! We arrived in the afternoon and were greeted and shown our seats. As it was my and my partner’s first time dining here, it was pretty busy, which is usually a good indicator. We ordered food, and it arrived promptly. The food was prepped fresh and warm on arrival; the soft tacos, salt, and chili chips were delicious and would come back. A busy restaurant with a high client turnover indicates an excellent restaurant. You’ve got both of them right here. We ordered from the lunch menu – three options with fries for £11.99 is excellent value. I supplemented it with Fundo queso, the best hot cheese dip I’ve ever had. The food was hot and flavorful; I enjoyed the quesadillas. Excellent service and I enjoyed the atmosphere. Book your table ahead of time, or you’ll be disappointed if you can’t get in. I would love to come back here.

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