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Town Square is a Hip hangout serving up pub fare staples like burgers & nachos, plus brunch, coffee & cocktails. Town Square is one of Belfast‘s best cafés and pubs, perfect for everything from chilled-out dates to weekend brunches. Enjoy live music while eating platters of seafood chowder, spaghetti, tacos, or avocado on toast, followed by DIY s’mores and affogato. Town Square is one of Belfast’s trendiest cafés and pubs, popular with after-work, date night, and weekend brunch audiences. The inside is simple and utilitarian and includes a terrace for those rare warm days. Whether you want seafood chowder, spaghetti, tacos, or avocado on toast, you can wash it all down with a terrific selection of filter coffee, drinks, and beer. 

Why do they act the way they do? Do you know that line in all the finest beer commercials? The group of friends hanging out (usually in the sun), loving life, having the craic – not a care in the world. Then comes that magic moment – they look at one another and realize that life can’t get any better than this – they raise their glasses and toast to the good times. They are passionate about getting their customers to those magic moments as quickly and as easily as possible. This passion plays out in every decision they make, the plate of food they serve, the cocktail they craft, the beer they pour, and every staff member they hire. Town Square is a 300-seater pub and street food hangout on Belfast’s Botanic Avenue. They try to keep things informal, so there’s no stuffy dress code, no snobbish wine list. 

if you enjoy your burger charred to a crisp, that’s fine with them. People are eating brunch, drinking coffee with friends, working on computers, and seeing clients in the mornings. By midday, you might notice the odd sneaking drink. The lights are darkened at dinnertime, and our famed outdoor beer garden begins to fill up. Fewer laptops equal more fun. More drinks, fewer coffees. Although my wife and I have had a drink here many times, we have always seen and smelled the cuisine being served by highly attentive personnel and had to make a reservation for dinner. We had a great time. We’re planning our next trip. Friendly, efficient staff. Decent size portions, and the food was served piping hot. Service was also very good. Will definitely be back.

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