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TrashHawk Tavern Denver, Guide & Review


In the time of modern cocktail bars, Trashhawk Tavern is a neighborhood bar. Opening after mid-day, the place hosts many events in the space. Trashhawk Tavern is the place for those who like their drinks strong, for you will find options ranging from ‘Pink Nasty’ to ‘Big Tasty’ and ‘Trash BB.’ The prices vary from 6 to 8 dollars. It is a family-run place with walls decorated with retro decor and taxidermy. Some are family heirlooms that Homburger, the owner, had kept safe, while others have been thrifted. one is in awe of even the bathrooms, as they are covered with old adverts. The place offers a rustic vibe to its customers. It provides a pool table in a cozy and homey place. Enjoy a game of beer pong or trivia if you want—one of the best places to go to if you fancy some Malort. People love the food here, and the prices are even better. Just a year old, the place is on its way to becoming a dive bar. Whether you want to vent to a friend or be the listening ear to them, the bar offers an excellent ambiance to all its customers.


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