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Trials Pub is situated in San Jose, California. Offering a wide variety of beers, wines, and spirits, San Jose has a  reputation for providing the most delicious fish and chips, not the best curries on this side of Edinburgh. Trials Pub is an authentic British pub offering some of the most popular British food and beer, from fish and chips to Bangers and Mash, Boddingtons Cream Mare, and Dragon Slayer IPA. It is a relaxing English pub serving a variety of draft beers and a variety of light meals. Other beers shipped directly from the UK include Bath, Newcastle, and Strongbow,  about 15 draft beers, and a wide variety of bottled beers. The space is cozy and intimate, with a fireplace and walls lined with an eclectic art collection. You can snuggle up to your favorite beer or sit down for a hot meal of Shepherd’s Pie. This is popular with patrons. Trial pubs are rare—a full-fledged pub in the franchise world, with no TV or “Wazzup” beer. Trials Pub is a home away from home for people worldwide and around the corner. The building, housed in a historic building, dates back to 1894. The Trial is one of the most interesting Victorian buildings in the heart of Silicon Valley and is the latest resident. This bar offers delivery and takeout services when it comes to food. So, if you remember your favorite meal from this bar, you can order it with your favorite drink. Trials Pub has many vegetarian options for its vegan patrons. If you are a vegetarian you will not have to worry about what to eat at this bar. This venue accepts credit cards as a payment method. There is outdoor seating available so you can take your drink outside for a good time. This place is great for groups and having dinners.

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