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The creators behind Downtown hero Lost Boy opted to create an Andalusian restaurant on Espanola Way, one of Miami Beach’s busiest tourist districts. But if anybody can help transform the lacklustre pedestrian mall into an appealing destination for residents, it’s these men. Tropezon’s food is excellent, but the vast, gin-forward bar, which appears like it was pulled off the Mediterranean coast, stands on its own. We like the more private sherry bar in the back of the area, where you can drink pours of fortified wine from dainty glasses while nosing on melt-in-your-mouth pieces of serrano ham. This lively cafe along busy Espanola Way serves Spanish tapas and gin-forward drinks. Tropezón is an Andalusian gin and tapas restaurant on Espanola Way, is the brainchild of the crew behind downtown Miami’s famous neighbourhood bar, Lost Boy Dry Goods. With glittering lights and a Mediterranean vibe, the unique location fits well in on the South Beach pedestrian walkway. On a recent Thursday night, a busy crowd of residents and visitors dined in the friendly venue on Spanish tapas and gin-forward drinks. Starting with a gin-based cocktail, of course: there are more than 20 versions flavoured with tea, fruits, nuts, and even cured meats. Negronis and creative G&Ts like Blue Matcha Yuzu and one created with local strawberries will please here. The bar’s vast choice of sherry, vermouth, and classic Spanish cocktails complement the gin beverages, which are likely to pique the curiosity of spirits connoisseurs. The restaurant’s name means “to stumble ” in Spanish, and it is inspired by similar Spanish rural pubs where old men play afternoon cards, and women speak over sips of sherry. The indoor-outdoor area, now available for supper and late-night drinking, is oozing with old-world charm from the old movie posters. It is present on the wooden walls to the jamón legs dangling from the ceiling.

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