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The Turf is one of the most incredible places to see a local act, and the basement clown lounge is a local drinking legend. Since the 1950s, this no-frills tavern and lounge have hosted live weekly rock concerts. There is music every night of the week, including larger traveling concerts. Check the calendar for local band nights, strong cocktails, and Saint Paul swagger. So, Turf Club is one of Saint Paul’s oldest clubs. Since 1950, this vintage nightclub has been a favorite location for the best nightlife. Even though it may appear antique, Turf Club has one of the top lighting and audio systems for the ultimate nightlife experience. You may listen to Latin music in this nightclub as an international DJ spins some of the decade’s biggest singles. It also has a terrace where you may smoke with your buddies while sipping your favorite beer, whiskey, or cocktail. 

A fully equipped bar is also available where you may sample some of the most excellent alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. You may also groove to the live bands’ musical performances or let your inner party animal loose on the dance floor. The Turf Club also organizes corporate and private gatherings and provides table service for those who wish to relax and enjoy their evening from the comfort of their table. If you’re searching for a nightclub with one of the top musical nights, go no farther than Turf Club. The Turf Club is a pub, restaurant, and performance venue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Originally a dancing hall in the 1940s, the Turf Club has been famous with Twin Cities musicians since the 1990s, a significant change from earlier years when most local bands mainly performed in Minneapolis venues. 

The club is also a popular stop for national and international touring performers. Shonen Knife, a Japanese indie rock band, performed their 1,000th gig at the Turf Club. In late 2013, the Turf Club was sold to the proprietors of First Avenue. The arena seats around 350 people. The Clown Lounge, a smaller bar and performance room in the club’s basement, is utilized for jazz performances. The Turf Club is on the northside of University Avenue, near Snelling Avenue, and across the street from the Green Line’s Snelling Avenue light rail station. The club had a significant renovation in 2014, including an updated sound system and the reappearance of a painting depicting five racehorses that had been covered behind curtains for decades.

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