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Twin Peaks Tavern San Francisco, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in San Francisco? Twin Peaks Tavern is the place to be! Gateway to the Castro – a legend in its own time and the best view of the Castro, any day, any time. Windows to watch the world go by with the unquestionably the neighborhood’s best cocktails, beers on tap, and wines by the glass…. all fashioned in this long established ‘icon’ of the Castro, a changing minute by minute collage of life all seen through the panoramic windows. In the heart of the Castro District San Francisco it’s highly recommended to everyone to go there since it seems to be on a different level of happiness. 

Often referred to as gay Cheers located on the historic corner of Market and Castro under the oscillating rainbow arrow, offers regulars the comfort of home, and visitors a warm welcome to the neighborhood and one of San Francisco’s greatest asset. 

Twin Peaks Tavern features very friendly and accommodating staff; stylish interior – beautiful arts and colors; laid-back atmosphere – with a great sense of community will make you feel at ease; private tables upstairs; a great patio; great service; awesome ambiance; great crowd; awesome jukebox; great view; delicious cocktails; great patio; and strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced. The large windows make it easy to see people coming and going near the main intersection. 

The place is a super comfortable, very historical and stylish place in San Francisco. It’s an iconic establishment in the Castro District. Great place to grab a seat and watch the buzz of the Castro pass by. It’s a great spot to enjoy all the great craziness of the Castro and to spontaneously meet your friends. A home away from home! This spot is highly recommended for an amazing and unforgettable experience in San Francisco.

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