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Two Birds Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

This old barn is one of those spots on Detroit which doesn’t look too good on the outside but is a gem from the inside. Two birds look like a typical old house but inside, you will find the best collection of beer, Vodka, and gins. Not to mention the craft cocktails offered here are phenomenal. A family runs this bar; hence you can be sure that the operations are neat and clean, and you will get the best bang for your back, which is challenging to say about most chain-oriented bars you see in Detroit. Moreover, the owners here at Two Birds are charming and generous people who ensure the customer experience is top-notch. They leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best of the best when you come here. The staff and the bartenders are like a family together, which happens in these small family-run businesses so that you will be treated like family.
Moreover, the staff is very attentive and accommodating. The bartenders know their art and hence will make you your favorite drink your way if that is something you want. This bar is also known for its custard, which pairs really well with its locally sourced beers and wines. It would be best if you tried a combo of their homemade custard and beer.
Most of their cocktails are $12. Some of the best ones include Coast – which is made using rye, blueberry, ginger, lemon extracts, Cruisin’, Savor, Harvest, and patio. They also have unique summertime cocktails, such as the Hummer, which is made up of their signature custard and rum. This is very refreshing and a must-try! Moreover, they have different types of beers as well. You will find draft beer in a can and bottle form. No menu is complete without wines, and thus Two Birds offers white, red, and sparkling wine as well.

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