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Union Street Bar is a Pub with retro furnishings, industrial styling, and original features, plus Mediterranean dining. Union Street Bar & Restaurant opened its doors first as a bar in December 2003, with the restaurant following in January 2004. Union Street Bar has some truly amazing and weird nights out on the menu. It’s one of the top Cathedral Quarter pubs, with frequent quizzes, pride celebrations, and the hilarious ‘Cabargay.’ Visit this LGBTQ+ institution for one-of-a-kind events and a large assortment of classic drinks. Union Street Bar promises lethal nights out in Belfast by combining drinks with cabaret and all the craic. This LGBTQ-friendly favorite is no wallflower, as it is one of the best homosexual pubs in the city. There is a packed calendar of activities, including smartphone quizzes, pride parties, and the funny ‘Cabargay.’ There’s everything from classic cocktails to boozy slushies and cocktail jugs on the beverages menu. Consider sex on the beach, espresso martinis, and other options. If mixed cocktails aren’t your style, beer buckets of Corona, Heineken, Coors Light, and Rockshore are available. The best burgers I’ve had in years. This pub/restaurant caters to the LGBT+ community and the rest. Lovely crowd and amazing food. Live music, and as I was seated by the bar, I could tell of cocktails I didn’t think existed. Give it a try, and you’ll be up for a good surprise, even if you don’t identify by any of those capital letters. 

But if you do, it’s a must! I followed a drag queen who was here and suggested we go. We didn’t get a table seeing Roxy (which I knew since she is so popular), but the security man at the front door was so helpful, and instead of telling us a table to sit at, he let us choose inside or outside! The staff inside was so helpful, and everyone kept asking if we were okay, did we need any drinks, etc. I ordered two cocktails from the 2 for £15 menu; both delicious! I ordered them through the night. A lovely lady and a few younger staff kept chatting away with us, and it was just the best atmosphere. The waiter with the portal tattoos was super helpful and nice, albeit I didn’t catch his name. I felt SO comfortable here, I had never written a review before, but between the delicious drinks and the class service, I really had to!

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