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Loft Bar & Bistro

Loft Bar & Bistro offers a spacious environment with bare brick decoration, split-level dining, two bars, and a beautiful roof garden terrace. Favorite dishes include breaded chicken breast, scampi, and lamb shank stew, using various ingredients, from mint rosemary port sauce and Papaya Jika marsala to whole grain mustard demi-glace sauce and tarragon aioli. Loft Bar & Bistro is booming with Bay Area DJs for the nightlife. A two-story bare brick hang-out with an American menu, DJ nights, and a roof terrace. There are lots of indoor and outdoor spaces for dining and relaxation to ensure a crowd. As a venue, it can accommodate up to 250 people for banquets, weddings, corporate events, and almost any party. From stand-up meet and greets, full-service seated lunches and dinners to bespoke buffets and passed hors d’oeuvres, you can tailor your experience for every occasion. Party planners can also choose from a full-service bar or an entire stock cash bar. Opened in 2005, they take pride in being a place to eat, drink and cheer up downtown San Jose. Loft Bar And Bistro is a restaurant that serves various dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So, the restaurant serves appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and drinks. The menu has a variety of dishes such as crust chicken breast, vegetarian pasta, scampi shrimp, calf piccata, crab cake, chicken marsala, and grilled chicken. Therefore, the restaurant serves seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, and shrimp. Appetizers include soups, steaks, shrimp cocktails, and smoked salmon. We also offer a variety of drinks such as draft beer, wine, champagne, and vodka. The restaurant offers a buffet service for special occasions such as holiday dinners, receptions, and corporate parties. LoftBarAndBistro is located in San Jose, California. They take reservations as well. So, you can book a table by connecting with the venue page.


MiniBoss is an arcade bar in Downtown San Jose. Are you looking for ways to revive your inner kid? We suggest the retro glory of MiniBoss and its slew of vintage arcade games. Opt for the pinball machines (Deadpool, Star Wars, and Stranger Things among their many themes) or beeline for the old-school joystick games with their nostalgically pixelated graphics. Between bouts of Miss Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, make sure to glance up and appreciate the bar’s glowing Tetris wall and gamer murals. Fully embrace the playfulness of this place by ordering the Ziggy Piggy, a zany beverage served in a big mug with a tiny pink balloon. Note: If MiniBoss tickles your fancy, also be sure to check out LVL UP in Campbell. It is an ample industrial space with a selection of American bar food, vintage arcade games & cocktails. Bring all your friends and gangsters! They have open bar seats and many tables available throughout our space. Over 30 arcade cabinets and 12 fully functional pinball machines are scattered everywhere. MiniBoss features artwork by locals in San Jose specially tailored to our theme, but it also provides an excellent background for social media. If you want to add stir-fry and other delicate bar dishes to your drink, the kitchen team is always trying to serve fresh and delicious food. Proof of vaccination is required if you wish to visit this bar. All the staff at MiniBoss are fully vaccinated. The staff wears masks for their own safety for the safety of the patrons. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is a loud bar with a lot of gaming going on. You can dress casually as you see fit. It is a great place for groups to drink and have fun! There is street parking available at the scene.

Dr. Funk

Dr. Funk is decorated with palm leaves, blowfish, tiki, and travel cases. Funk makes you imagine being by the sea in seconds. In addition to drinks like Siren’s Song and Fog Cutter, you’re half expecting pirates to plunge into the room. Are you interested in the name? The patron saint of Bar was a cheeky doctor of the 18th century who practiced medicine and mixology in the South Pacific, married a pirate daughter, and made friends with the author of Treasure Island. Interesting fact: If San Jose’s latest Tiki bar reminds us of San Francisco’s legendary Smuggler’s Cove, they share the same designer. Dr funk has  South Pacific elixirs, world-class liquors, and special potions. Merchants Vic and Don Beach invented the Tiki motif in a California restaurant in the 1930s. This has fascinated generations for almost a century. Our eclectic decoration is also influenced by Trader Vic’s and Don Beach. Both TraderVic and Donn Beach sought not to create a fantasy world tied to a single place. However, incorporating and accepting elements from the Caribbean,  South Pacific, China, Singapore, etc., it includes the concept of escapism! They created an exciting, interesting, and engaging background that they would like to pay homage to. They invite you to the doctor. A radio that you can escape to. There is some outdoor seating available at the scene. We can safely say that the main vibe of this bar is Hipster and Casual. You can expect a moderate noise level at this place. Dressing casually is perfectly alright to visit this bar. It is a great place for groups to visit and have fun. There is a garage parking present. So, you will not have to worry about trying to find a place to park. The best nights at this full-fledged bar are on Thursday.

The Palms

Palms is a less hidden gem in the middle of downtown Los Gatos. To find it,  walk through the boutiques and restaurants on High Street until you glimpse the stately Victorian Queen Anne of 1891, with its spacious courtyard and magnificent porch. This place shines when the dining table spreads across the lawn to spend the night outdoors under the sparkling light of a summer night. In a Pacific Limin-inspired restaurant, you’ll find tropical drinks named after the two characters stuck at the Gilligan Island show of the 1960s, including Forget Mary Ann, Where’s Ginger, Brett Bourbon, Ginger, and citrus cocktails. Please try it. Celebrating the Pacific Rim culinary tradition, The Palms Restaurant enjoys dining in various Pacific Rim creative cuisine, where diverse ethnic cultures meet local freshness. Palms offers premium cut meat, and fresh fish is airlifted from the area around the Pacific Rim. The produce is locally sourced from a nearby farm and provides a refreshing taste from the farm to the table. Experience unique dishes such as stir-fried chili sea bass and stir-fried vegetables, udon noodles, and miso ginger soup. At  Palms, we prioritize delighting our guests with deliciously presented appetizers and excellent customer service, and guests will want to visit again and again. The Palms Restaurant also offers classic homemade cocktails and a wide selection of boutique and local wines. They take reservations at this bar. So, if you need to book a table or a spot then feel free to do so. They also offer delivery services and takeout services. Therefore, if you have a favorite meal and drink you want from The Palms, you can easily order for the comfort of your home. Masks are required to get entry to this venue because of the covid pandemic. The staff wears masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons.


Make sure to plan your clothing properly when in San José, Costa Rica! There is no assurance that you will have time to change into a different costume between your city tour and the pub! The vibrant hum of the city will undoubtedly entice you from the beach to the bar for a sunglasses at night feel. Costa Rica’s capital city rests briefly for an afternoon siesta before resuming its active condition from day to night. The top Unique bars in San José are guaranteed to encourage you to keep the positive vibes going into the early hours of the morning, with an abundance of nightclubs, quirky bars, fashionable cafés, and craft breweries to explore.

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