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Upstream Brewing Company Bar Omaha, Guide & Review

The upstream brewing company is more of a traditional pub than a bar which is located in the old market district in Omaha. This place offers more than you’d hoped for since they are known for their extensive collection of fresh brews and craft beer. This place offers the best local distilleries while giving a chance to out-of-state growers and producers, helping the local economy. They also offer picturesque views from their rooftop balcony and should definitely be checked out. This uses some of the best fermentation processes to make the best beer possible. Moreover, you will not just be impressed by the beer but the kind of food offered. The food options are pretty diverse, and you can always ask your order taker to help you pair up the food items with a beer, which makes for a very filling meal.
Moreover, besides using local producers’ fresh ingredients, this place also offers quality entertainment in the form of a billiards table in case you are tired of sitting around and want to have fun.
However, it’s talk drinks. This place is famous for its brews, including Firehouse Red Lager, O! Gold Light Lager, Capitol Pale Ale, and Flagship IPA, some of their best ones. The wine list at this place is also quite diverse and offers a list of different types of wines, some of which are sourced locally while others are imported. The best wines include Cabernet, Merlot, Red Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wines. There are many other types of red and white wines available as well. Upstream brewing companies also offer craft cocktails ranging from $9 to $10. Some of the best cocktails include Ocean Blue, Naval Reviver, Cosmopolitan, Flavored Margarita, and Gin Blossom. It would be best if you visited this bar.

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