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Valkyrie Bar Tulsa, Guide & Review


Valkyrie is a cocktail bar located in Tulsa. What makes this bar special from the rest, you might ask? That is because this bar is focused on serving quality drinks to its customers, and hence it is one at the top of our list of bars to go to for cocktails in Tulsa. There are several different varieties of cocktails, which you can get here, and the menu keeps changing to keep it fresh and fun. This bar is open for operations from Tuesday until Saturday. The ambiance speaks for itself, and the electric vibe of the bar will want you to go many rounds at the bar.
This bar has a very classy and relaxed ambiance where you will find people of all backgrounds, and that might be because this bar is located in the colorful Art District in Tulsa, which houses all the creative spaces and restaurants, along with bars like the Valkyrie. The craft cocktails are made to please the taste buds and your eyes; hence, the colorful ingredients are sourced locally with a lot of hard work.
Moreover, the staff here is professional, and the bartenders are professional mixologists who know the craft very well; hence your drinks will be made the right way with attention to detail. You should definitely ask the bartenders for a recommendation or tell them what you feel like having today, they will make something along those lines, and we are sure that you will love the product.
These bars are not just about the cocktails. And they feature a lot of different beers and wines on the menu, which is equally important. Valkyrie has made a name for itself in Tulsa, and for a good reason; all of their draft beer is sourced from some of the best breweries around Tulsa and transported with care. Moreover, the wine is no joke either; the people there use some of the best wines, which are sourced locally and imported from different countries.

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