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You won’t find a better wine bar in Leicester than Veeno. This establishment provides sporting, charcuterie, and a fantastic assortment of wines and presents a regular roster of instructive wine-tasting events. They are looking for a wine bar in Leicester to meet your bottled beverage needs. Veeno, located in the heart of St Martins, is a wine-heavy paradise of exotic glasses and respected bubbles in a contemporary and rustic atmosphere. Veeno Leicester is the spot to share laughs and learn a new love for wine, whether you are hunkering down at one of their exclusive wine tasting events, simply settling down for a wine-themed date night, or trying out their selection of classic charcuterie and Italian spuntini alongside a couple of glasses of Champagne. 

Veeno Italian Wine Bar is located in Leicester’s independent shopping quarter near St Martins Square. The pub serves wines from an award-winning family vineyard in Sicily, where the family has been producing wine for four generations. A buffet of “spuntini” – Italian appetizers such as cold meats, bread, cheese, and olives – complements the wine range. If you can’t decide what to get, make your platter from the menu! Veeno offers wine tasting sessions, blending exquisite wines with spuntini plates to provide an easygoing yet instructive experience – you may taste the award-winning wines at your leisure for two or twenty. So, go to Veeno for the ultimate wine experience, from vine to glass! Nino, the company’s founder, created the first Veeno in 2013 to share his love of wine, cuisine, and aperitivo. 

The aperitivo is a time of day that is a common component of daily or weekly life in Italy. The aperitif is a convivial moment spent in good company to relax over a drink and a snack after work or go on the weekend. It is a quintessential part of Italian culture. They aim to ensure everyone can enjoy beautiful wines and the most genuine sharing boards of meats, cheeses, and other appetizers imported from carefully chosen Italian suppliers. Their wines come from their family vineyard Caruso & Minini, back in Sicily, where great-grandfather Francesco planted the first vines in the XIX century. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to guarantee that their quality and heritage can be transferred from the bottles to the glass in your hand. The family vineyards from which the wines are made are known as Giumarella and Cutajar.

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