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Vennture Brew Co. is a convivial brewery and coffee shop combo. It is a coffee roastery, beer brewery, tasting room, and community hangout located in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There have been a slew of new places that claim to be coffee shops and a bar, but none do it nearly as effectively as Vennture. They put as much care into their coffee, roasted and cold brewed on-site, as they do in their brews. The room, too, finds a perfect spot where you can have a flight of beer next to someone enjoying their cappuccino without feeling out of place. Vennture is as hospitable as your best friend’s basement, with board games, an honor bar for a fast cup, and even free “community cups” that you can pay forward or use anytime. 

They have coffee, beer, and a sense of community. They roast their coffee as well as brew their beer. So, their space is bright and lively, celebrating the Washington Heights neighborhood and its surroundings. It was established in 2018. They opened in early July 2018, serving coffee and beer from the morning to the evening. Three photographers from a homebrew and home roasting background decided to open a space for people to enjoy tasty beverages in their neighborhood. Our favorite local coffee shop and brewery. Great place to have a coffee in the morning, and then, depending on where your day is, it takes you a beer in the afternoon. The staff and owners are so friendly. 

The atmosphere is excellent and kid-friendly. So, it’s been a great place to go. You and your friends can have a beer, a great decaf cold brew, and both can hang out and play board games. What more could you want than pie and strong coffee? I’m not a lover of fruit tones in coffee, so I was slightly concerned when I saw that all coffee notes appeared to have some form of fruit. It seems to work for me! It’s neither overbearing nor bitter, and it’s smooth. Because they utilize pour-overs, the coffee requires a bit more care, but the flavor is excellent! They work so efficiently that it was done in no time. I was with friends who love a good cold brew, and they had a variety to choose from as well. A pour-over and cold brew (I think both 16oz) ended up coming out to around $7, which wasn’t bad! 

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