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Veritas is a cozy space offering elevated dishes, a tasting menu & cocktails. Why do we like it? For a good cause, Veritas has earned national notice. Chef Josh Dalton has received honors from Forbes to Food and Wine, and Veritas deserves them and more. It’s a fantastic spot to drink, order a meal, and take in the culinary genius around you. What to order: The Desert Poppy, prepared with reposado, grand poppy, honey, lemon, and apple, is my current infatuation at Veritas. However, the menu is brimming with cocktails to sample, so don’t be shy! It is a cozy space offering tasting menus that are an alchemy of seasonal ingredients and imaginative composition. Chef Dalton has coupled his inherent confidence with a passion for travel and delicious cooking. 

Chef Dalton has delivered beautifully crafted foreign meals and inventive beverages to the downtown Columbus neighborhood by plating his love. Veritas has developed into Columbus’ neighborhood fine dining forefather, noted for reflecting the natural world in straightforward and unexpected new ways – through elevated small dishes – throughout the years. Veritas has established a permanent residence in the old Citizens Trust Bank building. This location provides a one-of-a-kind, modern subterranean ambiance and the transparency of an all-glass kitchen, encouraging guests to participate in the creative cooking process. Veritas believes that the kitchen is a playground and your plate is a blank canvas. Each mouthful should be a starting point for a voyage of flavor, texture, beauty, aptitude, and experimentation. They value hard effort, remaining modest, ongoing change and progress, and the quest for knowledge. 

Veritas began as a small incubator north of Columbus, where chef Dalton planned to experiment and develop new cuisine. Today, Veritas has evolved into a Columbus landmark, delivering an ever-changing cuisine and a unique sensory experience. Chef Josh Dalton has garnered multiple honors since opening Veritas in 2012 for producing one of the most inventive and imaginative restaurant experiences in Columbus, Ohio. It would be their pleasure to assist you with your next culinary adventure. Veritas, located in downtown Columbus, OH, offers an immersive, multi-course tasting menu experience in their main dining room. Their objective is to take you on a gastronomic journey highlighting the ingredients and methods fueling our enthusiasm for modernist cuisine. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend you visit this bar!

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