Victoria Milan, A Simple Review

Marriage is hard. Keeping the magic and passion alive is even more challenging. It is only human to want to revive the passion you once felt – even if it means doing it outside your marriage. 

There is no dating website that better understands the needs of the bored, lonely married man and woman. Victoria Milan is a dating website that is every bit as fancy and luxurious as it sounds. This website was essentially launched to help the unhappily married seek out others. However, over time, it has become popular amongst singles and whether they are looking for another single or a lonely, married individual. 

Why Should You Use It?

If you can honestly tell yourself that you are not happy in your marriage, but cannot leave it either, then you might find some solace in this dating website. Victoria Milan can be used to satisfy all your urges – whether you are looking for another married member to casually flirt with, for an affair, or just something a little more than friendship.

The best part about this platform is that everyone is here seeking the same thing. This removes any complication, trust issues, and judgment from the platform. 

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

The biggest takeaway from this international dating website is that it guarantees you 100% confidentiality and anonymity. They understand that your choice to be on the website is personal, and you might want your complete privacy. They respect this, and you will see it in every step of the dating website. 

I liked this website because it was easy to navigate and how much effort has been put into creating a safe environment on the platform. It is all too easy to feel judged when trying out something of this nature. But Victoria Milan lets you know that they respect your personal choices at every step. 

How Much Does It Cost?

A website like this has to be worth your money, right? Here is a breakdown of the costs: 

3 months – $149.97 ($49.99 per month)

6 months – $239.94 ($39.99 per month)

12 months – $359.88 ($29.99 per month)

It’s pretty evident that the longer your membership, the cheaper the subscription is. 

Making a Profile

The only drawback in this process is the fact that email verification is a must. This could be slightly problematic for married couples living together, but then again, it’s nothing unmanageable.

Once you have input all your information (birthday, gender, what you are looking for, location, etc.), you are ready to begin exploring. 

Matching With Someone

It’s pretty straightforward. You like someone’s profile, they want you back, and you begin chatting! Nothing too complicated going on here.


  1. Very discreet and confidential
  2. Easy registration process
  3. Huge user database
  4. Safe to use


  1. Slightly expensive
  2. Limited means of communication

Final Verdict

Although Victoria Milan is a super discreet dating platform, it is quite well known amongst the unhappily married. This means that you won’t have any trouble finding someone like-minded. Moreover, I like that it gives you options to select exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are ready to pay the subscription, this website is worth it and not something that will waste your time. The intentions are clear, and you will find what you’re looking for.

Keep exploring!

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