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Vintage Lounge is a place for conversation, camaraderie, and cozying up to an impressive wine list. This location was previously Torch, a dark nightclub, and Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors has changed it into a bright and beautiful place reminiscent of a trendy European destination. The barrel ceiling, plated in an irregular pattern and providing a subtle glow that allows for perfect selfie light, is one of the most remarkable components of the area. The marble-topped bar runs the room’s length, and a hidden treasure of a courtyard/patio in the rear is a gorgeous classic-movie set. 

The clientele is as elegant as the location, a well-dressed young professional who knows their wine and is interested in rare varietals and adjectives other than “hints of fresh melon.” Everything revolves around wine here, from wine-based cocktails (such as Lillet and Ginger) to wine tastings by the glass and bottle. There’s even a $10 glass named “The Blind.” It’s free if you predict its contents. There’s also a serious cheese and charcuterie selection to fill out your table (and Instagram next to your glass, of course). Aside from that, a few fondue options and a modest list of small plates, including a rather hearty manchego flatbread. There are lactose-free choices, such as oysters and beet salad, but you’ll be envious of the amount of fromage on other people’s plates. 

The bartenders are genuine wine enthusiasts who formerly worked at Bin 152 and 167 Raw. Thus the wine list and staff training are excellent. However, when it gets busy, as it frequently does, the best seat in the house is at the bar itself. Because there’s so much space here to stretch out, bringing a large party to a table is simple, which might clog up the service bar if the rest of the venue is busy. To satisfy our passion for wine and to share that passion on Instagram. Have you noticed how beautiful this light is? Hold our phone for a second. So, this is one of the best bars Charleston has to offer! If you are in town, you should visit it at least once!

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