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Violet Crown is one of Austin’s most affordable neighborhood bars. It’s a fashionable pub with a relaxing dim bargain, a red booth, and a large terrace. Expect pub prices for a decent selection of local draft beer, domestic bottles, vodka, and whiskey. If you’re feeling experimental, try their specialty drink,  Iron Whip. This is a frozen slash flavored with an orange creamsicle. Outside, the patio is full of the 20s and 30s, while the Via 313 pizza puts Detroit-style pizzas (slices or pies) directly onto the bar stool. Dogs are welcome from Sunday to  Thursday. Violet Crown Social Club is a punchy East Side Lounge. Luxurious red alcove lines the interior, and benches and tables decorate the outdoor terrace. 

Behind the bar, their television shows some of the best movies and live broadcasts of the hottest sports. Cheap drinks, plenty of drinks, and friendly staff will bring you back. They also have one of the best CD jukeboxes in town. For just $ 4.50, you can find what the Forbes Travel Guide considers to be one of Austin’s top 10 frozen drinks of the year. They have a rotating faucet. Our beer faucets rotate weekly and proudly serve craft beer from all over the country! Detroit-style pizza is a crowd favorite. 

Via313 offers some of the best Detroit-style pizzas in town from the trailer in front of the bar. The pizza will be delivered if you order on the trailer and come to buy a drink. Via313 is open Monday-Wednesday: 5 pm-12pm, Thursday-Saturday: 5 pm-2am, Sunday: 5 pm-12pm. Happy hour is open Monday to  Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Get a 50 Cent discount on all good drinks and beer. Their dog policy is as follows: From Sunday to Thursday, dogs on the leash are always welcomed on the terrace. For the safety of everyone, including dogs, please refrain from bringing pets to the terrace on  Fridays and Saturdays. This is one of the best bars that Austin has to offer. If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check out this bar at least once with your pals.

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