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If you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife, you’ve come to the right area. Much of the best nightlife in Memphis is downtown, between Beale Street’s live music clubs, a few hotel rooftop bars, and a few of our favorite late-night spots. 

Local bands play live rock, blues and souls. VIP Venues in Memphis features mixed crowd in the VIP venues, relaxed atmosphere, stunning VIP dancers, lively theatre scenes, amazing DJs playing great music, comfortable VIP leather coaches, personalized VIP bottle service, spacious, VIP rooms, casual food menu, professionally crafted cocktails, sexy girls, ample and secure, variety of events including live entertainment and guest DJs, everything you ask the waitresses staff executes perfectly, up to standard cleanliness, and delicious food.  Kick back in a local beer garden complete with a food truck selection and live jams, like at Tioga Sequoia or Full Circle Brewery. Reach new heights at Memphis lofty new hot spot Quail State, or live it up with a handcrafted cocktail at Modernist.

1. Paula & Raiford’s Disco Memphis

If you want to dance and have a great time on your night out, Paula & Raiford’s is the place to be on your night out. It’s a Disco and Nightclub located in Memphis, Tennessee. Paula & Raiford’s Disco is a very nice laid back place for the grown up folks of all cultures, very nice and respectful staff and security. For more than 40 years the venue has been the heart and soul of the party in Memphis. Once you enter the doors of the Disco, you’re like a family. If you’ve never been able to stay up quite late enough for a visit to Raiford’s world famous disco, there is a day party with the magic of the night.

2. Classic Hitz Memphis

Are you looking for a great place in Memphis to get inspiration from on your night out? Classic Hitz is the place to be. Classic Hitz is a nightclub located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. They offer a variety of events including live entertainment and guest DJs.

3. Atomic Rose Bar & Grill Memphis

If you want to have a lively and original evening go to Atomic Rose Bar. Super fun place to hang out and party. Atomic Rose is Gay nightclub in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Atomic Rose is Memphis’s nightclub that is your downtown destination for weekend fun. This is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a different type of show. Very entertaining and lively. It’s the best place to be on Halloween night. You will fall in love with the positive energy and vibrancy of the venue.


Whether you’re looking for a vivacious night out or a kick-back evening, Memphis County’s after-hour options abound.  The area is loaded with unique restaurants and bars offering scrumptious late night meals, wine and brews, along with specially crafted cocktails.

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