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A mix of edgy and modern, Vita Vite Downtown has art and drinks under one roof. The name is Italian for ‘life’ and ‘vine,’ which are the two joys of life. The place is upscale, with a covered patio and leather couches for wine tasting by the fireplace. There are many beer options around the place, so this place was a friendly welcome to the neighborhood. The bar is a marble top with high chairs on one side. Soft yellow lights hang from the ceiling and illuminate the space. For a modern and sophisticated look, they have used neutral colors all around the space, but the chandeliers and artworks bring a lot of light and color to the wine bar.
There’s also fresh produce from the farmers so that you can get your hands on olives, cookies, pickles, and many more. The space at the back of the bar is perfect for some private events you would want to host here. If you’re creative, then host your exhibition here! Drop by to curl up on an armchair and unwind with a glass of wine. You can also grab small plates or dessert to go with it. Choose from various white, red, rose, and bubblies to sip on. The wine list includes Blanchard Perez, Leitz, Hunky Dory, Peyrassol, and Revelry, amongst many others. If you want a bottle, you can choose from options like Aimery, Chateau Grand Francais, Costa do Sol, and many more. You can get cheese boards with a glass of wine. Your food options can be customized. You can get your hands on pickles, olives, honey, jams, crackers, and many cheese options. Their prices are not too heavy on the pocket, so that you will have a great experience here!

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