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Voice Karaoke Bar & Lounge Houston, Guide & Review

Want to sing and dance, ready to have some fun! This is the place for you. (The Voice Karaoke Bar) Private room, great sound system, snacks, and drinks. Voice Karaoke Bar & Lounge is by far the best karaoke bar in Houston. They have good food, good drinks, and karaoke done right. 

The bar also has good specials throughout the week, awesome ambiance, a unique and diverse crowd, music selection is on point, and awesome DJs who keep the crowd alive and partying, the atmosphere is fun and everyone is having a great time, and friendly & attentive bartenders. The place is full of friendly people and it’s always comfortable to sing at. This is the place to go to enjoy some karaoke and has great song variety and a ton of fun.

This place is a fantastic place to go if you love to sing. Love great drinks! And enjoy the local flavor!! This is a really cool karaoke spot to go hang out. Music is good, singers get crunk, and there always seems to be these 2 permanent fans always cheering EVERYONE.

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