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Wally’s Cafe Boston, Guide & Review

Wally’s Cafe is located in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest regularly operating Jazz Clubs in the United States. It was founded in 1947 by Mr. Joseph L. Walcott, they feature live music throughout the year. Wally is fortunate to be surrounded by some of the nation’s most acclaimed institutions for educating maestros. The project was established to provide students and project entrants with a chance to experience live music and learn about jazz at a historically applaud jazz venue from student musicians. Their program is designed to introduce participants to America’s music “Jazz” and to provide insight on the skills necessary to become musicians. 

The bands featured every night at the club are made up of musicians from these institutions, practicing and perfecting their craft. Many of these young aspiring musicians are considered by some to be among the most talented in the nation. This is why Wally’s is considered the “Training Ground”. The number of celebrated musicians who have served them for seven decades has consistently maintained a dedication to providing a forum for musicians to perform, and for the community to hear music. We continue to forge ahead in this endeavor. 

They feature three different bands a night: Their first set is usually a jam session and their second and third sets have different music themes depending on the day of the week:Monday: Blues, Tuesday: Funk, Wednesday: Funk, Thursday: Latin Jazz Salsa, Friday: Jazz, Saturday: Jazz, Sunday: Funk. At Wally’s Cafe Jazz Club, they have quality drinks, spectacular live performances, a classic atmosphere, a friendly owner, fantastic bartenders, great ambiance, good security, and an enjoyable intimate setting. 

Are you looking for a place to enjoy awesome jazz music? Then Wally’s cafe is the best place to be. See you there.

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