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Warren’s Inn Houston, Guide & Review

Looking for an after-work hangout? This is the place. Warren’s Inn is a classic old-time dive bar located in a really historic building. This is one of the best dive bars you’ll go to in the area. The spot features good & friendly people, plenty of seating, a tremendous jukebox, awesome & reasonably priced drinks, and friendly bartenders exhibiting attentive and professional service. Ambiance, semi-dark, velvet walls, one television anchored from the ceiling from the 90s, and the picture was kind of washed-up which pretty much matched the interior. Warren’s decor is a slacker posh – chandeliers, oversized mirrors, a catbird-seat gazebo – and the atmosphere is as casual as it gets, with a lively crew of regulars usually gathered around the bar to catch up on downtown gossip.

Low-key atmosphere – what else would you expect from a dive bar downtown. Head to Warren’s Inn for a good time in Houston!  If you’re bringing an out-of-towner to show around the town, make this one of the stops to show a different side of Houston bars. Definitely, a great place to end the night! The spot makes a great house in Manhattan. This bar is great for a lot of things. Drinking alone when you are feeling sad or lonely. A great spot for a blind date. Nothing like getting to know each other over strong martinis. Sometimes after a long work day coming in here and seeing the super-diverse crowd relaxing and chilling is just what I need. Businessmen, judges, waiters, bike delivery guys, and baseball fans all mix and mingle in this Houston classic.

The bar staff knows how to pour a drink and when the music is playing, you feel like Bogie could walk in at any moment. It’s just kinda cool. Five starsA must-visit if on Market Square. Quite honestly one of the best-underrated bars in the city.

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