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Waterworks is a tiki bar and restaurant. It has been a feature of Tallahassee’s nightlife for the past 28 years. This comfortable lunch spot and happy hour spot transform into a trendy club with DJs at night. Sandwiches, burgers, platters, wings, salads, desserts, and other items are available, as well as vegetarian specialties such as eggplant Parmesan and falafel platters. Come to Waterworks Tiki Bar for tasty beverages and a peaceful atmosphere to chill out with friends or family. They feature a fantastic weekly happy hour with $1 off till 7 p.m. If you are under 21, be aware that Waterworks becomes 21 and up at 5 p.m. and continues until 2 a.m. with live Latin music and charming drinks served in tiki guy glasses! Tallahassee’s most popular Instagram bar. A fifth authentic tiki bar in Florida! 

As a Tikiphile, I’m astonished I found this and didn’t know about it. I was in Tallahassee for another reason and a chance to come across it. I’m not sure if this would come up in tiki bar searches. The name does not suggest a tiki bar. But it’s the actual thing, not one of the countless imposters at resorts along the ocean that don’t have anything antique, puffer fish, or glass floats. Water cascades down the windows, precisely like it does in Mai-Kai. Tiki kitsch from the past. 25% 60s swag, 75% tiki. There’s nothing else like it in town. The owner takes delight in establishing a themed environment. Tiki meets Miami, which ultimately leads to the South. Creative drinks, great food late, warm atmosphere. 

Entertaining live music nights. Something for everyone. A must-try. Maybe more beer choices for those non-specialty beer enthusiasts. Cold is good. Are you a young to a middle-aged professional who grew up listening to The Smiths and The Cure (before Morrissey proved to be more dreadful than you thought)? Are you someone who is the age the protagonist of the now obscure and discontinued comic book Blue Monday would be now if comic book time worked in real-time, whose tastes have aged similarly? Do you maintain an artsy flair in your time despite being someone who has no longer tuned in and dropped out but instead bought in and sold out? (My dears, there is nothing wrong with – we are all in our way a little like Otto in Repo Man). Then Waterworks is, by all means, your bar.

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