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Whiner Beer Company Chicago, Guide & Review

This bar is not your typical bar serving regular beers. Whiner Beer Co. also serves the most premium Barrel-aged beers. The founders had a vision, which involved Belgian Beers and only the best ambience. Their signature Le Tub Barrel-aged beer is a must-try, and we would highly recommend it. Their taproom is on the same premises, and their whole operation is quite eco friendly, as they have no net emissions.
Moreover, greenery is promoted at this bar in many different ways. The interior has green planters here and there so the guests can get acquainted with their planter friends while waiting for their favourite beer. Any good bar will usually have a separate dining menu for those of us who like to munch on something while sipping our beers. Whiner Beer Co has an in-house pizza parlour named Pizzeria Le Pizza, which offers some of the best sourdough pizzas you’ll find in the area. The pizza ingredients, along with the toppings, go magnificently well with the barrel-aged Belgian Beers to create a unique culinary experience for you.

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