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Whiskey Thief Bar Chattanooga , Guide & Review


If we are asked to describe Whiskey Thief in the most exact words, we would say that it provides a scenic view with quality food and drinks. Whiskey Thief’s view of its customers is almost impossible to beat. It would not be an overstatement to say that the view you get to have at Whiskey Thief is undoubtedly one of the best views of Chattanooga. It is a bar that attracts many tourists who visit Chattanooga, and the citizens also come there to enjoy the view of the city from this bar. 

The setting of this bar’s rooftop is regal and elegant as in one corner; there are stylish tables and chairs where you can sit with your partners and friends. On the other corner of the rooftop is an arrangement of comfortable couches where you can sit with your family and friends. The tables are also trendy, and the best use of this view of the city can be made in the evening and at night when stars are sparkling in the sky as long as your eyesight can go. In this way, this setting can be a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with your partner as it heightens the emotions most positively. The bar’s glass and woodwork add to its interior’s brilliance with many folds. 

This bar is also popular among the citizens and tourists from other parts of the world due to the non-alcoholic cocktails and alcoholic drinks it provides to its customers. These drinks are exactly what you expect them to be as their presentation is elegant, and their taste and quality are perfect. If you do not want to regret it later, then come to Whiskey Thief today, and enjoy yourself with the amenities of one of the great bars in Chattanooga.

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