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Wildflower Lower Highlands Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Wildflower is described as ‘incredible on every level’ with a mix of Italian and Mexican influences. Located inside the boutique hotel LifeHouse, it offers a romantic ambiance perfect for your next date night. The whole building is contemporary, but Wildflower has an essence of its own. With jewel-toned decor, velvet and leather seats, draperies, and florals all around you, the mood is something you will enjoy for sure. You must try out their cocktail bar with hand-painted murals and wallpapers that surround you. You will get a taste of Colorado from a variety of options to choose from and many non-alcoholic ones. Especially from the natural wines and beers brewed locally. You will find exciting possibilities like honey wine or mead infused with semi-sweet chamomile and apple cider. The lead bartender Jacob Berndt uses high-end ingredients like prickly pear and black lime mixed in a margarita called Wildflower.

It offers a plant-based menu using as many local ingredients as possible and creating intricate dishes. Suppose you even start reading the descriptions in the menu. In that case, you will lose yourself to the list of delectable ingredients they have to offer in specially designed combinations.

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