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William Jeffery’s Tavern Bar Arlington, Guide & Review

William Jeffery’s Tavern has an old-school vibe to it. They offer many different types of beers and cocktails; however, they ensure that the service is top-notch and everybody feels at home. This is why this place is treated as a meeting point for almost everyone in the neighborhood. This bar is all about the American experience. You will find hearty meals and meaningful conversations here in this bar.
The people over at this Tavern are a master at their craft, and their skills are evident in their food and drinks. They choose only the freshest of ingredients for their drinks. Moreover, they source their ingredients locally, which helps the local industry. Furthermore, the food is prepared by chefs fresh in the house, so be ready for a warm meal when you eat here. Apart from this, the home also offers a sixteen-tap bar and HD TVs to enjoy any of the games you like or watch other events live. You can truly enjoy yourself in this bar if you want to.
The sixteen-tap bar offers some of the best craft beers you can find nearby, which is also a specialty of this bar. Most of these bars offer American food and other cuisines; however, there are very few bars that will provide seafood as well. This is one of those bars offering different types of shrimps, oysters, and mussels for that exotic experience.
There are four different craft cocktails offered, which are priced at $11. Some of the best ones include Frozen Patio Pounder, Dark & Stormy, and Cold Brew Nitro Irish Coffee. Several different types of wines are also offered, including red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. However, the draft beer is what this bar is known for; apart from their cocktails and a vast selection of beers you can choose from, these beers are priced from $5.5 to $6.5. Some of the best ones include Delicious IPA, Miller Lite, and the Seasonal Sour series.

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