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Wilson’s Hardware and Bar Arlington, Guide & Review

Wilson is a premium restaurant and bar in Arlington, which is based on different floors. These floors house a restaurant and a rooftop bar. Moreover, the owners at this restaurant are constantly experimenting and trying new things with the space, including the ambiance, menus, and other things, which will ensure that you are not bored by this space. This place attracts people of all kinds. Hence, you can be sure to find someone who matches your energy at this bar.
However, the best thing about this bar is its variety of cocktails. There are three different types of cocktails for you to try. These are the simple ones, the signature ones, or the slushy cocktails which have recently become trendy again. There are seven cocktails in the first category, which range from between $9 and $16. Some of the best cocktails from this category include Permit Denied, Paid Time Off, Tongue and Groove, Supply Run, and Moscow Mule. We recommend you try the one called Tongue and Groove, made up of Bourbon, apple cider elements, and maple syrup.
There are around eight signature cocktails, which are more exquisite and pack a punch when you want them to. Moreover, hands by expert bartenders make for an excellent experience to craft these cocktails. These cocktails are priced between $11 and $13. Some of the best ones include Screw Him, Disconnect, Rose Margarita, Framing Hammer, Hex Key Martini, Anvil, and Torque Wrench. We recommend you try Rose Margarita, which has tequila, rose win, passion fruit, and lime extracts for that extra kick.
The story does not end here; there is a third category of cocktails called Slush Cocktails, which have recently gotten famous. These comparatively cheaper cocktails are priced at $9 and are made of rum and tequila. Some of the slushy cocktails include Circuit Breaker and Wire Stripper.

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