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Wright & Co Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

Wright and co is another unique bar famous for its wide range of craft cocktails. The bar offers amazing views as well of the nearby area called Woodward. The place is aesthetically pleasing and attracts a large group of people who come here for the finely made cocktails and seafood plates, which perfectly complement the drinks. The whole vibe is very wholesome, creating a sense of warmth among the patrons. The staff is well trained and works tirelessly to ensure that your visit is even better than before and the place leaves a good impression on you. The bartenders are equally professional and do their magic while making your favorite cocktails so that you can enjoy them.
With plush sofas, dimly lit lanterns, and dropping ceiling lights, the vibe is very upscale and allows you to relax after a tiring day fully. Moreover, several other design cues like the tall ceilings and brick walls create a sense of luxury around you. There are huge paintings on the walls, which greet you when you enter the premises.
The chefs at this fantastic bar have won prizes and awards for their culinary wonders, so you can be sure that you will be treated to fantastic food. At the same time, your stay here, and the master bartenders will complete that experience by preparing your drink the way you like it. This high-end bar offers a very diverse menu of drinks on its whopping 28-page drinking menu! The spirits include wine, whiskey, agave, cognac, brandy, whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, and other spirits you will enjoy. These drinks come from different sources; some are imported, while others are sourced locally. This bar operates from Tuesday Until Saturday from five in the evening till eleven at night so you can visit anytime you want with your friends, however, make sure that you make reservations since this place can be very crowded, especially on the weekends.

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