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Wyld Bar Savannah , Guide & Review

There is an outdoor bar overlooking the creek, as well as cable lights, fire pits, and the smell of a seaside apartment. But the fact that you can ride a boat to the top makes this sound like just a moment on the ground. Known as the “Pain Killer” slushie and sangria, the beverage menu also features traditional spirits, wine wines, and home-brewed beer (with some craftsmanship). And the food goes beyond the usual dock-bar food, with dishes such as quail and rabbit sauces, banana-leaf roasted tacos, and local shrimp rolls.

Wyld does not take bookings; please do not use this form when requesting booking; large groups are always welcome. Please call the restaurant yesterday and leave if you would like to tell us that you will come with a large group. With us the message.

Private events at The Wyld have shifted to full purchases; if the minimum amount of food and drink on the list is not reached, rental space will make the difference.

Wyld is what you might call a hidden gem. Not many people know that it exists; it saves local people, which makes it ten times better.

This place doubles as a real booth of a boat. You can drive your boat in and dock for fast food, or drive here and park your car to get to the top.

The whole restaurant is outdoors and has plenty of seats for couples, families, and groups of friends. You will have a view of the inland sea, which is a great opportunity to set your phone down and take your surroundings.

In Savannah, when you talk about ‘getting out of the way,’ the first place you need to say is The Wyld. Formerly a Bonna Bella Yacht Club and very popular with locals, Chef / Owner Tony Seichrist came down from Atlanta and prepared all the work. Named the typical seafood with a small twist of town, Wyld is not disappointed with the heavy seafood menu, but there is a decent burger there as well. Tony’s oysters are found in May River in South Carolina, which he loves. They are probably the most popular in the region.

All the fish fed here have just grown. From fish tacos to shrimp, you will not be disappointed.

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