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Yakitori Boy Philadelphia, Guide & Review

If anyone needs a nice low key atmosphere with quality Japanese Sushi and meals, then try this place. Yakitori Boy is a bar and grill located on 11th street, Philadelphia, United States. It’s a Japanese pub/karaoke lounge where small plates like Yakitori skewers are chased with sake & beer. There are two floors; one with a dining room, and sushi bar, the other with karaoke boxes and the Lounge.

Yakitori Boy pub features specialty cocktails, awesome indoor and outdoor seating, great delicious food, creative cuisine, large portions, best brunch, late-night dining, chic decor, large menu, awesome brunch, awesome happy hour, stunning ambiance, stylish interior, and the staff is very friendly and very hospitable from the door. 

Yakitori Boy has a karaoke adult VIP room feel but is clean. The private room has a server for drinks and food and all the karaoke you want with sound proof walls. If you’re looking for a good date night with your significant other to cut loose, then this place might be for you. The spot will definitely be one of your favorite bars in Philly whenever you’re in the city. This is a great place to have a good time with close friends and relatives. Here karaoke is always a good time. All around a great place to eat, dance, and chill. Always try to go to Yakitori Boy pub for celebrations, it’s definitely worth the visit. Awesome time indeed. Highly recommended karaoke spot over all other karaoke venues in Philadelphia.

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